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  1. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]I have to say that I strongly disagree with a lot that has been said in this thread. The only way this club can really progress in terms of financial security and club size is if we make it to the Premiership.[/quote] Read this as you obviously missed it first time around. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/the-debt-league-how-much-do-clubs-owe-1912244.html
  2. Carroll has some serious issues he needs to resolve before pulling an England shirt on to be fair, I doubt that was a decision Pearce took alone.
  3. I''d certainly oppose any approach from Cullum as I always did, the more you find out about that man, the further you want to run. But Mook speaks wisely. from the right person, then maybe, though I''d not be over enthusiastic. What pride does a sugar daddy bring? The game will never return to where it was, Sky will see to that. But the sooner we make a stand against wages like Reading have, the prouder I''ll be.
  4. There''s nothing provincial about wanting to get our national game back KB. Look on other message boards, its a opinion that gains support with every season that the gap grows. the prem League has long been described as three leagues within one as i''m sure you''ve heard. Football is all about dreaming ''One day.....'' but when the chances of that day arriving diminish thanks to people with big pockets buying clubs and playing championship manager, resentment (not the same as jealousy). I''d like them all to just **** off TBH This is nothing new. It tends to be the viewpoint of the older fans, those still starry eyed are more interested in the kudos associated with their club being in the top flight. Its as if they feel that the fact the team they support is second tier reflects badly on them personally. The reality of course is that fans of smaller clubs carry more respect and kudos than any of the bigger folowings can ever dream of.
  5. yes but there are principles and there are principles The more money you have, the more principles you can afford to have :)
  6. [quote user="Houston Canary"]I became a Norwich fan when we first came to Division 1 (1972). [/quote] Another glory hunter. There are those "in the club" (a different meaning here HC) who have grave concerns about early promotion. Even their public comments make that very evident,
  7. [quote user="Cluckbert Chase"]I say pack the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man. City etc. off to some pumped up Euro League.Re-instate the old 4 division set up where any club is in with a chance of reaching the top given shrewd signings and good leadership. No more johnny foreigners as players/managers due to the ''low profile'' and no more ridiculous spending to keep up with the ''bigboys''.......What we would have left would be a fiercely competitive league set up where domestic success was the inspiration and not the corrupt European cash cow.[/quote] Again agree. The Premiership is killing football at all levels. Until it changes you can poke it. Long live football
  8. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"] A return to Premier League football, even for one season, could balance the books at Norwich. [/quote] Oh yeah....like last time. Liverpool, everton, Newcastle, Sunderland....all have ''balanced books.....not And Ryan, you''re a twat because you dont read peoples posts, you read what you want them to have said. Read Mooks post again.
  9. [quote user="ur just a man in a jacket"]Norwich has the NHS (Norwich Hit Squad). Dont know much about the people though or where they sit[/quote] last time I saw any of them was at Chelsea away in the Prem. they all looked early 40''s
  10. [quote user="cantthinkofagoodname"]Does anyone know Belinda? Where does she sit, if it’s the lower Barclay I will buy you a pie and a pint (sorry fruit based drink for the ladies) She stood her ground, even if she did get a bit wound up by the mockney wannabe Neanderthal.[/quote] Whereas you merely belittle with sexist patronisation.
  11. sadly he was not the clairvoyant you seem to think necessary for the job
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