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  1. True fans need to rally round Neil and the board or else we''ll let a vocal minority influence the majority and wreck all the hard work put in by the owners. The booing of the team and the ugly scenes in the video are an absolute disgrace. You really are fucking deluded!!!!
  2. And if you debate as much as you say you do where have you been the last 5 years?
  3. Why oh why is Russell Martin playing centre back? He''s shit in that position should be back at in his own position
  4. Ok well can see why because its far better than twt, and ur still a w**ker and thats my right on my forum :-)
  5. Working out of Finsbury park ive endured the usual shite and pee taking from the gooners
  6. I agree with you mick......terrible decision by the board
  7. And the Ipswich masses have the cheek to call us inbred.......after watching those two freaks I think its "pot and kettle"
  8. We were going down with the clown,we just gotta get on with it,but for now I am happy!
  9. I''ve noticed the OP has no come back to defend his original post! Perhap now he can see its not just a few anymore but its many that want a performance worthy of their hard earned cash.I spent a little over £100 yesterday with travel,food and drink as well as my season ticket cost......if the OP is trying tell me I have no right to boo or protest after such an inept and dire performance then you can go do one.If I put in such an inept performance at work I would be sacked,my boss would not stand for that kind of performance.But as a fan and "PAYING"customer I have every right to complain wether its booing or chanting HOOOTOn ARTT! And you OP should be carefull about telling fans what they should and shouldn''t do because at the end of the day its got Fcuk all to with you!
  10. If chuckle the clown had any shred of decency he would go! But alas he wont and we are going down...........anyone who thinks we will get anything next sat is as deluded as CH and when Liverpool have torn us a new one then its gonna really come home to roost with all the happy CH clappers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Why would they not? It affects this season and if rules were broken then they should be deducted.
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