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  1. I hope that Cureton doesn''t start much as his confidence is shot...Holt and Martin should be starters...not certain that Cureton should be on the bench either...?
  2. Not according to the Coventry Telegraph... http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/coventry-city-fc/coventry-city-fc-news/2009/07/13/coventry-city-fc-pull-plug-on-sammy-clingan-deal-92746-24138893/
  3. I confess to being the very occasional poster on here....however I generally just observe because there is ''sometimes'' good debate. However of late there seems to be a tremendous amount of swearing and intolerance of other people''s points of view. What''s the point of having a forum if it isn''t for the benefit of discussion rather than ranting, swearing or personal attack...
  4. Well, I can only predict one thing...a long hard and ultimately disappointing season next season. Hang on...Groundhog Day?
  5. But with Shankly there was a trend which over time blossomed people such as Paisley, Fagan, Dalglish...all Liverpool people promoted from within...
  6. Damn that cup autopay scheme! I admire the optimism of your kids for wanting to go to a match...I never expect much from cup games as we haven''t had a cup run of any note for a long time..
  7. Well the board won''t pay for him, so maybe we can ask the eternal Carl Moore cheque book to pay for him....?
  8. Network Rail Chief Executive, Head of Metropolitan Police
  9. I don''t feel that there''s a strong enough feeling on the ground at the moment...sure with people on here etc it is but with the older generation or the more ''placid'' fans??
  10. I think those 80% hadn''t seen Bryan Hamilton''s managerial reign...that was bad...although we aren''t too far away from that now...
  11. So has anyone emailed Donkster with their thoughts and got a meaningful response?
  12. Too true...Most of the supporters in the N&P stand might be asleep anyway...
  13. Yep I guess. I went to the AGM and was also disappointed with Roeder. I wonder how on earth he motivates the players...I wonder what 11 we might have for next week at this rate...
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