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  1. Where are we pre-match drinking? The Vine or the Royal Oak or both? #awaydays
  2. Anyone know the official stat on this? I heard only twice. I''m a journo so has the makings for a good stat this weekend... (if) Thanks
  3. Will be coming in by train. Sounds a good walk from the station. Any recommended pubs en route to Britannia??
  4. I''m happy to buy anyone''s restricted view tickets at full asking price
  5. If anyone has a spare ticket for the above please let me know. Missed out on the ballot...
  6. I''ll be sticking to the city centre Flecky as all pubs near OT are red ones. I am so pumped for Saturday!!
  7. I don''t follow... Why, who do you think will be our best signing??
  8. Talking of previews... Thought on Sky Sports'' take? http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,11709_7083244,00.html
  9. [quote user="Ncfc26"]Simply why the man is a god!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] I agree, but, how on earth are Elliott Ward and Zak Whitbread going to keep us in the Prem??!
  10. Can someone update this for me please??
  11. How many tickets sold and can anyone reccommend a good watering hole near the ground? I have been to Hull many times but never seem to find a good boozer near-by. Help please...
  12. While we are on the sensative subject of money and tickets... I notice that for Hull it is £10 cheaper for a 16-22 year-old ticket than an adult. As a skint 23-year-old is it worth the risk? They don''t usually check these things on the gate do they??
  13. I arrived back from holiday on the morning of the game and didn''t have a ticket for the Norwich end so had to go in with the horrible Leeds fans. It was the most harrowing experience of my life!! Never. Again.
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