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  1. I''m sure everyone remembers how last season started: very well. And we all know how that ended up come the end of the season that matters. We may need another defender or two, the ones we have may improve, only time (more than a game) will tell. One thing I am pretty sure of in my mind is Pritchard would have been a nailed on starter if fit and he would not have fluffed all the chances that have been fluffed in his absence. Therefore, as well as focus sing on our defensive concentration we must also look at the solution to Pritchard''s absence until Christmas. For me? Murphy in just behind the front man. Thoughts?
  2. Just to be clear, crabby, I am not absolving Oliveira of any blame, I said it was naughty in my original post, I am also not having a pop at Martin, but implying it should have been the Captain talking him down not Murphy (also in my original post). Will people kindly stop inventing what I said? Everyone disagrees. I get it. Is there a way I can just close this thread now?
  3. [quote user="DDD In The Fine City"]So it was naughty from Oliviera but the thread is to have a pop at Russell Martin for not being there to stop him? Jesus our support is special You should change your name from crazy Eddie to moron Eddie[/quote] Was this really necessary? I hadn''t posted on here for over a decade and just remembered why. Full of people all too willing to insult their fellow fans. My point was about the role of the captain, not Martin specifically, as I believe I made abundantly clear.
  4. [quote user="Stone"]Was busy typing a reply, but basically... what ZLF said. Especially regarding Husband. I didn''t think Wildschut looked totally lost though and did ok considering he was playing in what was until recently a very unfamiliar role for him against decent opposition. I cant see him being considered as anything other than an emergency/cover option at wing back though.[/quote] Expensive player to have on the books if that''s all he ever amounts to. I''d like to see him come good. Not sure we play the system to best incorporate him though.
  5. I thought Wildschut showed great promise today going forward, thing is he is an out and out wide player really. That means he competes for wingback roles for game time. For me, Pinto walks back into the right wing back role when fit, so what happens to Janic? Early days for Husband but, correct me if I am wrong, wasn''t Wildschut bought primarily as a left sider and does anyone agree with me that if Janic continues with the same desire and ability to create chances, plus works on his defensive awareness, he could find a long term home at left wingback?
  6. I am not a Martin basher, the thing that stood out for me most today though re Martin was his absence by the touch line when Nelson lost his cool. Surely that''s the captain''s job, as the managers voice on the pitch, to have a word with Nelson and keep him in check there, not leave it to the relatively raw Josh to pull him back pitchwards? Otherwise happy. Thought it was a bit naughty from Oliveira, well handled by Farke.
  7. And just like that an up to now nicely amicable thread marred by a t**spot. Please ignore the idiot
  8. What better way to compensate for the loss of Johnson than by hindering the opposition''s preparation with a completely unknown quantity? Ok, we don''t know a great deal about him ourselves, but we do know he is an energetic unit, similar in that respect to Johnson. He also came with a reputation for scoring goals from midfield and it is Johnson''s goals we will miss most over the next two games. He won''t be completely fit but for me worth the first 60-70 mins to see what he can do. I''d play him centre next to Howson and switch Dorrans out to the left side as I belive he has similar traits and goal scoring ability to Johnson. This remains solid, which we need in two away games. Redmond ready in the wings if it doesn''t work out.
  9. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="mrs miggins"]I''m sure they do live in Cameroon, but the point I was making was that we don''t know what''s going on behind the scenes so the point you made about his family being really poor could be fabricated.[/quote] LOL missus. Most of this thread is fabricated. It''s a fact that Bassong was really close to Hughton, which is why I posted the link to that interview. But it''s conjecture to say that''s the reason for the current situation. [/quote] So, perhaps ourbest chance of moving Mr Bassong, who does not seem to have a Norwich future, off the wagebill would be for Mr Hughton to get himself another job.
  10. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Dubai Mark"]Agree with lincoln regarding showing belied in the management as that is crucial of course .....so many boxes are being ticked this season so far![/quote]Add in that both sided that came down with us could be managerless by tonight and things really are looking great![/quote] On the contrary , Morty, I am delighted with the job those managers are doing at their clubs and hope they keep those jobs a while longer yet
  11. Frankly Flecky, I couldn''t care less whether you believe it or not. You obviously prefer to believe that our board have given a rookie manager a bullet proof three year deal. Whatever floats your boat
  12. Good old Dave the goalkeeping coach and what are the club going to do, sack him? The beans were spilt to someone who knows him who then told me and who knows who else.
  13. This is not intended as fuel for the Adams Out brigade, just passing on what I heard. Adams'' 3 year contract has many a performance related escape clause written into it, meaning if certain targets aren''t met he can be dismissed without paying off the remainder of the contract. Just in case any are obsessing over how the board will not sack him as they can''t afford to. Oh and before anyone asks, source: Dave Watson
  14. [quote user="keelansgrandad"]Ruddy Martin Bennett Turner Garrido Johnson/Tettey Redmond O''Neill/Fer Howson Lafferty Grabban/Hooper I think O''Neill had a straight red so won''t be available just yet and do not know if Fer is fit yet. If neither are available It will have to be Johnson and Tettey. Grabban would have to play the wide man in the front two but I would pick Hooper if he is fit and play it as a two man attack. I can''t make up my mind about Johnson or Tettey. I like Bradders and don''t understand the bile directed towards him. But Tettey did look more energetic when he came on.[/quote] We have already had sound bites from Adams to confirm that the club sought conformation that O''Neil was to serve a one match suspension for a professional foul. Three game bans are doled out for violent conduct, so there is an element of discretion when a straight red is shown, it is either 1 or 3 games, in this case 1
  15. I like this approach, let''s persistently remind people to stay on topic, rather than, say, what happened to the "wolves fan in peace" thread, or pretty much any other thread you''d care to mention. Having said that I cannot answer this question myself. I feel I need to wait until we''re a few games into the season first. McCormack''s transfer to Fulham, for example, is a bit of a joke at the moment owing to the over-inflated fee, but if after 10 games he has scored a similar amount of goals people will say it''s signing of the season. I think retaining as many as we have (if it stays that way) would be seen by most as remarkably good business.
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