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  1. Very true. As I said, I'd be willing to bet on it and if right the PuPs benefit. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong especially with respect to Norwich but the games (and performances) this season suggest otherwise.
  2. I said this earlier in the week that the top 4 and bottom 3 are now so apparent that, even though there are 26 games to play, it is hard to see how things will differ. The relative positions of the top 4 and bottom 3 may alter over the remainder of the season but I'd be surprised if the top 4 did not comprise Liverpool, Man City, Leicester and Chelsea and the bottom 3 comprise ourselves and Southampton and possibly Watford. I have a sneaking feeling Watford are too good to be relegated (though not on Friday's performance) but it's hard to choose a natural alternative. As I also said earlier this week, it might be worth a PuPs bet and I'd be willing to put £20 on the top 4 and bottom 3 being as they are now at the end of the season (albeit in possibly a different order) if such a bet exists and NN is listening.
  3. wooster

    11 out of 27

    But I didn't say I thought we couldn't get some points from those games - I said 10-12 points looks very challenging. Where do you think we'll get 10-12 points in those 10 games?
  4. wooster

    11 out of 27

    Next 10 games to Jan 1st are: Home - Watford, Arsenal, Sheff U, Wolves, Spurs, Palace Away - Everton, Southampton, Leicester, Villa 10-12 points from these games looks very challenging to me and I consider myself an optimist. It looks like the top 4 (points gap) and bottom 3 (negative double digit goal difference) are established. In fact might be worth a Pups bet if there is one available.
  5. Good luck all. Sheff U to draw with Burnley; and no idea about our result and, like others, not too optimistic so BTTS.
  6. Sorry, very late. Doncaster to draw with Bristol Rovers.
  7. wooster

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    I much prefer ACN & MB. Just assume TNC is going for a different market, 10-20 year-olds.
  8. wooster

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Thanks Ricardo for a very measured report. I've resisted from commenting until now so that I can reflect on the game (I was there) and absorb others' opinions but I have two simple comments: (a) I thought Jamal Lewis, despite being injured, was very good; and (b) Buendia gave the ball away far too easily in midfield which led to at least two of Villa's goals. Nobody seems to have laid that against his door, I don't know why and I'm not particularly seeking to make him a scapegoat. I appreciate injuries have taken their toll, what must training have been like with half a squad? In addition, the negative effects of two away defeats after the Man C game, and then to take on a £140m invested Aston Villa was almost an impossible task. As Farke said, a result like this was coming. I hope they can re-group over the break.
  9. wooster

    Ownership questions

    I have a note that there were 616,688 shares a year or so ago and I don't know if that figure has changed since. Also that Delia & Michael owned 327,509 shares, which is 53% so consistent with comments above. It's hard to know what the price would be to acquire majority ownership but presumably considerably above the level being sought on the Supporters' Trust site (between £30-£80 each) for small trades (under 1,000 shares). Those prices would make D&M's shares worth £10m - £26m.
  10. wooster

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    Thoroughly enjoyed the night - thank you. Darren was good as ever. There was a hint of PR about it all but why not?
  11. wooster

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    Thanks both - hope to see you tonight.
  12. wooster

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    I happen to be in Norfolk this week so, as a novice of these events, if I were to venture north (from Thetford) for this event what time should I aim to get there and where should I park? I'm used to County Hall but hopefully there is something closer.
  13. Trying to be witty, sorry if you didn't like it. Sounds like a good cause to me.
  14. I hate all this sexism - what happened to being PC?
  15. Surely one for our latest media star (MotD & the Scrimmage in a week) ... Di Cunningham.