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  1. Good luck Leedscanary & GMF - sorry I'm too late but it's probably for the best. Everton to draw at West Ham and Norwich to win 2-0. Nutty - I would be very happy to help out on 29th Feb, though no proposals please.
  2. wooster

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    that's just a demo - sorry
  3. wooster

    Match thread v Man Utd.

  4. Best of luck to all, particularly DD & MW Arsenal to draw at Palace; and Todd to score first (9/1)
  5. wooster

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    Cricket uses the "umpire's call" to say decisions are too close to over-rule the umpire. Think football should adopt the same approach - when officials don't flag things and VAR shows it is very marginal the officials decisions should stand. Of course, we'll need a definition of very marginal .....
  6. wooster

    The Brexit Thread

    Good to see the BBC, Sky, ITV & Channel 4 all do a professional job when you know they're all crying in their beer. All those remoaners having to take it on the chin ......
  7. wooster

    The Brexit Thread

    It shows people didn't know what they were voting for - and just to prove it they've done it again.
  8. Don't really know why I'm bothering as my suggestions are normally incorrect but this week: Sheff Utd to draw with Villa; and Stiepermann to score. Good luck all, especially Graham & FTW.
  9. wooster

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 19

    Sadly that is a very crude and unsophisticated parody - if you think that's clever that is very telling. Parma's original post is interesting and incisive and his use of vocabulary makes reading these posts so much easier - unless you have a reading age in single digits. Parma - ignore your detractors and please carry on.
  10. wooster

    Anyone got a you know what?

    Thanks DDJ - I must have got lucky because your suggestion is working fine.
  11. Good luck all, especially Swindon & Splutcho. Brighton to draw with Wolves; and 3-2 home win (25/1).
  12. Not quite -financial security is to be valued.
  13. We are where we deserve to be and tonight's (lack of) performance underlines the fact. Failures so far will ensure we end up back in the Championship. Not the end of the world but not exactly a validation of the approach taken in terms of progression. Yes we'll be financially viable but not successful on the pitch. What's more important - probably the former rather than the latter (sadly).
  14. Zimmermann so slow vs Shane Long