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  1. No I think I saw the ISS and couldn’t see the rocket, my post wasn’t that clear.
  2. Yeah I clocked it about 1015pm in Hemsby, it was quite large and moving more slowly than I expected(satellite speed) I couldn’t see the rocket though, apparently it wasn’t as bright and was down towards the horizon.
  3. You know very well that they won that game, that’s why they’re champions of Europe.
  4. I wish I could block him but as he only has one letter as his name, apparently I can’t?
  5. Sorry I meant uneducated but obviously you’ll realise that with you’re grasp of ze English language.
  6. Did you mean ‘tug their forelock’ although I maybe wrong as I am obviously an educated mass.
  7. Fleeting contact that involves, coughing, spitting, breathing heavily, inhaling heavily and massive physical exertion, yep just like all the other jobs people are going back to.
  8. Wait, I know I’m a racist, xenophobic brexiteer, I’ll save you a post.
  9. Tell me about it mate, my mrs has been inundated with requests for illicit haircuts! Which she hasn’t granted by the way.
  10. T go on then I’ll bite one more time, everyone who is working is social distancing, hand washing etc, footballers are going to do neither and be in close physical contact with each other all the time they’re ‘working’ I don’t feel concerned for them but aggrieved that they may use up tests that could be used for the NHS, care workers or key workers. What they are going to do is not essential and should not be carried out, like clothes shopping, hairdressing, beauty therapy etc, there is that clear enough?
  11. So unless the Championship clubs complete their season then they won’t have earned the right to be there presumably? Didn’t you have more points at the same stage last season as when the fixtures were stopped this season, how did that work out?
  12. Mmm the jury’s still out for me, you seem to lack conviction.
  13. There was another thread on this subject and I posted on that about a virulent bug that hit a lot of people at work in late December, my cough lasted until late February, it was a really draining bug, makes you wonder.
  14. RIP, great band, great live shows, and still pretty good now with an adjusted line up.
  15. Hence my sarcastic reference of the £350 million, mind you I did well only to get a rather than being called a nationalistic, xenophobic racist.
  16. It’s not xenophobic for the government to concentrate on executing the will of the people as expressed in a democratic vote, it’s not necessarily xenophobic for people to have voted to leave the EU either, you should direct your vitriol at the government who has overseen 10 years of ‘austerity’ cuts to public services and the government that made it ‘necessary’ for them to have to do it in the first place. That is what has made the UK lag behind in terms of dealing with this. I didn’t vote to leave but a majority did and that’s the way it goes, presumably there’s the £350 million per week going into the NHS though. I cannot have any faith in any politician no matter what party they represent, they all represent their or their cronies own best interests, no real point voting now it would seem?
  17. And presumably bought better quality players on less money? Presumably if we wanted to reduce the wage bill we’d have had to have bought players of lower quality than what we already had, I’m sure everyone would have applauded that show of prudence with ambition
  18. Only Strummer could carry that off though!
  19. It went through a lot of us at work who work in separate locations, I’ve no idea who out of them had been abroad or if family members had, I’m talking a few dozen people affected at a guess.
  20. Several people at work, including me had something in December/January, all very similar symptoms to each other, persistent dry cough etc etc, fever felt drained of energy, cough lasted for a couple of months before going completely, certainly the worst I’ve ever had a cold/bout of flu. I’ll be interested to see if we all get anti body tests whether I had the virus or not.
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