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  1. The difference The Scum - Finish 8th in league - sack the manager and get a top rated manager in = AMBITIOUS CLUB Our Club - Hovering near relegation, sack the manager and get the carvery host in = GET THE FANS OF THE BOARDS BACK EMPLOY A HERO CLUB If the club had no ambition and was resolved to relegation should have kept Roeder in charge............instead got a board and manager frightened of fans Heard Gunn applied for job 10 years ago - if he was intent in becoming a manager why didnt he get any coaching badges or coaching experience in 10 years Gunn lottery came in when he was appointed - and if pre-season is in Scotland take it the job has already been given to him! Lets hope a miracle occurs today.....and the club become ambitious
  2. If Dejan or Kennedy were fit and still here Doc and Shacks would not be in the team. And how can Semi have poor game after poor game and still get picked? May asell play a kid cannot do any worse. Goes down to there not being another right back again due to money.....yawn
  3. Just saw Kieron Gibbs in U21 last night??? How did he get in thaat team as left back against Bertie? Bertie in U20 Kieron has played  8 games this year............thought he was a winger
  4. [quote user="ridgeman"] Gunn applied for the job and he is out of his depth. It is the managers responsibility to pick the team and the tactics for the game so far under Gunn we have failed. Irrespective of how many games he has played for the club - for which he was well paid -  this is the Norwich City mentality that will see us  in the lower divisions for several seasons yet. We need a break from the past the players are good enough if they are organised correctly unfortunately under Gunn, Crook and Butterworth we seem to be going backwards and I have seen little to give me any hope of progress. Once again the board and our Chief Exec have failed big time. [/quote]   My thoughts I feel offering Gunn the job was only to keep fans of the Board''s Back - I read that he applied for the Norwich job 10 years ago if he was serious in wanting to be a football manager you would have thought he would have tried to get some coaching badges or management experience?   I feel this is the same scenario at Newcastle when Shearer offered job - he knew he was a hero at club but did not want to risk this status as he was not qualified to do the job? Fair enough Roeder may have had to go but when you are in the bottom of the table is it a time to give a novice manager a 1st time chance? Maybe if we were at mid-table?   Strongly Feel we have to have a replacement now time for the Board to show 1) They do care about staying in this league 2) They want to protect their investment -   50% of me feelsGunn has been made a scapegoat for the Board and 50% that Gunn was dillusional to think he could do this job as a 1st time manager. Below are the players he brought in, excluding Norwich performances - again, when it is this time of the season you need players to come to the club who are 1) Match Fit  2) Have played regular 3)Can add something - whilst I do not underestimate their ability I feel they will need 3-6 months to get proper match fit - which we havent got!   Chris Killen      Striker -    New Zealand  -   Age 27       Games Played 2007-2008 = 3 (25 Sub)   Goals Scored = 1 David Carney   Midfielder - Australian -       Age 25 -    Games Played 2007-2008= 23 (4 Sub)  Goals Scored =3 Alan Gow        Midfielder - Scottish -         Age 26       Games Played 2007-2008 = 12 (7 Sub) Goals Scored = 5 Adrian Leijer    Defender - Australian -        Age 23       Games Played 2007-2008 = 0   Goals Scored =0 Carl Cort         Striker  -   English              Age 32       Games Played 2007-2009 = 8 (7 Sub)  Goals Scored = 0 Cody Mcdonald Striker - Non League   Will be say a prayer to keep us up!
  5. I blame the board, when a Club is flirting with Relegation you cannot give a novice a job because he is cheap to get you out -  too much expectation - they needed to bring in an Experienced Manager but chose to keep the fans off their back by employing a hero who will soon wish he never even taken the job Who is too blame : Players -  No - they are being led by a first time manager they lack the motivation and confidence to try something different Manager - N o - he is a scapegoat, hired by the board on shirt buttons so if all goes tits up he gets blame Board - Yes - If they really wanted the financial stability of Championship they should have employed an experienced manager to do the job I see no way back...........how sad!  
  6. My ratings for todays game which I felt we were poor and charlton looked much better than when they played us last time We aint gonna win games without a strker & the mid-fielders dont look to have goals in them Marshall - 8 - again a solid performance must be one of the top goalkeepers in this league Omozuzi - 6 - quiet game good getting forward did not intercept cross which led to goal Doc - 8 good reading of game his pace lets him down sometimes but not today Drury - 6 - playing out of position but was at fault for not stopping goal Berty-7 - didnt get forward much first half but put in solid consistent crosses to strikers and cleared dangerous balls from goal area Patty 5 - not at starting blocks today Clingan - 4 - again does relatively little must have had 8 touches of ball whole game same as at Palace - you forget he is there Fozzy - 5 - started as captain but seems to be an identical player position to clingan Croft - 8 - again was passionate trying to do all what he could with little support from right back Sibi - 6 - why cant he get one header? never looked like he''s score Rusty - 6 - we cannot expect to chop and change him to a striker looked quiet Subs Ostemembor - 6 much better than last game went forward much more Hoolie - 8 - a thorn in the side to defence need to start him to cause aggro Lupi - 8 - played like he wanted to score the difference between siberski whilst we dont have a striker would play him
  7. Have been to several away games and the noise and support from our fans is un-real This will surely help the boys we can boost them Sure we can rail-road them on saturday
  8. Suggest you watch the video highlights again - centre backs left exposed by midfield again and again berty had good game and done nothing wrong
  9. Berty gives us two positions for the price of one and has pace to go forward & back - at watford game Berty was outstanding had 2 shots and hit post twice 19 year old  Eng U21 with legs/pace or 29 year old exp pro  .....hmmm let me think who I would pick Berty not getting in chels team at mo so may have chance of him when jan comes fingers crossed
  10. ood report, and it will be a long recovery. However all that posts I have seen with Loan Players  is norwich fans dont want loan players at our club so dont know how you win them round - and also cannot see the loan players leaving recommencding other players to us with our fans so anti loan players?
  11. Why do we complain when we won a game? Thought the defence didnt do bad considering down to 10 men and only conceded due to marshall???? Omuzusi & Bertrand I do not think they lazy, the pace they have and commitment they show is excellent, and they both under 20 & both england player & registered to premiership clubs so not sure they are so crap. Admittedly they did  not get forward enough but Bell not so good at covering when under attack. Still not convinced the left wing is covered adequately by a right footed player Bell better on right.. But lets be thankful we won away with 10 men :-)
  12. Ok manager crap sack him & Loan players crap - get rid of them ...Where would this leave us.. Manager - cant see them rushing to line up for job - who wants top manage with no funds, no fan backing and can  only bring in perm players on shirt buttons Loan Players - why are they at premiership clubs??? Maybe the PERM players are making them look awful What would you do if you was GR? Lets be supportive of our beloved club through thick & thin  
  13. Was you at the game? Bertrand was man marking No 14 and left repeatedly exposed by Bell he done loads of overlaps in first half and never received ball once.....................hence why no overlaps the 2nd half....Bell needs to have a left foot to play on left!!
  14. Bertrand never cost anywhere near a million Waghorn has either got his figures wrong or someone is cooking the books.............could we afford this even if we wanted No!
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