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  1. There is rather a lot of melodrama going on bearing in mind we have just done a pretty decent bit of business.  IMO £4m profit on one player in one year, is not "selling out" anyone - particularly when he has not even been playing like a £5m player this season, let alone a £7.25m one!!  
  2. The facts are patently that West Ham are a bigger club than we are both in terms of support and financial clout - does anyone really think that we will, in the foreseeable future, ever be in a position to bid £7m for any player?  No - and it would take 3-4 years (or more) of Prem stability to be able to - and even then there are many sides such as Bolton and Charlton who I can''t ever see being in a position to spend that big too often, if ever....particularly for a player who is not showing great form and is currently injured! Personally I think it is a shame that he''s gone, but can see there are benefits; £4m profit in a season being one of them.  The fact is that he has played the majority of this season and it was clear that he was not firing fully - be that because of the side being poor or him off form is largely a moot point - and he clearly looks like an injury waiting to happen what with all the stretching and treatment during the games.  The fact that this is the case suggests that relying onhim to ''fire us into the playoffs'' as we''d all hoped, was unlikely.  We are now in a position where we have the best part of £6m to get players in to hopefully kick things on.  OK some may say it is too late but whilst I''d have love to have kept him, we could yet be better off with 3 decent £1.5m-£2.5m players in our side than Deano, sad but true.
  3. [quote user="Paul Rankin"] to be honest good work Alan Pardew.  He is a top class player and deserves to be in the top flight.  8 million is a lot of money but at a club like west ham he should do well. Certainly help them maintain their premiership status and is young hungry player.  Looks like pardew is building quite a squad there at the moment. Lets hope worthy spends any moneys wisely..... how about a Halford/Jerome/Danns triple swoop - that would make my year!! (still not sure about 2 million+ for jerome, but should score the goals in this division) [/quote] I''d still love him to stay but I personally think it would be a very good piece of work by Norwich if we can eke out anything approaching £8m for him.  Assuming the money was put in the transfer kitty we could easily get 2-3 replacements in the £1m-£3m bracket rather than the c£250k-bracket that we seem to have been limited to, which could finally kick our season on. 
  4. Certainly the posturing has been such that this could be a possibility; a Sunday paper is also saying we are ''mulling over a 7million bid'' from them.  West Ham are certainly a potential venue for Ashton - they have very old legs in Sheringham, and maybe see him as a replacement; On the Norwich side of things, Worthy could have easily put the names of Jerome and McSheffrey out into the ether to judge the supporter response on places like here, incase we received the ''crazy'' fee we are after.  By my reckoning the responses have been pretty good, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we have pencilled them in as replacements should we get that ''acceptable'' fee for Ashton - be it from West Ham or someone else. Time will tell, I guess
  5. You are perfectly entitled to that view, but I always look on away points as points gained rather than dropped.  OK their last home game was 3-0 defeat to Leeds, but they had recently drawn at Watford and Wolves, and beaten Palace, so they aren''t also-rans by any stretch.  Given our injury circumstances I am pretty happy with a point - we have now won 3 and drawn 1 from our last four away games; that is not too bad in anyone''s book, surely?
  6. I was merely making a comment, as were you; it seems we disagree as we are perfectly entitled to....and if Halls is the sort of player you think we should sign then I feel we will disagreee quite often.  As for research, 1. he hasn''t been injured that much, 13 games is all he''s played but been available for more; 2. falling out with the manager is not much of an excuse - if he was that good he''d be playing anyway.  The only links for him in the Summer were from rumour, nothing was cast iron, and we were linked with him but again, it amounted to nothing more than paper talk (I seem to recall Worthy mentioned him, that''s all).  Two of my best friends are Stoke fans, and they probably know more about it than either of us, and this was their opinion rather than mine!!
  7. Sorry, can''t really agree - don''t think a tricky away game is really the time to play youngsters - you need all the experience on the pitch you can get, though maybe one could have made the bench.  Meanwhile, I really can''t understand this hatred of Thorne - he is proven at this level, and is a good player; given a decent chance in the side I am sure he would show this, but he has not really been given that chance - least of all, seemingly, by some supporters.
  8. This is just a daft post - any point away from home has to be good; you have to go out hoping/expecting to win, but there really are no mugs in this division.  Plymouth are a capable side - the only side to have beaten Reading this season, beat Palace comfortably only a few weeks ago and drew at both Wolves and Watford, so surely a draw is not bad at all given our injury situation. 
  9. Good decision - think he is a much more effective player than he is given credit for (akin to Mike Phelan when he was here); our best run of the season happened with him in the side, and to me there is no doubt that he did have a +ve effect.
  10. Why is it that whenever anyone signs for just about anyone, it is "there goes another great player we''ve missed out on"?!  Nearly every time this happens, you never hear of the guy again.  If this guy is so good, why is it that only Southampton seem to have been in for him, and that he has only played 13 games for Stoke this season? 
  11. You''d have to be daft not to think it goes on, particularly in this day and age with all the money swishing around in the game, and Agents taking a big portion of the cash, it would not be too hard for some of it to find its way back to the Managers to ''smooth things through''. But you would equally hope that it didn''t happen too much (or at all, even) at our club - but who knows, you do wonder....some of our signings pre Worthy in the early 00s were so poor that it wouldn''t be a great surprise to find that a bung was taken to bring them here, as they certainly didn''t show us any obvious footballing reasons for us to have signed them!!!
  12. Not exactly my favourite one but one I''ll always remember was my first ever game - at Ipswich in 77/78, we lost 4-0; I was 8, and had only ever seen footy on tv, but was hooked on going to games after that - though couldn''t afford to go regularly until the early 80s. There are plenty of obvious games to pick, but my favourite away games would probably both be at Arsenal (though so would some of my less favourite ones!): 1986/87; last game of the season, we played well and beat them 2-1; Paul Hayes (I think it was) missed a pen right at the end of the game for them to let us to secure 5th spot, our highest ever finish: our fans were ecstatic, they finished 4th but their fans couldn''t have cared less.  1992/93; first game of season, no one in the media really gave us a hope of doing much and with us 2-0 down at half time they were being proved right....but then the world got turned on its head in the most amazing final 20 minutes of a game that I can recall as an away fan - on comes Robins, scores twice on debut, with Fox and Phillips scoring inbetween, and our best ever season ensues.  I lived in Putney at the time and I couldn''t stop smiling with disbelief all the way home, sat alongside the Arsenal fans.  Brilliant.
  13. I can''t see any reason why this tournament can''t be played when African nations want it to be played - all European (and other) club sides are aware of it well in advance, so it is a bit lame for them to be unprepared (though for Norwich it has come at an unfortunate time with our current crop of injuries).  It does seem rather strange to have it quite so close to a World Cup, though.
  14. Yes, here we go again, we miss out on players who we don''t want or need, and the Club gets slated - though this is no surprise.  To have signed either would not have really taken us forward. Leon Knight is ok, but no better than any number of current Norwich squad players, and surely the fact he has had to step down a division says something.  Fryatt? Might be ok might not, but would be a gamble - and were we to sign such a youngster I''m sure the club would (quite rightly) be opened up to criticism along the lines of "why not try our own youngsters first"?  
  15. Crikey, since the post was made in 2003 we have had any number of foreigners play for us, mostly Scandinavians, somewhat disproving the theory put forward; in addition to the ones mentioned from our current squad, there''s also: Etuhu (Nigerian) and MLJ (French)... so with the others, that is a fair few. PS whatever happened to De Blassiis??
  16. [quote user="Paul Rankin"]creates the space for who??  a clogger??[/quote]   Well, given that we are talking about drawing defenders out of position, the "clogger" who you mention would most likely be one of Ashton/McVeigh/Leon or possibly Thorne, or maybe Safri coming from midfield - not sure which of these you mean as being a clogger?
  17. Agree with these points; it is a difficult one. I would certainly say play youngsters if you think they are good enough, but this then opens things up to criticism of not buying ''proven'' players to get us out of the division.  It is a bit of a toughie, and very difficult to get the balance right.  I think I would probably go for playing players in their correct position whenever possible, whatever their age/experience, rather than making-do with players out of position as normally happens - but this is something all clubs do, not just Norwich, and I suppose is down to opinion.  It is certainly interesting to mention the youngsters that we have kept on, as everyone only concentrates on those that leave.  As A1 mentions, there are several in our squad, though it has to be said they don''t get too many chances.....and I do feel that, when they do get their chance they are often not given long enough - by fans, as much as anything - to find their feet (eg Henderson, who really did cop it) - but then that is the nature of things nowadays in football.
  18. IMO we certainly went into this season with far too thin a squad, and this is something I mentioned ad nauseum back in the Summer: last season it was too thin and (loan players apart) we were even down on numbers to that squad this time out (tho have since ''signed'' Rossi, and do have a couple of more ''seasoned'' youngsters).   Not sure where the blame is, if blame is the correct term to use - clearly we have a budget and I guess you make decisions based on what you want: a bigger squad of ''lesser'' players or a smaller squad of (supposedly) ''better'' players and using the loan market to fill gaps.  Who knows which is better - the latter worked in the Championship winning side, but seems to have worked against us both last and this season.
  19. I don''t disagree at all with what you say here, Paul - I for one never thought it would be a cakewalk, but  have to say nor did I expect our ''poor'' spell - which nearly all relegated sides do seem to go through - to last as long as it did.  We are still in the pack for play-off places though, so we may yet meet expectations to at least some extent.  The problem to me is that some seem to be constantly on the Club''s back - be it the players, manager or board - whatever they do, and this was getting to be almost annoying to me as the poor form on the pitch (and it seems I''m not alone).  Criticism when it is is due is fair enough - but the it really doesn''t have to be quite as relentless as it is, and often contains quite a lot of revision of history which I find rather annoying (for eg, Svensson had a clause in his contract that he could go if we were relegated, and clearly wanted to go - something people seem willing to forget; Coppell/Jewell wanted to keep Hughes/Jarrett so are they really that bad?  I could go on.....).
  20. Hmm, it is always good to have hindsight.  For example, Paul Jewel offered Jarrett a contract for Wigan in the Prem, so clearly is better than he has shown us; Thorne is a proven striker  at this level (try looking at his record), rather than a ''journeyman'', but hasn''t really been given a chance. I could go on. I have to say there are some other names here which are rather strange: - Llewellyn was given lots of opportunities and failed to take them - not sure where he is now (Wrexham?) but not exactly a leading light wherever it is.  - Kenton refused to sign a contract and went off to the Premiership - hardly blame Worthy for that, wasn''t even there on the final game of the season/lap of honour - Jarvis brothers are both current young pros at the club, so what is the point there? Thing is that everyone can take a pop when things aren''t going well, and there are always stories of ones that got away - not just here but at all clubs.....but none of those mentioned are particularly good examples.  Of recent ones we''ve let go, Crow is the most obvious success that I can think of, though remember he is only playing in League 1.   
  21. I can see the point - he certainly doesn''t seem to have been effective this season as he was in the Championship winning side, but his form was pretty exceptional at times that season (eg Cardiff, his ''last'' game, on loan(?)).  We do seem to fall into the trap of having him as our main (only?) outlet, and need to learn to be more cute - eg if he has drawn 2-3 defenders, as is often the case, surely this creates space for someone - maybe he should learn to play the ball earlier at times?
  22. Some rumours are completely barking.....£7m for a keeper??  I''d bite their hands off if they were that mad - Niemi is only supposedly going for c£1.5m and, whilst a little older, he is as good if not better than Greeno!
  23. I have changed my details, but Norwich born and bred until Uni in London, now live in nr to Kingston, work at Hampton Court Palace....closest league teams to me are Fulham/Chelsea (poss Brentford) but I''ve managed to withstand becoming a glory hunter and still have my season ticket - it has to be said that making such an effort (150miles by road) to see some of our more pitiful performances (eg v Preston) does make me question my sanity at times, though would rather lose my right arm (fortunately I''m left handed!) than change my allegiance.
  24. I completely agree with Amarillo et al on this - quite where some people get off is beyond me, and to be so touchy about a "Little Britain" jibe is a little sad...I fear I open myself up to abuse for this comment, but I am big enough and ugly enough to take it!   Worthy can do nothing right, can he?  I really do get the feeling that we could pull off the most amazing signing(s) of the year and still there would be a negative side to look at for some. The biggest problem is that no one seems to agree who we need to bring in: the clamour for completely unproven players (at this level), from the lower divisions - like Eastwood/Trundle etc - is as big as the clamour for signing proven Premier/Championship players.  It is a case of one or the other, so whichever Worthy goes for opens him up to criticism from others.  He just can''t win; in the past few weeks/months just about anyone signing for anyone is "oh well there goes another we could have got" (eg Fryatt) when they are probably no better/proven than what we have already: Thorne, for example is a proven player at this level, and hasn''t really been given a chance.
  25. I agree with Old Boy - I can''t see that anyone would have played with the injury as bad as it was, he did take a pretty heavy knock early on v Preston (which I am convinced was deliberate) which must have made it much worse.
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