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  1. Hi all, This is Wooster’s daughter. I’m not too sure if I’m posting this in the correct place but I know my Dad had some friends on here and I just wanted to let you all know of his sad passing on Sunday morning. It has been a shock to all of us as we hoped he would have many more years left. I just thought I should let you all know how much he enjoyed the forum and hearing from all of you. He’d always tell me of the fundraisers you’d do together and the laughs he had with you all. I know he’ll be celebrating Norwich’s win up there. All the best to you all
  2. All the best WWIAFTM & MM and all other PuPs. This week's 'obvious' draw is Bournemouth vs Watford (9/4); and Klose to home, I think we'll win 3-1 (11/1).
  3. I do think season ticket holders have had a really good deal - ifollow for all home and midweek away games. With Sky's coverage as well (either directly or via the red button) I think I've seen more of our football this year than I would normally. It's not the same as being in the stadium of course, but still a very good deal.
  4. Sorry I'm late and the best of luck to all, especially DD & LDC. Sheff W to draw with Birmingham and what it matters I think we'll win today (3-0 maybe).
  5. I enjoyed the article but one must remember that the FT sees everything in financial markets terms. Hence its antipathy towards Brexit and also its bemusement with the Norwich model. What price community spirit vs player's wages and so on. As a professional economist I like the FT and believe it to be a good newspaper but one must understand the constraints within which it views the world - it sees everything only in terms of economic logic. Supporting Norwich, affection for the county and admiration of the club's ownership are not solely economic concepts.
  6. Good luck all, especially Til & Diane. Palace to draw with Burnley; and Norwich to win 2-1. Here's hoping ....
  7. Many thanks for the feedback. The guys have picked up the two initial options from Tripadvisor.
  8. A couple of friends are planning a trip to Norwich (end May) on the assumption things will be more normal by then. They're looking at The Maid's Head or St Giles House (expensive). Are these the best alternatives or does anyone have better suggestions? (I stay with family in the south of the county when I go to games and my knowledge of the city's hostelries and inns is not recent). Any help much appreciated - they are looking to be in the city and close to pubs & eateries.
  9. Well done Mr Apples and good luck all especially Twidio. Stoke to draw with Reading.
  10. Best of luck all especially MMMK & CC3. Birmingham to draw with Coventry (they're both at home); and 3-1 home win (glad to see that as one of the picks).
  11. Blimey it's only 7.45 and I'm already too late. Anyway, Man U to draw with Liverpool (90mins) and Norwich to win & BTTS. Good luck all, especially Pockthorpe & First Wazzock.
  12. BTTS and a couple of refunds is a humbling experience - but any port in a storm. Still very grateful for the opportunity - lockdown is taking its toll .......... Good luck next week -hope it's more productive!
  13. Shame it didn't end 2-0 and after Cardiff's goal I was hoping we'd get a couple of bookings. It's perverse what these picks do to you. Anyway, thank you for all the suggestions and bad luck Parma.
  14. I was going to suggest replacing Pukki with Hugill, if that would be possible.
  15. NN, I assume the 4th and 10th bets are void now - they'll be refunded won't they?
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