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  1. I just checked fox sports listings (AUSSIE equivilent to Sky Sports) and it is showing, Spurs v Newcastle & Man City v West Brom. No sign of Ipswich v Norwich It may be on an Asian link, but I doubt it. However hope someone gets lucky and finds it.
  2. [quote user="hellococker"][quote user="Aussie Canary"] Not exactly my favourites but some I can remember singing, that have not been mentioned so far, although slightly harsh and were sung at Man Utd  fans, and it certainley got the reaction from their supporters : "We went to Munich and we came back alive" and Who''s that lying on the runway Who''s that dieing in the snow It''s Matt Busby and his boys, Making all the f**k**g noise cos they can''t get the aeroplane to go     [/quote] why put that up you fool? [/quote] Because I did, and like I said before no malice was meant. As for a fool, certainley no more a fool than all the idiots on this message board, that feel that they can comment about games when they have not even been - oh hang on they listened to radio norfolk so that will make them an expert now. Plus all the loyal supporters that say, " wouldn''t it better if we lost today!) I rest my case. Hope you all have a good day and hopefully the actual supporters can look forward to another crucial game next week.  
  3. Not exactly my favourites but some I can remember singing, that have not been mentioned so far, although slightly harsh and were sung at Man Utd  fans, and it certainley got the reaction from their supporters : "We went to Munich and we came back alive" and Who''s that lying on the runway Who''s that dieing in the snow It''s Matt Busby and his boys, Making all the f**k**g noise cos they can''t get the aeroplane to go    
  4.  I have to agree, with it as well. Bell had showed some nice touches on occasions and he never got a chance on his prefered side of the pitch, however he always reminded me of a player who would play on a rain soaked, churned up, muddy pitch and then come off after 90 minutes with his kit still looking like it was just put on. We do no need that type of player at the moment, so if the money goes into a goal scorer or even a centre back, I will be happy.  
  5. We need a solid regualr pairing at the back, however the full backs have been very inconsistent this year. As for upfront - Again a regular partnership is needed, does not neccesarily mean little/large but the team has to play to the front pairings strengths.
  6. I would like to see               Marshall Semmy   Doc   Grounds   Bertrand Bell   Russell   Clingan   Pattison or Carney                Hoolahan                Cureton   Subs - Nelson, Fotheringham, Pattison/Carney, Lupoli, Croft
  7. Croft, runs hard, works hard in every game - but just cant quite seem to deliver that killer pass or ball on a consistent level. He sometimes struggles to make a real impact over 90 minutes and seems to only show glimpses of his capabilties. However his game has come on leaps and bounds to a couple of seasons ago.  If we had to lose him so be it, and if it brought in a small amount of cash to help us wheel and deal, then I would take it. I think if we did lose croft then we need to get in a player, either left or right sided that can actually go at a player with speed, as that''s what we really lack. (No that was not a point for the bring back Huckerby campaign)    
  8. I can say that while I was In Australia I used to watch the Hyundai A League every week, Sydney were on the TV most weeks during the first season launch of the league due the fact they signed Dwight Yorke as their Marquee Player and so I did see alot of Carney. He was exceptionally good in his time their, and was one of the best players in the A League. Now the problem is the A league was quite poor to say the least, so it is hard to gauge how he would really fair in the Championship and I have not seen him play for Sheffield Utd. He had an excellent left foot, good at set pieces and the short, quick passing game suited his style. I wouldn''s say he was slow, but he never looked like he had a turn of pace that could turn defences around. So relied more on accurate passing, crossing (A bit like Beckham - SAID WITH TONGUE FIRMLY PLACED IN CHEEK)  Anyway hopefully he can be a valuable member of the squad.
  9. You have to admit, although we are in need of a commanding centre back and a striker, where will they come from? We all keep hoping that the pot of gold is going to appear and we are suddenly going to be able to spend some money, unfortunately it is not looking likely so who will we get, it looks likely that they could be a player who is no longer required or a that their contract is expiring in the summer so their team at least hopes they can get some fee out of it or even a swap deal involving players that we no longer think can serve our club. I hope we dont see anymore loans and we build a squad around NCFC players however the chances at this late stage of the transfer window are looking murky to say the least.  Either way they are not going to be the ££££££££££ pound player we all want to see or hear about. Hopefully the management team can manage to pull a couple of deals off that will benefit us and strengthen the squad. As for the Cureton misses, he was unlucky as far as I was concerned although I though he should have gone for placement and not blasted the effort straight at the keeper on the second chance, but the main thing was he kept his head up and kept working (that did not happen with Roeder in Charge) If the team can create chances I think cureton will score goals, even though he has started to lose a yard of pace,he needs the right service and someone to share the strikers role properly with him. Rusty works really hard, but as a couple of other have said I would prefer him in the middle as the attacking midfield player as I think it suits his game better, and gives the Midfield a much better shape,then when Clingan and Fotheringham play together as they are two very similar holding players. Anyway my view is over, perhaps I should just leave my views over and let Gunny and the team get on with their jobs and go back to mine!!!  
  10. I think we should be 110% behind the team, as we are in a difficult position as it is,without making things worse by hurling abuse at the board. I think we can all agree that some of the decisions made over the past few years are slightly dubious to say the least, however they are our board, and love them or loathe them, they are in control at the present time and unless somebody can come up with a deal that is right for Norwich City football club , then I think we can also agree that they will be here for some time to come. The team is what is important at the moment, let the off the field activities remain just that, and show your vocal support, for our new management team and our players. On the ball City  
  11. What about just sticking with the song we used to sing for him "Bryan Gunn" "Bryan Gunn" "Bryan" "Bryan" "Gunn" "He''s got no hair" "But we dont care" "Bryan" "Bryan" "Gunn"
  12. Just back myself and have to admit, both sides really need a change of luck and tact if they are going to pull away from the relegation scrap. This was my 5th away game this season and the most enjoyable by far, not in terms of what we saw on the pitch, but by the fantastic support and noise we made throughout the game. Hoolahan to me was the difference in us going out and still being in the draw for the next round, although he lost the ball on occasions it was only down to him trying something that was a bit more direct, I really think he just needs a proper run in the team not two games and bench him. As for Lupoli, well he done what we needed him do - SCORE, he looked lively and made some great runs, and we all certainly enjoyed his celebrations. Ratings: - Just my view (Yes Glen just a supporter''s view - that has not managed a football club!) Marshall: 9 - Pulled of some great saves and was commanding throughout the game Omozusi: 6 - Not sure he was there - Hence the change - (Unless he was injured) Doherty: 6 - Ok but did not look as comfortable as his last couple of games Drury:  7 - Played with some real commitment and done very well, in a position he has only played  a handful of times Bertrand: 6 - Again done ok, but got caught out a couple of times, I thought he pulled out of a couple of 50-50 balls as well Croft: 7 - Ran hard as usual - final ball was a bit better today, just thought we needed to play him in more than we did as he had the beating of the full back Clingan: 7.5 - Always there tidying up, real workhorse performance Fotheringham: 4 - I just don''t rate him, not creative enough, terrible first touch on too many occasions which put us under pressure in terrible positions, when he got the ball he went backwards (suprise). He just is not captain material. (Bad decision by Roeder to play him) Pattison: 6.5 - Solid performance - he is defintley getting more consistent, felt a bit sorry for him when he did not appear second half (unless injured?) Should have been fotheringham and put patty in the middle, alongside Clingan. Russel: 6.5 - Worked hard for the team, he is just not a striker - enough said Sibierski: 6 -For the support he got in the first half he did well, as the balls into him were poor. He did actually stay on his feet for most of the game, looked miles better when playing with Lupoli, they linked well. Subs Otsemobor: 6.5 - Much better link up with croft - Sometimes just seemed to hesitant about whether to push on or hold. Hoolahan: 8 - If only he would have started, the creative edge needed to unlock the door. Lupoli: 8 - Again needed to start - excellent running off the ball, and took the goal very well.    
  13. 3-0 City - Lita, Hoolahan, Pattison I think we will tear into them today (I hope)  
  14. What I cannot understand is if the NCISA want to be one of the organsiations saying they are the voice of the supporters and you want to be taken seriously. Stop replying to posters that make comments that are there to wind you up and make you bite, just act professional and represent your members.  This messsage board is read by alot more people than actually post so when they click on a post to see that a so called supporters association member (chairman/secetary etc) reply''s in such a poor and pathetic way to other supporters opinions, does it not suprise you to see why the supporters are split and against you. Your action has been slow in regard to the current boards situation - however please tell us what can you actually do? I presume nothing, as I am sure that the board will take the advice of a minority of people that think the best way to find out what the supporters think - oh hang on I mean the NCISA members think is to send out a questionaire, and thats going to help alot! Then let me guess you will read them, hold a meeting after Christmas and New Year for your members so you can discuss the results, then you will ponder and decide a course of action - Oh wait the season will have finished!! Rant Over As for the original post maybe they did over celebrate, but I know I did!, 3 points against a lowly Charlton side, which came for a point, dug in and made it hard for us to play, (not exactly - like beating Bayern in Munich was it) however we eventually got the break when over the past few weeks, we would lost the game. (Watford for a prime example). So you can imagine with the season getting towards the business end it was a way to relieve the pressure that has been building not only throughout the players but the coaching staff. I am sure there were a few supporters out there that had a few beverages too many on Sat night after that. But who cares lets just move on to the next game and hope for another win - however it comes.      
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