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  1. Wasn''t Walker sacked not long after his wife died from cancer?  Sometimes football stinks!
  2. [quote user="Iwan is God"]I really cannot take a cup seriously that just involves the bottom two leagues. Infact, I''m embarrassed we''re in the competition & will not be going to any of the games.[/quote] That attitude is incredibly disrespectful to every other League One and League Two club. We''re a League One club so get over it.
  3. The FA consistantly fails to come down hard on hooliganism. Wewst Ham should be chucked out of the competition and Millwall should take their place.
  4. His one of the few players in the current squad with any creativity, so I think we''d struggle even more without him.
  5. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Lambo"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] [quote user="Ou Est Anselin"]Apologies if this has been done before... Just thought it might be ''fun'' to find out out a bit about each other, behind the alias and avatar. Me? Well i''m 23 years of age. Originally from North Walsham, now live in Nottingham after moving here to go to Uni. Now working as a manager of a department of a certain energy supplier. So, who are YOU?[/quote] Hmmm ok I will play seeing as I can''t do much else. I am 41, female, 5 ft 4 and live near Dereham. I was born in Bethnal Green, London, raised in Kent until I was 16, then moved to Norfolk with my parents when they bought a business. I have supported the canaries for 25 years. I am very happily married with 3 daughters and 4 grand children and one due on Valentines day 2010. [/quote] You short arse WAY :P[/quote] Cheeky chappy lol [:P] Besides all good things come in small packages [:D] [/quote] I think a lot of men would agree with that!
  6. If you weren''t unhappy that Lambert had left you wouldn''t be posting on here would you? Colchester supporters weren''t quite so critical when he kept your c***** little club in league one last season. Must be embarrassing to be top of the league and lose your management team to a club that''s second bottom!
  7. Honestly, kids today! No respect! I could mug an OAP as well as any teenager!
  8. It''s probably got as much to do with being able to play in a good team as much as his own ability.
  9. Does this thread make anybody else feel old? I sat my A Levels 13 years ago!
  10. It''s not necessarily just a question of having the necessary funds to finance a takeover, it''s whether they also have the necessary funds to finance a club that is heavily in debt. Ebbsfleet are up s**t creek this season, because the fans who took over the club have greatly understimated the amount on of funding required to keep a club running, so we should be careful what we wish for.
  11. I understand it''s to be renamed the Disarmament Club.
  12. Totally agree. Bearing in mind he was the head of player recruitment during Roeder''s reign we probably shouldn''t be surprised. Imo it is just one of the reasons why Gunn had to go.
  13. [quote user="Butterbean_Canary"]Here here Hagger, He has given 20 years service to the best of his ability for this club and they sack him without giving him the full chance, [/quote] No matter how you try to sugar coat it, his win ratio since January was piss poor. In any other line of work I imagine he would be treated in a pretty similar manner.
  14. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"].... than the brutal way in which Bryan Gunn was treated. And just think how Butterworth, Crook, Deehan and the players - especially those he brought in must be feeling. This is not the Norwich way Miss Smith. You must go now. I was rather underwhelmed by the original appointment of Bryan Gunn. But once Team Gunn emerged with the addition of the other former Carrow Road stalwarts I thought why not give it a go and wish them good luck. The psychological mess and loan policy left by Roeder was always likely to lead to relegation, so when Gunn was confirmed as manager, allowed to do a little housecleaning, throw out the loans policy, bring in 12 new players etc I thought Team Gunn would be given a few months to prove themselves. I suspect that stagefright, bad luck and panic fed on each other against Colchester and the the Yeovil result was more a true reflection of the quality of the team. Surely there were no clues in the pre-season build-up which would have predicted imminent catastrope, which supports this theory. No. Panic took over after Colchester, and McNally and Bowker saw their main chance - and Smith acquiesced in the vain hope that they would rescue her from the pending firestorm. Ken Brown is bemused. I am bemused, embarrassed and angry. No matter how hard or difficult things are this is just not the way to do things. Fire Gunn by all means if that is the considered solution. But not in this brutal and unfair manner. I mean, by what kind of judgement do you give a man (a team really) a new contract, allow him to restructure the squad, bring in 12 new players etc and then fire him (them? as they must be almost as culpable mustn''t they?) after a freak 1-7 followed by a good 4-0 against comparable opposition. And still the majority will not admit that their Empress has no clothes! All I will say in summary is that there are ways to do things - and brutality and public humiliation are NOT the way. And the buck stops at the top. And that''s the way I see it. Nuff said. One love. OTBC [/quote] Unfortunately, the Colchester result cannot be glossed over that easily. It may well have been a freak result, but, more importantly it brings into question Gunn''s tactics, team selection, quality of signings, man management and motivational ability. Quite simply, Gunn was not up to job, as he proved last season. The Board got it wrong when it placed him in temporary charge in January, and, they got it wrong aqain when they offered him the job in the Summer. McNally deserves credit for trying to put this right and turn us back into a football club.
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