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  1. It might be reassuring to you that the conservative elites in the HoL are in the minority.
  2. I've been told that he was on very high pay for a PL manager/coach. No idea how much more but .....
  3. Glad to help FTW. Norman Lamb is one of life's good guys (even though he was a Lib Dem) and he's campaigned for mental health for a long time. I hope the campaign achieves all its goals.
  4. Thanks for the list but I think you have copied Jamal's d.o.b for Akin Famewo - I've got Akin's d.o.b as 9th Nov '98 (perhaps).
  5. Captain W E Johns learned to fly in Thetford during the war - not many people know that.
  6. In all seriousness, if the happy clappers are going to embrace the pant wetters that's not going to end well. And the fence sitters have no-one to blame but themselves. It's time we took a grip and blamed everything on the sins of of our past, unfortunate injuries and erratic sunspot activity coupled with Webber's inane recruitment policy.
  7. I think we've worked out that Duda on loan was better than a buy. Drmic & Rupp seem cheap (frees?) but very dubious buys. McLean is a good Championship player as are Trybull, Leitner, Vrancic & Stiepermann but I'm not sure if they are Premiership players. Though I'd really like to see Marco at No 10 in the Championship. Not sure where Zimmermann, Klose and Hanley stand re the PL/EPL divide but age and infirmity probably means any PL pedigree is temporary and the next time we go up Hanley & Klose will be towards the end of their careers. If we sell the 'young upstarts' - Lewis, Aarons, Godfrey, Cantwell and Buendia that leaves us considerably short. Idah, Thompson, Sitti, McCallum & Mumba may fill the gaps that financial expediency necessitates. Seems like considerable change is required and I hope the early and young bets work out.
  8. I got at least 10 pieces of scampi and bagfuls of chips
  9. Does he offer more pieces of scampi?
  10. Daniel Farke has made all the right noises over the break but tonight highlighted how short of talent our squad is compared to a club like Southampton who were promoted to the PL after us a few years ago. They benefited from owner's investment which we never had and have prospered since. That's not meant as criticism of the current ownership but simply to point up a meaningful difference. Farke is contracted to us for the next two seasons but it is hard to imagine that a good offer from Germany (especially) would not prove hard to resist. No doubt offers will come. It would be to his credit if he honoured his current contract and I hope he does. Last year's promotion was a blast and I hope he can deliver similar results next season in the Championship (I don't doubt that is where we will end up). It will be difficult to get on the treadmill again especially when better offers are available but I can't think of anyone better equipped.
  11. Well said MY. We can now watch Spurs stuff Man U and realise a semi-final place in the FA Cup is just a hop and a skip away.
  12. Can we agree that until we become the 51st state, 'defence' is not spelt with an 's'.
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