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  1. I saw an interesteing article today: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/oct/31/premier-league-managers-november-norwich-sunderland-fulham-sack  Here are some highlights... "Of the past 15 Premier League teams to be relegated, seven were in the bottom three on this day of the season in question. In the past five seasons, the bottom three teams on 31 October have never all gone down, while the 2008-09 season stands alone as the only one in which all three – Wigan Athletic, Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur – stayed up." "But while replacing your manager in November might seem a good idea in theory, recent trends suggest it tends not to work in practice. QPR sacked Mark Hughes last November and were relegated. Portsmouth sacked Paul Hart in November 2009 and were relegated. Derby County sacked Billy Davies in November 2007 and were relegated." "if you replace relegated Reading and Wigan Athletic with promoted Hull City and Cardiff City respectively, with eight points Norwich have already notched double their tally of points from their corresponding nine fixtures last season. It is a state of affairs that suggests Hughton''s situation, while serious, is far from dire."  
  2. Well done for raising this Northluck C.  However i disagree with you in that you do not wish to cause a stink.  I think a stink needs to be caused. The john terry chant was discraceful but it was not an isolated incident. At the spurs game there were monkey noises chanted by a not insignificant number of "supporters". I know they were directed at bale but the monkey chant has always been associated with racism and was offensive to me and was likely to have been offensive to any black supporters and players who heard it. Unfortunately  despite a great 1st half of season and great away win when i think of NCFC today it is with shame and emabarasment.  
  3. Happy new year all Long shot but does anyone know where i can get ticket for tomorrow? OTBC    
  4. A legend who has been betrayed by Smith and that is unforgivable. She appointed him as a PR exercise to get her out of the hole that was roeder & grant despite the fact he had no experience or qualifcations to be a football manager.  Then at the end of last season when he had proved he wasnt a football manager by getting us relegated she offered him a permanent position. Talk about setting the guy up for a fall! With friends like that who needs enemies?
  5. On the official website announcement it states gunny was appointed as manager in January 2008.  Maybe the board didn''t realise they had only just appointmed him. Nothing would surprise me anymore!
  6. I hope boothroyd doesnt get the job - long ball merchant, had one good season, failed when tried to get Watford to play it on the ground. However as he seems to be the favourite i thought i''d get this campaign started in an attempt to beat our own record of sacking the manager after 1 league game as permanent boss.  Maybe we could sack him at half time in his first game or we could sack him at his own appointment press conference - why waste time giving him a game?  
  7. Someone said he was good in the air. His attacking headers invariably sail harmlessly over the bar and his defensive headers more often than not go straight up in the air and put us under pressure when the eventually fall to earth. He is rubbish in the air and that is the thing he does best.
  8. Looking back, our decline started at almost exactly the same time as Docherty joined. Uncanny coincidence maybe but I think we need a fresh start. The doc has been part of two relgation teams and therefore should go. I cant fault his commitment but ability wise he is poor.  He terrifies me everytime he goes near the ball or more likely near the man.  This is not a sign of a good player. And more importantly my friends who are spurs fans are still taking the p*ss out of me because him and that we have kept him.  I dont have any defence.    
  9. By my calculations Roeder''s points per game record this season is better than Gunn''s.  We have dropped into the relegation zone since Gunn took over. From this evidence i think it is likely that Roeder would have kept us up.  Despite tonight''s result, it is still likely that Gunn will take us down. Another brilliant move by the board.
  10. That is the most important goal that has been scored in my lifetime. Do the board know how close they are to destroying our club. Relying on Coventry to draw against barnlsey. It is pathetic.    
  11. Gunny was a legendary player but that doesnt mean he will be a legendary manager and results & performances during his tenure have been poor. I would argue worse than roeder''s. I love Gunny and the worst i accuse him of is  naivety (and he is not alone in that, see the board and many of the supporters), however he will not keep us up. So unless we want to accept relegation we need to change him now. 
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