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  1. Charlie Daniels at Bournemouth? They''ve got Mings and spent a bit on a youngster from Liverpool, Smith. Although they might move Mings to CB. Bidwell would have been good from Brentford too but already at QPR. Also there''s Hendrie at West Ham, had he had not already have gone to Blackburn it would have been interesting to see if Neil would have gone for him.
  2. Whoever Paul Riley is, has tweeted that Naismith is set to sign for Swansea.
  3. From what I saw of him I liked, very comfortable on the ball, got forward and crossed well. But I don''t think I''d rather him in the side than Olson and doubt he''d just want to sit on the bench.
  4. Sky reporting that Championship and Premiership clubs are looking at Dwight Gayle, but Palace''s valuation is putting clubs off, wonder if one is us. I believe they payed around the same as we did for RVW during the same transfer window too, remember thinking at the time we had the much better player for the money! A player I''d be very pleased with now though.
  5. Lowton from villa? Although there must be something wrong if he can''t get in ahead of Hutton.
  6. I have one coach travel ticket available leaving from county hall, pm me if interested. Thanks
  7. Genuine question, what would you Boro fans be thinking if you had to play against Watford or Bournemouth in the final. What exactly did they do well to in your away games? The scores would suggest routine home wins.
  8. After watching last night I don''t see where he fits in now. Wouldn''t mind keeping him but wouldn''t care too much if he went, especially for a few million.
  9. Hooper and Deeney up top sounds pretty good to me!
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