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  1. I think they were Protestant refugees from the period when Catholic Spain ‘owned’ what is now the Netherlands IIRC?
  2. The football review mentioned the possibility of reducing them or changing the system of them but unless the FA/Premier league insist on wage reduction clauses for every play upon relegation I can’t see how it would be possible. It is more likely in my view that the TV money is distributed more evenly (but probably not much more).
  3. In that case Nephew Tom will have to up his poker game!
  4. Perhaps Jeremy because you lived in Hertfordshire in your early years you didn’t get the full ‘healthy’ rivalry immersive experience? I personally would be happy to see them drop through the football pyramid like a stone, their fans will still be crowing about their history in 50 years time when anyone who witnessed it first hand will be long gone.
  5. Peters, Keelan, Forbes, Stringer, MacDougall, Butler, Allcock, Drury? God it’s hard!
  6. But what about the man in the know’s favourite? Frank Leopard!
  7. Jeez mate, I thought you’d been on this forum for long enough to know this
  8. Well worth a whole new thread, not been mentioned anywhere else Cambridgeshire
  9. Indeed, the wheel of misfortune, spun round and fed cider through a tube if I recall correctly.
  10. You can have a game of Dominos at the same time , I used to like the Meteors as well, and King Kurt live were just mental.
  11. Football used to be a working class sport, not a prawn sandwich in sight
  12. I thought the Reindeer had closed? Or at least no longer a real ale type pub, haven’t been that way for a long time though. Probably best to head up to St Benedictus , a few good pbs along there along with food, and the tap house at the city end.
  13. They didn’t know yeast existed when it was written that’s why many brewers fermented in open containers, they didn’t know it was wild yeast that fermented beer. I don’t think it was discovered until the mid 1800s when Carlsberg isolated it and used the specific strain to brew his lager where the consistency then came from.
  14. If you want to stick properly to the Reinheitsgebot you should be drinking beer with no yeast
  15. Then you are succeeding magnificently, congratulations.
  16. You seem to be a particularly aggressive and unnecessarily abusive keyboard persona, adios amigo
  17. We all know they can’t be in the same team together
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