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  1. Steve Bruce Gus Poyet Chris Hughton In that order! Those championing Malky Mackay need to long at the hoofball brand of football his cardiff side play!
  2. 3pts at home Saturday is a must! We have been here before this season with QPR/Swansea/Bolton and we need to produce again. If we don''t - I for one will be getting very nervous! Team Ruddy Drury Naughton Bennett Whitbread Pilks Howson Fox Bennett Jackson Holt  
  3. Lots of arm waving Lot of finger pointing Lots of grumping VERY LITTLE intelligent runs or class whatsoever! Simply Not Good Enough!
  4. Central Line Liverpool St to NottingHill Gate District Line to Fulham Broadway Can''t Wait!
  5. 2.1M Morison 2.0M Vaughan 1.5M Bennett 1.5M Pilkington 0.0M Johnson Signing On Fees @ 10% plus Johnson 1M Loan Fees 0.5M 8.6M not including wages?? At a Guesstimate!
  6. correct re Jackson incorrect re Korey - because of his birthday he just misses out so has to be 1 of 25!
  7. 1. Ruddy 2. Martin 3. Naughton 4. De Leat 5. Ward 6. Barnett 7. Whitbread 8. Drury 9. Tierny 10. B Johnson 11. Fox 12. Crofts 13. Bennett 14. Pilkington 15. Surman 16. Lappin 17. K Smith 18. Hoolahoop 19. Holt 20. Martin 21. Morison 22. Vaughan 23. Martin 24. Wilbraham 25. ?
  8. Not at Gorlestones I understand! Cody McDonald Steven Hughes Steven Smith Anthony McNamee Mr Tudor Jones Adam Drury??
  9. £10 @ 23''s making £230. I have laid off £50 in betfair sof if we wi league +£180 and if not +£40.
  10. What is the best way to get to Watford from Liverpool St? Underground (Metropolitan line) all the way or do we go for a bit of underground overground wombling? Any experiences would be helpful
  11. Is it just me or have Preston have got a bunch of tubbies playing for them? Quite a number of them seemed to be ''stretching'' the stomach area of their shirts?
  12. Reading TWTD is hysterical! They are having virtual orgasams about a 32yr old has been with a very dodgy knee and a 21yr old striker who has not even signed yet. Times are bad in that Town!
  13. Being a lover of summer sport as well as the great game of football I purchased tickets for the first day of the test at edgbaston this year thinking how great it would be to watch the cricket on the Friday then return to football, wherever the game may be, on the Saturday...... The wrath of sky has done me though as I will still be at Edgbaston, Birmingham on the evening of our home game against Watford. At first I ws totally gutted, then really really pissed off....However, after considering many options I have decided to honour my cricket visit and watch the game in a Birmingham Public House. Broad Street would be the obvious suggestion...any thoughts from any locals or similar fans in the same predicement! 
  14. I don''t know who you think I am but if i was at work I would of course not be posting on here! F my hamstring is sore!
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