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  1. they both going cheap in january lita £300,000 knock down price....
  2. we all love our team, ok to be honest with u lot, i was born in hertfordshire, but my life is norwich city family and history   brothers and mother from norwich .why do we love our team? week after week   month after month year after year,  why do u lot love the canaries? be honest everybody .... steve..j.
  3. i am steve jones from berkhamsted ok not bloody chrisgooooooooooooood
  4. ASHTON, SUTTON, FOX, DALE GORDAN,EARNMORE, wheres the  money gone its sounds of like city r in the s##t 
  5. its a complete joke now. get good players in the club then we want sell them do u know wat am lost for words....after nearly 40 yearsnorwich city i feel like total heartbreak...... roeder OUT NOW.... JESUS....
  6. u just dont know the pain am in please DO NOT REPLY TO MY POST it will not help the situation
  7. why should i  i get ribbed in wat i say and taken the piss out off just had enough going to do very soon u lot... who cares anyway,,, better of dead,,,
  8. give me a rope.... i will do it if i get anymore comments like that OK  i mean suicide...
  9. ie wat car they drive likes dislikes music food and family and where they live to a point... does anybody know where on the web can u find this sort of info??? please could somebody let me know cheers
  10. (the norwich one) THE poor chap does not get a look in how would we like it if we turned up for work and the boss tells u go away and come back another day  ok hes on good money and has a good life .... but hes a footballer and that not wat he doing  wats wrong with simon lappin? grants leftoff  its bloody wrong get simon in the team NOW steve jones berkhamsted herts.
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