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  1. Maddison to Aberdeen, WTF is going on, one of our best young players should be on the brink of the first team
  2. We seem to have paid an awful lot of money for a headhunter to find Mcnally replacement & settled with Moxey after he lost his job at Wolves, why build for the future when we send the young lads out on loan (Toffolo)
  3. Is he the real man for the job really....thoughts
  4. The Players & Club. Pride in the shirt Passion for the club Respect for the fans Quality in depth of squad Miss-management @ board level The Fans Lack of Palace like passion @ home Too much infighting Little club mentality These are the reasons we are going down.
  5. As a tribute I hope the Barclay sing his chant at the Cardiff game
  6. Whats wrong with good old fashioned chanting..............We are Norwich, Super Norwich...... City till I die....Follow the boys in yellow....Norwich City, Norwich City Fc......My old man said be an Ipshit fan........& whats wrong if we sing our versions of other teams songs, how do you think they get started!! Utd, Liverpool seem to have new chants all the time & even they copy each other so why dont we. Tuppence halfpenny worth in!
  7. Dont often post but all these songs for players got me thinking, maybe we should have one for the CEO, christ knows where we would be without him. Its a simple idea Super, super mac Super super mac Super super mac Super Mcanally
  8. Anybody know why David Fox has gone missing
  9. Seem to remember there being lots of interest in the vacancy @ NCFC just before they gave Gunn the job.
  10. That why people stopped posting on here muppet... wasnt suggesting we support the terrorists just adapt a few of the songs ......
  11. After last nights experience, wouldnt it be great if city fans adopted & adapted some of the Celtic songs & manner of their support & gained a reputation throughout the land as the most mental fans around. Some of the stuff last night was just awesome. Still grinning ear to ear.
  12. Barclay 25%, Snakepit 5% River end... a joke...the bloke has been here eleven years & deserves more respect...buy the tickets!!!!!!
  13. Got a nice email from the club today explaining that I didn''t get through the ballot for Arsenal game....they made it sound like a rejection letter for a job. Anyway i had bought advanced rail ticket which is now for sale...face value £41.....selling @ £35...email me @ ivanshome@btinternet.com if interested.
  14. He,s been here 10 years He,s been here 10 years One Adam Drury He,s been here 10 years
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