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  1. Thank you loads peeps, especially with the IP address change NMacL. Cant wait to settle down to watch it on Sunday night now!! Kick It Off!!
  2. Good morning from Australia fellow supporters!! I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me of a website where I could watch the derby game online, anyone know? OTBC!!
  3. [quote user="morty"]Pffft, money spent on fancy television packages would be better spent on match tickets.[;)][/quote] agreed
  4. I can see our club branding up a vuvuzela to be selling to all the kids at the first home game tbh... sad but oh so possible
  5. OK, so as some know I am in Australia and currently in Brisbane. So when I heard Theo signed for "The Roar" I had to see him play against Everton. So here is my opinion of the game and his performance... Brisbane Roar 1-2 Everton The game was 0-0 at half time, and not much to shout about for either team. Both sets of attackers were lively, but the organisation and professionalism was clear to see and the English club were comfortable. The second half saw Everton really take the game to Roar, and the first goal came not long into the restart. A curling effort from the wide left that most Prem keepers would have done well to stop in honesty. 2-0 from the left hand side again, a lapse in concentration at the back and the ball was slotted calmly past Theo would didnt stand much of a chance. 2-1, and Brisbane scored a great passing move that was driven passed the aptly named Ginger-klitos by the section of crowd I was in. All in all, Theo didnt have a lot to do that was difficult, and the 2 goals scored would have been world class saves to make. As a footnote, he had no reaction to the Roar crowd and when I tried to just shake his hand at the end of the game (with my Canaries scalf around my neck) he looked at me and purposefully signed autographs on the other side of the tunnel entrance. I will not be going to see them play again as there is more atmosphere at a morgue and Theo can be the average sized fish in this tiny pond...
  6. My family and I all know Roy well, and I have read every single one of your posts... it brings tears to my eyes, and some of the quotes put a grin on my face.I was brought up listening to him for away games and sitting not far from him at the home games. He would always stop and say hello, and the odd toffee for a young sprog.It is truely sad news to hear this so far from home (Brisbane, Aus), and my thoughts and prayers go out to all his family, friends and colleagues. A true gentleman and friend...Rest in Peace Uncle Roy
  7. A great signing in my opinion... and a Southampton fan''s with plenty of knowledge. My old house mate from Uni is a massive Saints fan and raved on about him when at Southampton. This a signing that I view as an investment for the future and a quality one at that.
  8. Like your thinking TFA, a good shout on getting McDonald some experience somewhere, but he needs to be playing regularly. He could be loaned out and end up not playing for that team... and get lost.
  9. Tilly...? I dont believe we have been intriduced [:D]
  10. I wouldn''t if you wanted someone to practice on WITS... I''ll let you know when I am back in the UK [:)]
  11. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]This rumour doesn''t even verge on credible. I''ve heard more convincing statements from Neil Doncaster. [/quote] Agreed!!
  12. Wow... So there are some people that want to celebrate with so many games, and others still disappointed that we are in this league at all, both fair points. However, I will not be in our fair city for the open top bus, but getting hammered in my scalf of yellow and green in Aus. I may even go to see Brisbane Roar play and get a seat right behind Theoklitos and give him what for!! There are some people here that need to lighten up and others that need to respect other poster''s opinions... God damn it!!
  13. Is this not what happened the last time he got a contract with us? Played his arse off to get the contract and then was a no show...?
  14. This is a forum where you can put across your own views, so why shouldn''t you be able to...? AW to STAY...
  15. I would like to see Wiggins back in when the loans run out, and obviously Drury when he''s back. How is R Martin playing? I am in Aus for a while and only saw him play once. I would really like to see Spillane on the right again, he looked class. Can put in a good cross and he scored a cracker with his left peg if I remember correctly.
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