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  1. I dont kow what did depeche mode do..?? pinkun virgin please help..
  2. Just like a rainbow you know you set me free.Your like an angel and you give me your love and and I just cant seem to get enough!! Long live ncfc. otbc - brillers.
  3. Few people expected Alf Ramsey''s championship side of 1961-62 to retain their title – they had, after all, been handed the prize on a plate by a more talented Burnley side who only won twice in their last 13 games – but nobody expected it to turn so sour, so quickly. The hapless tone of Ipswich''s 1962-63 campaign was set on a pre-season tour to Hamburg, when the team was accidentally booked not into a hotel but a brothel near the Reeperbahn. At one end of the sassy Strasse, the Beatles were performing to audiences of gangsters and prostitutes while whacked out on ridiculously strong speed; down the other, an incandescent Ramsey was adding to the seedy atmosphere by parping hot jets of sultry steam from his lugs. Alf''s mood would barely lift all season. The tactical masterplan which had landed Ipswich their title – withdrawing the wingers to create space for strikers behind confused advancing full backs – was quickly negated by opposing managers. Bill Nicholson of FA Cup winners Spurs showed the way in the Charity Shield, simply by putting his midfielders on the wingers; Spurs won 5-1. Ipswich were in the relegation places come November, having won two of 16 games, by which time Ramsey had accepted the England job. Ramsey stayed on in an advisory capacity for the rest of the season – which he whiled away by kicking his successor Jackie Milburn around the training ground like an old sock. (The two had come to blows in a Spurs-Newcastle match during the early 1950s). The reigning champions ended the season safe in 17th, thanks to a late flourish of wins, but Milburn''s authority had been undermined from the off, and he never really recovered, his abject team ending the following season in last spot. Ipswich certainly hadn''t outstayed their welcome in the top flight: having won their title as a newly promoted side, it had taken them a mere two years to be dispatched back to the lower reaches. FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2010/mar/12/joy-of-six-football-falls-from-grace
  4. Perhaps you might want to start your sentence with a capital letter.  Yawn yawn!
  5. Has anyone else had a deleted post by archant and namely web team pete for no reason?  Whats going on nail???   I think I will ring Naarfalk up tomorrow after cc to see there views on the non democratic views of archant...
  6. Thanks blybly If Roy Keanes Ipswich were to do pies, what do you think they would be, ''sweet and sour''? And would they leave a horrible taste in the scum fans mouth?
  7. Just one more thing has anyone been to the pie shop in the city next to starbucks?  If so whats it like any comments muchly appreciated...?  Cheers Different Gravy
  8. I love them, but why does mecca dish up such dross when  it comes to the english dim sum?  Had one from BP Beccles this morning and it was of the ginsters variety.  To be fair it was ok but there was a huge void right in the middle and it was like taking a breathe of fresh air.  Good job actually as it was quite peppery.  I saw a character post on the wrath recommend a savoury delight from Brays, I will be looking for them after his recommendation.  Lets hope the guys and girls behind the jump read this and produce a winning match day success against the addicks.  Thanks for the comments guys please keep the pies coming.........  Different Gravy!
  9. Did anyone have a cremated pie today? What gets me is city prides itself on the pies, but really go to morrissons before game and get a  better choice and pie!!
  10. Clueless, diabolical performance today.  Lamberts honeymoon is over. I have never been as bored as i have been today. Is Lambert still experimenting with the sides?  My god if he is then we have a chance, if not the team are in trouble.  Where is Wes Hoolihan surely he can play in his natural position, ''the hole'' and is better than cureton.  Im disgusted with the performance and midweeks episode, how far have the club fallen.  Come on Gold and Sullivan we need you NOW!  What makes matters worse is that some of the board members and club hangers on are lording it in Roccos tonight, absolutely bladdered.  Hasn''t Mcnasty put the thumb screws on these guys?
  11. Hey dont get  me wrong, I agree with the guy giving it the large.  So what hes right, are you right?  What I have asertained is that there are too many ktfers here. I give up.
  12. Agreed IS but in this league wes really should be able to play both pos.  However the rest of team does not have his quality.  Like hucks....!
  13. Too many people who jump on band wagon.  Norwich needs to harden up. There was some tonk on cc saying city will win the league .  Fair enough but he was so drunk or inhumane it was not really comprehensible.
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