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  1. You seem to a) have way too much time on your hands and b) appear to be slightly bonkers - not a great mix!
  2. Now showing as sold out - imo it is not bad going at all, selling out our 25k of tickets in just over 5 days, and getting to a broad base of supporters.
  3. Maybe you can blame the efl for having a play-off system at all, and even more when you think of the tickets for the final. Perhaps we should just let the team in third have the promotion slot, save all this mental anguish.
  4. Coo, so the club’s ticketing policy ruins people’s mental health? That is an interesting new angle to bash the club with, well done 👏…
  5. Not many. The match is in 3 days time, it is fine. Suggests to me the pricing is spot on, if it had sold out in minutes it would be far too cheap. The price is largely the pay as you go for A games, so why would it be lower for this one, where a PL spot is the potential prize?
  6. Fine by me. I can only use the information available at the time;100 isn’t that many, looks to be heading for a sell out (as it should)
  7. That was from the club’s website about an hour ago - if you know better then fine!
  8. …maybe if it was the lst couple of seasons, before then a whole load had seemed to have forgotten where the ground is!🙃
  9. Ridiculous end to the game - I thought Bayern were cruising….have never liked RM, so come on Dortmund!
  10. Oh, and you’re obviously always completely correct…
  11. It would be interesting to see how long this could remain in place - probably not long! If there’s anything to know I’m sure it’ll be on the news site before long….
  12. …maybe naming a player who might or might not have done something stupid under the influence in the last couple of days, doesn’t comply with the rules?!
  13. Or just don’t take one sample and assume it is the same for all, maybe? I suppose the implied moral of the story is that our supporters are a bunch of miserable ****s, whinge all season, get to the play offs and don’t bother going…whilst bitching about how fair weather binner fans are…
  14. There’s probably about 20% in that block - but there’s a load of blocks in the south stand with barely 20-30 remaining, and about twice as large. Do the maths, if there’s 10% left I’d be surprised.
  15. No - there’s 4-5 blocks sold out, unless you don’t include the community stand for some reason, A LOT was the point made - it isn’t. There’s a fair few but imo well short of a LOT (their caps, not mine). Perhaps it’s semantics, but to me a LOT would be half or more whereas there’s probably 10% left at best.
  16. No there aren’t - some areas are sold out, with limited availability in nearly all the others. That is not a LOT by any measure at all.
  17. Utter garbage - the death of football for those who actually turn up has well and truly set in.
  18. S/t holders had their seat reserved until this morning - I noticed when getting a ticket for my son this morning that a fair few s/t holders hadn’t taken their ticket. There’s a multitude of reasons why - I know 3 people who can’t go.
  19. No. Strange scenario - and how do we know there’s ‘obvious differing visions’ for the club?
  20. Not to sound all Til-ly, but Flags might have been good as well for this one.
  21. I don’t think Rowe has looked fully fit, certainly not as though he was ready to start in the last few games, so it may well be as you suggest.
  22. No, that is just wrong, plain and simple. A resold ticket counts as one ticket. But if it isn’t offered for resale, a club cannot resell so it is included in the official attendance. It is not rocket science, and nor is it unfair to report tickets sold as an attendance figure - it isn’t for clubs to second guess who isn’t attending and why.
  23. Why does it? Adding a tier to the City Stand would be far more seats. Imo we don’t really need a ground that holds much more than 30-31k.
  24. It isn’t ’manipulative dishonesty’ in the slightest. If a ticket has been sold it cannot be sold again, so it is perfectly fair to include it in the attendance. I imagine the away figures are similarly the number of tickets sold. All clubs report attendances the same way.
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