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  1. Good article in The Scotsman too. http://sport.scotsman.com/sport/Interview-Paul-Lambert-Norwich-manager.6813903.jp?
  2. Some of the "real" kiddy stuff: the replica kit, has been held up. I ordered kit for my grandson weeks back and still haven''t got it. After telling me it would be delayed until 18th July, I had a phone call last week to say the lorry bringing a load of clothing including kid''s stuff had crashed on its way to Norwich and there would be another long delay. Most of the new clothes I have seen are not too bad - there''s just not enough of it yet - and the club shops can''t sell any of their old stock as they have changed to Errea.
  3. [quote user="Wings of a Wizard"]I Googled it: The best way to pronounce his name correct(sic) would be like De Laet = "The Lath" (as in bath).[/quote] Trouble is - do we say "The Lath" as in bath the way they say it in Manchester? ie "bath" to rhyme with "math" or "Kath", OR do we say it as it is pronounced in the south of England - "bath" to rhyme with "Darth" ? I think most of us will say "De Layt" So long as he gives his all and can defend I don''t care - and hope he doesn''t!
  4. When I went and picked up my shirt order, I was told they are cutting down on the counter area as it takes up too much room. Also they are changing everything to promote Errea - they aren''t allowed to sell last season''s out of date kit in the same shop!
  5. New Buckenham isn''t that far from Colney - or Carrow Rd. I assume Bradley Johnson has a car. Twenty minutes max going into the city from there - and that is sticking to the speed limit!
  6. Perhaps a Leeds fan has been reading this board and saw the following: "Shock news from transfer rumours....... by Hoolahan''s left ..." Look further down this board. Noticed it earlier this afternoon - Hoolahan''s left - big shock indeed, until I looked a bit closer!
  7. I''ve been wearing a shirt with Lappin on the back - it used to be his - for over 2 seasons. However I think it is time I lashed out on a new Prem one, so Lappin''s beautiful No 19 shirt may be retired. Hope this isn''t an omen!
  8. Thanks Kathy for clarification! And thanks to Chris for all the hard work you have put into NCISA since you took over the Chair.
  9. We are in Block R too - and we roar! No soup, but I find the Bovril at half time is perfectly satisfactory,
  10. He took time out of his heavy training schedule to ref Forest v QPR yesterday.
  11. Surely the amount of noise during a game reflects what we are seeing on the pitch? I am pretty noisy - even though I am one of the "old farts" who sit in the N&P Upper - but yesterday there wasn''t a lot to cheer about until the own goal. I agree we are pretty noisy away - but away fans usually are! I can''t see the point of trying to make out that the Barclay and Snakepit fans are the only ones who sing - we can''t always hear you down at the River End - so I assume you can''t always hear us. And as for suggesting that middle class people don''t make a noise!!! Have you ever been to a Rugby match somewhere like Bath? Believe me the noise levels will ratchet up as the season continues - just like last year.
  12. Look at Canary Challenge thread for another NCISA service! Also BBB "Rump" certainly does not describe me - nor fellow committee members - in any sense!!!
  13. mine shows Blackburn game - and I''ve checked the calendar.....!
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