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  1. Have Ady Gallagher and Micky Chapman left Lowestoft, if Archant are to be believed everything is now handled by Craig Fleming, very rarely any mention of Ady or Micky ???
  2. Totally agree, I don''t want to hear what Lamberts doing, well will people realise we''ve moved on. If they are still interested in Lambert go to the AV site, but keep him off ours
  3. Aren''t you the clever one to notice the wrong spelling, some people are just sad !
  4. We have moved on I am not interested in what Lambert thinks or has for breakfast, or his latest photograph. Aston Villa is not my club Norwich City FC is , and Chris Houghton is our Manager
  5. I believe the current Birmingham goalkeeper coach is with England. Will he be part of Hughton''s team ?
  6.   Am I the only one who''s getting fed up with Lambert''s mind games, if he''s going tell us because he will probably take Culverhouse with him and we need to get another Manager in sooner rather than later. Even McNally couldn''t give a straight answer when asked the question yesterday
  7. Season Ticket holder, I DO NOT WANT GUNN
  8. Has anyone got the figures for the cost for keeping all our loanees in luxury at hotels add this to the agency fees and I imagine we could have purchased some players ??
  9. No, watching him at every home match standing above the tunnel, applauding the players off, no matter how they play. What does that say to our so called players. What has he actually contributed since he''s been Chairman ??????
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