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  1. If I ignore the ''normals'' such as Holt and Huckerby - who I really rate/rated - I would have to say Steen Nedergaard. Really enjoyed watching him play!
  2. I''m pretty sure that''s just because it was a friendly match. Correct me if im wrong but I think thats been the case for several of the pre season games this summer and past.
  3. It''s Character Forming - I live in Nottingham and suspect The Approach in the city centre would be the best bet for a viewing...
  4. In the city centre you may want to check out The Approach (just off market square opposite Walkabout). It has a fair few TVs and usually have a selection of matches on. Whats more, they serve Rose. Southbank Bar next to the Forest Ground is worth a look too, though its more of a ''sports'' bar so perhaps not one for the Mrs.
  5. I''m confused. Only a matter of weeks ago the majority of of posters on here were raving about Hoolahan and his important role to play for this season. Now it seems that most people want him out. As I stated, I''m confused. I actually really like Hoolahan and would be sad to see him go. He has that ability to change games (although, yes, he is fustrating at times too).
  6. For me, the happiest moment has to be when Iwan put us 1-0 up in the Play Off Final. Sheer hysterical happiness ensued.   Amazing.   Would only have been better should extra time have been decided by golden goal!
  7. Arsenal.   They play football the way it should be played, a pure joy to watch.   Also, many other members of my family are Arsenal fans...
  8. Lappin. For his performances and the passion he has shown in them. Thats what the whole squad needs.
  9. I should add - no offence meant by my last comment should you live in Dartford or Harlow...
  10. I think you can only ''pull that'' hairstyle off should you live in Harlow, Dartford or elsewhere that is equally as horrendous.
  11. OLEJ - R.E your inclusion of Thomas Helveg Really?!! He was a quality player, took a while to get going, yes, but definately not one of the all time worst 11!
  12. I pretty much agree with Gill, Tudur Jones and Whalley - on performances so far. On Theoklitos - yes he had a horrendus debut, but I think he must have alot more to offer..... I could be wrong there, however. Nelson though, I feel there is a good player in there. He knows this division inside out having played - and captained - Hartlepool for many seasons. For him, Colchester may have been ''one of those days''. I would like him to be given another chance to show what he is capable of.
  13. "For Hartlepool how about playing Lappin on the left wing with Hoolahan playing off Holt? If Drury is back that is." One word. Yes.
  14. "Daley = joke = stupid comment He''s a 19yr old in his 1st start for the club against premier league opposition and taking all that into account, I thought he looked quite lively particularly early on. What were you expecting him to do?" Totally agree, Clint. People need to remember that this is his first professional start (I think) - against Premier opposition to boot. I admit i did not catch the game tonight, but from the Pink''un live commentary it sounds as though he did OK. He may benefit from a spell out on loan, or some more first team action, however.
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