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  1. The sunken feeling that we deserved more but ultimately the outcome was decided by incompetence
  2. Really looking forward to tomorrow, there has been so much doom and gloom on here I feel everything will be much better come 5pm.   We need a good couple of results to get us started I think tomorrow we will show our class and strength. As a true supporter I will continue to back the team and standby them, so many on here are already slating the club after one game.   Lets get going in the Champ.  
  3. Largest average crowd, highest income with parachute payments. So please let''s act like it, keep our key players, invest in new talent and secure the right manager. We must see relegation as a blip in the plan to become a permanent premiership team.
  4. Didn''t seem that different last season so why are we that much poorer this year with a stronger squad. It has been an awful year with very little enjoyment, if we stay up by some miracle will it be any different next season, I feel better to go down re-group and start enjoying our football again.
  5. I am sick of all the hype on UTD . Everyone has written us off already today. It''s going to be hard but I hope we give a real go and we must get some luck at some point.
  6. I feel we so deserved something yesterday, when you come that close it feels much worse than a tonking. First 15 minutes aside we took the game to Liverpool and apart from their lucky third goal never really threatened us. All the papers, motd and radio are giving such a one sided view on the game, Liverpool love in. Got to let it go!
  7. Can''t wait for tomorrow, one of the biggest games in the clubs recent history. We could also have a big bearing on the title race as Sunderland have had this week . Very nervous though and been going through my best team and formation. I think Adams will go for the 451 with Redmond making way for Tettey and Hooper up front. Give your all lads and we can''t want for more
  8. I know but lets not take everything too seriously, its the easter break!
  9. Brass band outside their rooms overnight at Sprowston Manor   Let the tyres down on their Bus   Turn up the heating in the changing room   Laxative in their half time tea + Delia pie   Ball boy accidentally kicks Suarez in the privates.   Delia boozy rallying song at half time   RVW hat-trick   Any other suggestions?
  10. I know it will be tough but lets shut these scousers up, Hillsborough aside, it always feels like they have something to moan about, I can''t forgive them for Heysel when we missed out on European football.   All the media is going on about how they deserve the title, it is their time and there is a swell of support from the neutral fan, this may be so but I so want us to reduce their chances a draw would be great a win unbelievable. I know they have won their last 10 but hey it has to come to an end somethime!   I might be completely deluded but if we get in their faces from the start, close them down so they have no space, few hard tackles, try and hit them on the break who knows. Lets hope Suarez''s lean spell continues.   So looking forward to sunday  
  11. I am glad my post has made people think about what I said, I have a season ticket and have been way 6 times this season, not as many as some but I still think I am a able to have my considered opinion. I agree if people want to boo then leave it to the end just not through the game or at half time, not one person can give a constructive answer why this this helps the side because they can''t. What can we change at this point with 5 to go, the manager will stay, the players are what we have so we need the players to respond and we do our part to support them or we really are down. Let''s now look towards Fulham and a better performance, massive support and 3 points.
  12. You are a disgrace to this great club. If you feel that strongly then hand in you season ticket and don''t renew for next season let the real loyal fans who have been waiting for to support our great club have a chance. Oh but you won''t will you. We were poor yesterday and we have problems but never have I felt so ashamed of the people who couldn''t even wait until the end of the game to show their displeasure. We still have good chance of staying up, next week is massive obviously and we should be up for it just like the West brom fans were yesterday, they put us to shame. Let''s not write ourselves off just yet, maybe one win will be enough and we must break our jinks at Fulham sometime, let''s start next week!
  13. If we beat West Brom on Saturday we will have exactly the same number of points as we did after 33 games last season.   We did go on to get a further 9 to take us to 44 and I really cant see us getting that from our last 5 this season.   So is it that bad, I am keeping prositve and really looking forward to Saturday, lets face it there isn''t much else to get excited about.
  14. Yet another massive game as will all the games be until the end of the season.   Can''t wait as both teams still need to secure safety, should be a good atmosphere and our players certainly need to give a performance after Sunday.   Realistically this is what we have to look forward to every season in the PL as we will never win the title, unlikely to get into europe and a small chance in one of the cups so this relegation battle is what we should expect and get excited about.   Rightly or wrongly this is what the smaller clubs should expect, lets embrace it get behind the team and stay positive.
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