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  1. I have a spare adult ticket for today''s game in the lower Norwich and Peterborough stand. Short notice I know but pm me if interested.
  2. I will ring you soon cowboy to arrange details.
  3. I have two spare tickets for the river end today, one adult and one child. Unfortunately the tickets are not next to eachother. The adult is Row D Seat 125 and the chlid is Row C Seat 122. They are only a few seats apart but maybe a bit too far as your lad is only six. If you reply by 10.30 we will arrange something.
  4. [quote user="Yeovil Fan"][quote user="NCFC-47"]We dont care tbh [|-)][/quote] Which is exactly why we hope you stay down. Dirty team, shocking fans.[/quote] What a stupid thing to say. I bet none of your players have ever made a bad tackle or been sent off. Take your retarded views back to your forum where the other retards understand you, coz your talking out of your arse. nob
  5. [quote user="ref89"]7 points from nine and still finding a team from the massive new squad that the old manage assembled but never dealt with. You sir are a prat. [quote user="Bob Franklin"]............ and questionable man management skills (where have I heard that mantra before ?). An incompetent 0-0 draw against Walsall at "Fortress" Carrow Road and hoof ball tactics with Jamie Cureton up front. The new manager syndrome is over and our next match is away at MK Dons on Sky. After that inept performance I can (unfortunately) only see mid-table obscurity and further decline beckoning. Biggest attendance in the Division yesterday. Next season, less than 10K fans will renew season tickets and attendances will be down to around 14k/15k.[/quote][/quote] What Bob is saying is right. The long ball garbage we played today will get us nowhere. It didn''t work and Lambert had no idea on how to change it. To me that is tactically inept. Also left out the best player in the whole squad (Hoolahan). Genius.
  6. [quote user="barryevans"] why because of 1 draw get a life and stop moaning for the sake of it. [/quote]   Get real and work out that if we play long ball crap every week we will not win anything.  Walsall had one of the biggest centre halfs I have ever seen and we kick the ball down his throat for 90 minutes. You Mr Lambert are a tactical genius!!
  7. [quote user="NCFC1"]It seems like he was heavily behind this decision which is good as it proves he is ruthless and atleast 1 member of the board is not willing to let the sacking of a manger drag on[/quote]   Get lost McNally. Treats a city legend like cr&p and some people think he''s fantastic, a breath of fresh air, the hard nose football man in the boardroom. He''s nothing but an overpaid to$$pot, the same as the rest of them in the boardroom. Only here to make a name for himself. nob.
  8. No, but I might be running out after 37 minutes like I did on Saturday.
  9. The last week proves what a joke this club has become. Get rid of one sham of a board and install another. Forward thinking of the highest order. Congratulations on making us a laughing stock. To$$ers.
  10. [quote user="Camuldonum"]Wanted: Football Manager for ambitious League One club recently relegated from both the Premier League and the Championship League to League One. Applicants must be experienced in taking over teams consisting of players appointed by someone else and, working within a modest  budget appropriate to League One,  be able to guarantee promotion by the end of the season.  Promotion is the only ambition of this club and applicants who cannot guarantee that will not be considered. Applicants should provide a CV  on one side of each page only as the club has reduced turnover problems.  You should , in the case of an applicant being currently unemployed, provide the detailed reasons as to why your previous appointment was terminated.  References must be provided including those from any message board of a football club previously employing you. Salary by negotiation.[/quote]   Ambitious my ar$e
  11. Why the hell didn''t Donkey or Nelson nail Lisbie with a bone cruncher? The same applies to Platt. I''ll tell you why, because they''re garbage. If they had we might be looking at a defeat instead of humiliation. I for one, would have made sure that the cheating scummer had something to fall over for. He wouldn''t have got up again either. An absolute shambles.
  12. [quote user="baldyboy"]If this club care, and i really doubt they do, every single season ticket holder that was there today should get free admission for any home cup game as way of some sort of apology. I know it aint much but its the least they should do!!!! [/quote]   I''d rather have a refund on my season ticket. Can''t justify spending that amount of money to watch that garbage. Disgusting
  13. [quote user="Gingerpele"]would have won us the game if brought on ....[/quote]   Only if he went in goal.    
  14. I won''t be going to the Wycombe game. As for the others, depends on results.
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