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  1. wooster

    Let's all do the pools week 2

    Sorry I'm late,6 for me too. good luck Ricardo
  2. wooster

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    Thanks TiL - my experience is that the website was no good but Sky seem to have installed a special option on their 'phone line for 'pausing' Sky Sports. I have an 18-month contract and I assume this pausing automatically extends that contract for as long as it is paused. Agree with other comments about BT Sports - would be good to see them do the same thing.
  3. wooster

    EPL new plan

    £3 billion is a drop in the ocean compared to what is and will be spent over the period. From yesterday's Sunday Times: "The documents published by the government on Friday provide a long-term, if distinctly gloomy, framework for the coming year. Tough social distancing measures may be required until autumn, with the possibility of occasional let-ups as the crisis moves into the next year." I hope that is unduly pessimistic but, if not, that seems to provide little likelihood of anything happening for at least 5-6 months. Of course, if the virus responds to summer as originally hoped then things might change.
  4. wooster

    Wuhan coronavirus

    The National Trust announced this week that entry to all parks and gardens would be free. Consequently, today the local NT site to me (Croome Court) was inundated with people - the car parks were full and most of the lanes around the site were obstructed by inconsiderate visitors. Of course the NT has a duty of care but were totally unprepared for this reaction - the worst possible given that it necessitates the herding of large numbers of people through the entrance. So much for social distancing. Tonight NT have announced the closure of all parks and gardens (as well as country houses already closed). It just goes to show how everyone is learning how, and how not to, do things in a rational manner.
  5. wooster

    Coronavirus and the Media

    Thought this piece from Unherd (I know) was interesting: Our political identities continue to shape how we see the world around us. When asked this week whether Johnson’s government is underreacting, overreacting or reacted about right only 38% of all voters felt it was underreacting. But look under the bonnet and you find that while 60% of Conservatives think that the government has reacted ‘about right’, 55% of Labour voters think it has ‘underreacted’. Similarly, when asked how much confidence they have in the new government to handle the outbreak 77% of Conservatives have a ‘a lot’ or ‘fair amount’ while 60% of Labour voters have ‘very little’ or ‘no’ confidence. Even coronavirus is filtered, at least partly, through our partisan eyes. The 24-hour rolling news media (really only BBC & Sky) seems to reflect this innate bias - neither channel are friends of the Government and seem to focus on gaps in policy rather than the overwhelming fiscal and monetary expansion that is going on. In fairness Sky's in -house economist, Ed Conway, was blown away by the scale of Sunak's last announcement of government support for wages and was somewhat mystified by McDonnell's somewhat grudging and even churlish reaction to the announcement - even when trade union leaders are delighted.
  6. wooster

    Football Pools help needed..

    No 12, Rotherham ( last 6 home 4-2-0) vs Fleetwood (last 6 away 3-3-0). Last 6 overall in Div 1, Fleetwood 4th - Rotherham 10th.
  7. wooster

    Corona Virus main thread

    Kenny, I think you will find that the amounts available under Govt and BofE schemes are considerably more than that spent to rescue the banks.
  8. wooster

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Scotland too now. Parents warned not to expect that schools will re-open before the summer holidays.
  9. wooster

    Ground Rankings - Carrow Road 2nd

    Man City has been a very good day out since their new owners focused on the fan experience..
  10. What about 'the word from those in the know'? Who are they and what have they said that is supported by any evidence.
  11. wooster

    Is it really possible

    Good point - I was thinking more of the affected parties in football that make cancelling this season more palatable and thus preserving our Premier League status. In truth, the lost profits from these other activities, if they are banned, will not amount to much given the anticipated level of Govt spending over the next year or so. Think they'll be in the millions rather than billions.
  12. wooster

    Is it really possible

    The Telegraph are reporting (just now) that the Govt will ban 'mass gatherings' next week - partly because the EPL/EFL have acted - and Wimbledon, Glastonbury, Royal Ascot, the Grand National and the Boat Race could all be cancelled. This ban will be backed by emergency legislation that will enable compensation being paid to affected organisations.
  13. I didn't mean internal politics but the fact that other countries are adopting different tactics to UK. If many more people die in UK compared to say Italy, Germany or France then Boris will have to explain why - although we'll only know the real picture this time next year if the virus follows the course the govt expect.
  14. Glad you feel that way WCC, that seems to be the consensus amongst most observers aside from embittered ex-Cabinet members and London mayoral candidates clamoring for airtime. The thing is it would be so much easier for Boris to go along with the 'we must do something' brigade and close schools, universities etc etc. (Btw, both my daughters' universities are closing early next week so these institutions are able to act unilaterally - with the strikes and now this the term has been a washout for most students.) The current policy is high risk and could easily cost him his job if a satisfactory and universal vaccine became available in the next 6 months. If that vaccine doesn't appear and re-infection occurs after a period of lock-down the the peak will hit the NHS at the worst time of the year. Then doctors will have to make the awful decisions that Italian doctors are having to make now - who gets a ventilator and who dies. The current policy is designed to avoid that eventuality - I hope it works.
  15. After yesterday's press briefing by the PM & advisers do you still think this comment is fair and accurate?