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  1. When and where do they repeat it? I''ve seen ''Soccer AM'' the best bits advertised but can''t remember where! OTBC!
  2. 3-0 to Blackburn, sadly! Think they''ll be too strong despite fielding a few ressies! Hope I''m wrong and we cause a shock, but can''t really see it! OTBC!
  3. A legend who has been and now will continue to be greatly missed! My condolences to his family! Roy Waller R I P.......OTBC!
  4. Milk Cup Semi 2nd leg 1985. Bruce 3 mins from time.......enough said! Still my Canary Highlight! OTBC!
  5. The girl on Thorpe Canarys post to want to meet up with me with that little grin on her face! And in that state of dress! Finish top 8 and Holty to get 25 for the season! Forster to sign on loan then permenant in January! OTBC!
  6. Any idea when last seasons Highlights DVD comes out? Should be worth buying!!!!! OTBC!
  7. Why the arrogance assuming that we''ll get a hatfull? We''ll become hated like Dirtyleeds if we carry on! Could be a struggle, Wycombe will pick their game up after the last 2 results! Could be another Yeovil! I''ll settle for a 1-0/2-1! Happy New Year! OTBC!
  8. Watching him score the vital, winning pen vs Birmingham at CR and him not celebrating. Knew from that moment his heart wasn''t at our club! JUDAS! OTBC!
  9. No! CIB! Rachel is FILTH! Those dresses!!!!! And so much younger1!!!! Filth I tell ya! FILTH! OTBC!
  10. I''d get 0 points on there! I''d spend the whole time looking at Rachel Riley!!!!!! She''s flippin Gorgeous!!!!!!! OTBC!
  11. Been on the Whisky since 7:30 Ricardo!!!!!!! Fab result !!!!!! OTBC!!!!!!
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