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  1. Not that one no, it was something about can''t get enough? would love to know what it was, very catchy tune
  2. What was it?? sounded very tuneful but couldnt make out the words. There were about 10-15 singing it at the back of Block D
  3. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Hope he likes our t-shirts when we get them on sale then....[/quote]   What t-shirts are they then Pete??
  4. Being one of the founding fathers of this particular song in Lower Barclay, Block E I can whole heartedly confirm that it is KING OF SPAIN and not "is from spain" It''s a great song!
  5. Crofty was in Costa in chapelfield today having a coffe with Ian Butterworth and some other chap, couldnt quite see who, they were having a god old laugh anyway
  6. Current Doncaster manager in case anyone was confusing it with the Sean O''Driscoll of rugby fame
  7. heard his name mentioned tonight...... ...on wife swap! haha sorry just bored of all the rumours and needed some entertainment
  8. Bryan Gunn is looking forward to tomorrows game at Exeter 7 hours ago David McKnally likes this
  9. plus we get mimicked enough and the phrase dont ''poop'' on your own doorstep comes to mind for his advert by not mimicking your hosts and a lot of your workforce!
  10. any chance now that seeing as they will get money from sky that tickets might be ''reasonably'' priced and not trying to cash in for a premiership side we want a near full house if we can but they wont get that if its £20 a ticket - need to be sensible, give a littel something, £10 adults, kids a £1, fill it up - otherwise many will stay at home or in the pub?
  11. make that an INTERNATIONAL joke. apparently the result was a big talking point in some of Toronto''s watering holes last night
  12. [quote user="John"]I have to say though, if we sell him for the same kind of fee we did Marshall i''d be far from happy with this transaction. For me, anything below 750k is intolerable. Seeing as the club will try and make up any financial gap left in his transfer by continuing to suck the fans dry of what they have left to give by pulling our heart strings, it''ll be an insult if Clingan isn''t sold for what would be considered an appropriate fee by the majority of City fans. [/quote] I couldn''t agree more! well put
  13. [quote user="Canaries09"][quote user="The Fuehrer with a Pound Shop Keyboard"]Danny Mills seen buying hiking boots in Millets [/quote] I''ve also seen Danny Mills and Dietmar Hamann getting pissed up in Keele just outside Stoke-on-Trent. Maybe they will sign for Stoke? [/quote]   that''s because they will be doing their coaching badges - done at the keele management centre every year for the pro''s
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