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  1. Leaving norwich at 8, avoiding m25 and going across a505 to join a1
  2. Apparently not, and a friend of mine had to pay a seperate carriage charge on top of the £1.50 booking fee. I might pop down there tomorrow asking them where they are
  3. Strange, was told by the club on Wednesday that they would need to be collected today. Much to my surprise they were delivered special delivery for which I didn''t pay for. Lucky I was in to take the tickets as well
  4. Was just interested in what time people were looking to turn up tomorrow. If anyone sees someone with their laptop, that will be me
  5. I can confirm OP was at the away game as spotted by myself. So the question has to be asked. If the tickets were sold out. Did he sit in the home end. Or were some favours cashed in?
  6. No im not and hands up if I read it wrong. Didn''t mean to get everyone excited
  7. Has anyone seen the planning notice on the lamppost on the corner of Kerrison Road Planning works for extra seats in the South Stand (Jarrold Stand) upto 8000 and an extra 1500 seats for a new corner section New tiered car park etc etc. Looks like plans are afoot
  8. Apologies if this has been mentioned on a previous thread but here goes. 1150 points will guarantee you a ticket for Hull away which im fine with. My question lies in the applications for the lower points Will these be balloted like in the good old days of will someone for arguements sake with 900 points get a ticket before someone with 600.
  9. Jeeez, give it a rest. I don''t need to justify myself to you, but I will as your persistence is getting boring I have supported Norwich for over 33 years, went various seasons without missing a game. My first game was Norwich 3 Liverpool 5 when I was 6. Kevin Keelans last game if I remember correctly but more remembered for the Fashanu Goal. I have visited close to 70 grounds watching Norwich some which are not even there anymore. Roker Park, Baseball Ground, Plough Lane. Highfield Road to name a few. My views are my views only and as mentioned in the original post. I dont think Holt would even get into the top 20 of ''Legends'' at carrow road. As I said its an opinion and not because Im an ITFC fan
  10. [quote user="TheNewBoy"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Stuart Jarrold"]Club Legend? Oh Dear. Not for me im afraid. The ''Legend'' tag gets thrown round all to easily these days. When I see some of the players in the ''Hall Of Fame''. Its laughable[/quote] This post is laughable! I reckon if you stripped the hall of fame down to eleven players Holty would be amongst them. And rightfully so! [/quote]Stuart Jarrold is a very well known Ipswich fan, so I wouldn''t bother giving him a rise. Give him a Google.[/quote] Oh dear, because I have slated Holt im deemed an Ipswich Fan. I dont think Holt would even make the top 20 of a NCFC hall of Fame IMO.
  11. Club Legend? Oh Dear. Not for me im afraid. The ''Legend'' tag gets thrown round all to easily these days. When I see some of the players in the ''Hall Of Fame''. Its laughable
  12. I used to go quite alot home and away, had season ticket, had an away season tickets. Went nearly 5 seasons without missing a game. Due to children and pricing I hardly go anymore. I went to the Aston Villa cup game this season and may do one more before the end of the season if I fancy it. Yeah I guess im a plastic fan. What a load of horses**t
  13. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]There are still tickets avaiable for Saturday! Iknow you really only want to see manyoo or chelski i.e. not that bothered about Naaaridge (they''re the ones in yellow and green) bit we need the points, there are plenty of reasons to despise Fulham, so why not give it a go. Mungo [/quote] What an absolute pile of horses**t, oh hang on i have got below 500 posts so this will probably be ignored
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