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  1. This move just puts Paul Lambert in the shop window and he''ll be hoping a good season will see himself back at a big club. That boat has sailed long ago. It feels more like a Champ boxer on the downside of his career. Not pretty to see.
  2. In his post-match interview Rhodes was quick to point out the great feeling of bonding and happiness throughout the club and specifically mentioned the owners part in that. There are some things that money can''t buy.
  3. Cornish Sam, your posts are all of the Millennium beleif that everything is somebody else''s fault and nothing is your responsibility. It''s up to someone else to fix your problems. The thing is, if you''re reached adulthood and you''re not ready to accept personal responsibility then maybe your generation are not yet mature enough to be considered adults. Rather than lowering the age of voting there is a very strong case for raising the voting age to 21 at least. We saw in the loser''s march that the young were well under represented the protesters were a mixture of middle aged Waitrose shoppers and aromatherapy practicioners. Where were the Millennials? Same in the original referendum. No where to be seen. A whole new lost generation.
  4. [quote user="Herman"]It''s important to me. The rise of far-right groups is a clear threat and people need to be aware. Why wouldn''t you want people to know what groups alligned to football, maybe our own club, are getting up to?[/quote] Bxllxcks you are. You''re looking for your Sunday entertainment more like.
  5. Why is Herman digging up posts from four months ago in order to sh!t stir? Are you that bored?
  6. [quote user="tired"]Had a dream a couple of nights ago where Vrancic scored a late volley to win it for us 1-0.[/quote] Keep dreaming!
  7. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Will Farke make a raft of changes....or will yesterday''s game alter his thinking into putting the 1st team out again to try and get the defeat out the system ahead of a tough trip to Bramall lane... Could go with an entirely different xi?... ...........McGovern. ....... Passlack. ..Godfrey. .Zimmerman. ..Lewis/Husband ...Buendia...Thompson....Tryball. ...Stieperman. .. ......... ...........Cantwell................ ....................Srbeny. ............ . downside of the above team is of course it''s one probably capable of getting knocked out of the league cup at the first hurdle, if not on their game...[/quote] Good call
  8. Some poor losers, without the skills to navigate the real world, start to blame their short-comings on everyone else. They can''t handle the fact we''re doing real fine and it''s them who are out of step. So they take their inadequacy out on anyone else. What better than to blame the whole country for your own personal failings. They hate to see England do well because it might just be indicating they have the problem and not the rest of us. He''ll be talking up Sweden in the next couple of days.
  9. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]Concerns about England, yes they won impressively, but once again lost it in the second half and we were 2 up before we had a period of passing the ball also at times our passing was awful ! [/quote] Give it 30 mins, make a cup of tea then read again you post. LOL
  10. [quote user="kick it off"]Why do they have Carol concerts in schools and town centres instead of relevant places of worship like churches? It''s just a way to have a specific religious celebration I guess. The prayer in the park was a way of bringing the community together as they wouldn''t have fit everybody into a single mosque - 5 mosques came together to organise the event. It was the end of eid and the most important religious event in the Islamic calendar.[/quote] And did they seek permission from the park aitho4ities first or did they just turn up?
  11. [quote user="SHRIMPER"][quote user="Rock the Boat"]It''s not going too badly, is it[/quote]What a complete and utter FVCKWIT you have always been and still are. Little rocket man is laughing his bolloxs off. He has got what he wanted.The cancelling of all military manouvers for dismantling an obsolete rocket testing site. The art of the deal works every time. The great dealmakerhas been done up like a kipper.[/quote] So what you''re saying is you want more American military aggression in East Asia
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