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  1. Le Fondre wasn''t considered a ''massive gamble.'' Reading only paid £300,000 for him.   [quote user="Orford65"]Adam Le Fondre had never played top-flight football and it was considered a massive gamble by Reading when they signed him from Rotherham.Check his goal-scoring record - and he''s not even in the starting eleven most weeks.[/quote]
  2. Weird that you describe Reading as the new QPR when they have spent less than £5-million on players, considerably less than Norwich spent when they were promoted last season. Pogrobneyak, McCleary, and Guthrie, were all free transfers. You could argue in the case of Pog that wages and/or signing on fee are inflated, and it is true that Reading outbid Fulham for his services in terms of wages, but without a transfer fee no doubt there was some leeway there.  
  3. That''s about the third time I''ve seen someone post that Shane Long is available for free. He is under contract at Reading until the Summer of 2012. It''s also been widely reported that Newcastle, Everton, and Celtic, will bid for him if Reading aren''t promoted. In other words, dream on.
  4. [quote user="Hardhouse44"][quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="Hardhouse44"][quote user="maninblack"] As far as I am aware no ''business'' has been placed in administration due to either an annual loss or indeed the debt that the organisation has. A business is placed in administration by either the board or the banks if it has run out of cash and cannot a) service the debt payments or/and b) meet it''s necessary and conracted regular outgoings. This clearly includes such areas as salaries (being the biggest commitment). I am also not aware that the palyers have not been payed, a point I am sure we would all find out about. Finally would the board approve a 3.5 yr contract yesterday to CM and all the additional cost that incurs if we were " on the brink of financial meltdown".............Unless there is another motive! Exceptional TEAM performance yesterday! [/quote]Common sense but well said.We have a squad that is currently full of salable assets. Holt, Hoolahan, Martin, Russell, Smith,even the Doc. They would be sold to stave off administration. We have also signed players like Whitbread, Martin and McNamee all for a fee I believe and not to mention their wage.We have a guy in Mcnally who as far as I can see has never lied to us. He told us we have no need to sell our star players. We haven''t. If we were so close to administration would he say that? would we still have our stars?Finally we have in Bowkett, Foulger and Smith and Wynn Jones 4 people with the financial capability to stave of any threat of administration at this level. I for one am convinced they would, but I for one think this story is a load of waffle.[/quote] I wish I shared your confidence but I can''t believe anyone would make something like this up and print it in a national newspaper. The people running the club would have no say in the matter if the banks decided to pull the plug and say enough is enough. [/quote]Freddie star ate my hamster. You don''t believe the NOTW make up stories! All newspapers and reporters make up stories or fabricate thing out of situations. We have money worries as do half the teams in the country. Not every bank is pulling the plug and nor is ours. We are paying our debts. They are hardly that out of control. A lotto winner could pay them off on a good day. Thursday will come and go in the same way as everyday that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world has come and gone. Without consequence. Stop worrying about something in a newspaper that nobody else is reporting. when they all carry the story thats the time to take note.[/quote] Freddy Starr ate my hamster story wasn''t done by the News of the World.
  5. The point of this is that the Hoolahan to Middlesborough rumours first surfaced in the national press at the beginning of December. The Archant story is a rehash of that and takes it no further.
  6. The pies at Carrow Road are an absolute disgrace, ironic as the club is owned by a celebrity chef. Last time I was there I bought a steak and kidney pice and it had the taste, texture, and size of a past its sell by large rich tea biscuit. The filling was burnt and dry and the pastry, biscuit like. What a disgrace, hang your apron in shame Delia.
  7. When Coppell left Reading at the end of the season he is on record as saying he wanted to take a year off to see more of his family, particularly helping out his son who was in America at the time. I''d find it highly unlikely that he''d go back on that to help a club in Norwich''s state. Keep on dreaming though.
  8. What you''ve got to realise is that Reading fans are of a different mindset to Norwich fans who turn up come what may. The club''s following has always been relatively fickle and it was only in the 90s that attendances started to increase from around 7,000 to our average this season which was touching 20,000. The support at Reading is softer in that it is closer to London. Stand on Reading railway station on a saturday morning and witness the hundreds of Tottenham, Arsenal, West Ham, and particularly Chelsea, fans on the way to their respective games after a 20 minute train ride from Reading to Paddington. Combine that with tickets for last night''s play off game being £26, it being on the telly, and a general and depressing belief by most Reading fans that we wouldn''t win in the play offs (last night was the fourth play offs the club has qualified for and lost in, two in the final), the atrocious home form, no win in the last nine home games, and it is enough to turn off several thousand supporters who would normally go. 
  9. Pardew might do it. Wouldn''t be cheap but would sort the club out.
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