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  1. well, I personally can''t afford another £120, but £10 will be going to the NCST this week
  2. is the price of these type of shares negotiable e.g could I say to the club ''right give me 4 shares and i''ll waive my rebate''?
  3. [quote user="LQ"]Would an extra £10 or £20 a year put you off going? That puts the per match price up by less than a pound but would have generated the best part of £2 million over the last 4 years. As far as the SCG is concerned I''m not on the pricing working group so have had no input into what goes on there (probably for the best [;)] ) [/quote] For League 1 football? For a continually declining (in both standard and number) playing squad? Yes possibly it would?  I''d take a decision at renewal time based on that cost of that plus my petrol costs. Perhaps on it''s own it doesn''t but factor in an extra £10 on a tank of fuel and extra £2 on a pie and a pint, it adds up. In all honestly I couldn''t give you an answer on that for next season, but for this season the rebate was a significant factor in my renewal (along with the fact fuel prices stabilised), you seem unwilling to take that at face value. But I''m confused using language such as ''artificially high season ticket prices'' (to paraphrase) imply more than a £10/£20 rise don''t they?
  4. [quote user="LQ"]Maybe I ignored it because it doesn''t make sense? Who is trying to price anyone out? Certainly not this club - it bends over backwards to make sure you can watch football. Cheap season tickets (and yes, they are cheap. I certainly wasn''t the only one saying that the other day); interest free payment schemes etc. But I do think ST prices have been held artificially low and have been subsidised by the Directors. There you go. And on the rebate thing - it''s not about using it for either this or that. It''s about having some elasticity in the budget that means everything needn''t be so bloody gloomy across the board. It won''t give us the best player budget ever, but it''ll help. It won''t save every job that may have to go, but it''ll help. Unfortunately I''m not sure £600k will end world hunger though. Let me work out some figures and get back to you... [/quote] Increasing season ticket prices significantly (which you have called for) would price myself and others out of the game, you are comfortable with that view point I am not (and never the twain shall meet). I think at the heart of it it reflects not only many problems with the modern game, and the modern supporter but closer to home the make up and role of the SCG. Less people paying more does not necessarily equate to a sound long term business model. If the current board had shown any indication they know how best to use the rebate money then perhaps many more would consider waiving it, where''s the business/action plan etc? No we don''t get that we get Bryan Gunn saying how difficult it will be for us to afford Alan Lee and (whispered quietly) wouldn''t it be useful if we had the rebate available. Elasticity is a budget is all well and good if you have people who know the right way to stretch it. It''s simple for me, if the club couldn''t afford it they should never have offered it (was this not consulted with by the SCG), to do so smacks of yet more poor business planning, and to attempt to recoup that money by now tugging our hearstrings (and no doubt later blaming the fans yet again) is shameful.
  5. [quote user="LQ"]"NCISA are recommending all fans to apply for the rebate." There you go. That''s told you what to do with YOUR money. [/quote] That would appear to be a recommendation rather than an order (the clue''s in the word ''recommending'' by the way).
  6. I see you''ve ignored for the second time in 2 days the point about you wanting to price people such as myself and the rest of the plebs/ hoi polloi out (not sure which fans you are actually representing on the NCISA apart from 2 from Stowmarket)...a few quid extra a month may not be much for you (as you keep pointing out, again bully for you) but it is for the rest of us, and it fact would be the tipping point. Oh and make up you mind what this rebate money is being used for on previous threads you implied it would be used to give us a chance in League 1, today it''s to save jobs, if you want to lay that particular guilt trip at the door of myself and 18000 others rather than the millionaires who own this club/business prepare to be further amazed by the responses you get...it''s amazing what that 500k is going to be used for, perhaps we could use the change to end world hunger.
  7. Believe what you want, but it did make a difference for me, I was borderline renewal, my travel costs amount to £40 a game (excluding refreshments), at a time when petrol and food costs were likely to rise, and my salary isn''t and jobs including mine are under threat, the rebate was enough to make my mind up as to what I was prepared to pay for League 1 football, I would have certainly not renewed at the first deadline had it not been available following relegation. I''m getting thoroughly cheesed off with your attitude towards other people''s money, whilst you can afford to waive your rebate (bully for you) myself and others can''t and won''t. But given your attitude towards increasing season ticket prices you clearly won''t be happy until the likes of me are priced out of going to games.
  8. [quote user="CT "][quote user="still holding out for new heroes"]1 Hitman, 2 Bullets[/quote] I wouldnt employ Curo to take someone out, he''d probably end up killing someone in south america, such are his way-ward shots... [/quote] You''re correct   1 Hitman, 2 Bullets, some spare bullets, a premiership standard hitman on loan, 2 more bullets...what do you mean we can''t afford anymore bullets...what do you mean we''ve sold our bullets to Cardiff to pay for stationary
  9. [quote user="Beaker"]most people have lives[/quote] hello Mr Pot this is Mr Kettle
  10. Spot on, firstly the board would probably dictate the type of fan someone from the milder end of the SCG for example, and then those meetings together, travelling to away games together, they''ld end up far too close...and in honestly most fans know as much about running a football club as the current board...I''d much rather we had experienced football people on the board.
  11. [quote user="erimus86"]Hi all, im moving to the area in August/September and plan to attend some Norwich games, where would everyone recommend to sit?? [/quote] Delia''s face?
  12. I don''t care what reason they give I''m having my money back, it''ll pay for my petrol for 2 home games
  13. [quote user="canarytim"]I think we should also consider Peter Sutcliffe upon his release, or Burke & Hare I hear they are very good in the box.[/quote] Lifted from Wikipedia "Burke and Hare''s next victim was an even better-known person, a mentally retarded young man with a limp, called "Daft Jamie"" make of that what you will 
  14. [quote user="Yellow Wall"][quote user="still holding out for new heroes"] the loan players are easily quoted as the source of all our ills.. but how many decent shifts did we get out of Russell, Otsemobor, Marshall, Fotheringham, Cureton, Pattison, under Gunn a didn''t see Gunn having a huge impact on our contracted players [/quote] Have you not heard of the phrase "You can''t make a silk purse out of a pig''s ear"? I do not believe Jose Mourenio would get those players playing to a standard that was acceptable. The blame for their performances should not be Gunny''s but the people who brought them to our club. [/quote] such as the head of player recruitment you mean?
  15. [quote user="Eastonpromise"] Has it not occurred to you that members of the trust may not be members of the Pinkun Forum and if they were they are not willing to have their comments ripped to shreds by you guys!!!! [/quote] would have thought archant would have been there, there was plenty of coverage to the build up.
  16. [quote user="ACE"]Language you guys deem inappropriate is blocked by the filters.  So what is this other language you are referring to? [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] It''s against the rules and there really is no need. Cheers. [/quote][/quote] but the filters work on the post but not on the mouse over preview on the main message board page
  17. [quote user="kennyfoggo"] That is probably for sure.. I reckon   I simply cannot see why Marshall was allowed to go so cheaply,  it isn''t like we are rolling in money is it. [/quote] the Marshall one was a ''no-brainer'' for me in financial terms now entering last year of contact, decreasing in value all the time doesn''t wan''t to be here, may effect performance and league position hence finances big wages saved if Rudd is first choice and does well his value would increase significantly in footballing terms he was error prone and couldn''t kick, 400-600k is probably not a bad reflection of his true market value, hopefully we''ve included a sell on clause.  
  18. [quote user="jersey_canary"] [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"]I''m assuming he''ll leave and I''m can''t say I''m bothered, over rated based on the vast majority of his appearances last season[/quote]   To true. There was so much buzz about him signing last season I thought that maybe he was a good replacement for huckerby the way the press were talking. But I only got to a few games last season but even on his debut (coventry) I could see he only had one foot and was pushed off the ball to easily. Then at derby even worse! I thought he would of scored alot more goals than he did. I think we got him for 250k??? maybe if we could get double that he could go???? [/quote] looked like a skilful 10 year old playing against bigger boys...perhaps got protected by other players at Blackpool...but I never saw the appeal
  19. John Tilson''s response: http://cache1.asset-cache.net/xc/829879-001.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=3E814C41B67C7A2483F8713194E8BDE86529E79887609E4F
  20. [quote user="Buckethead"][quote user="Karl Pilkington"] I think he''s matured and "got religon" since sowing mailbags. He''s not the person he was. [/quote] Didn''t he kick off at a ''meet the fans'' type of event recently and grab John Sheridan in a headlock because of a slump in form? We''re a ''community'' club not a ''care in the community'' club. [/quote] Perhaps God told him to do it
  21. [quote user="SNAP"]Want to know the big dfference? Ipswich shafted a whole bunch of local businesses by wiping out their debt and going into adminsitration. It cost hem nothing as the 10-point rule wasn''t in place. Thye wiped out years of similar mismanagemnt to Norwich at the expense of the community and then allowed a faceless profiteer to buy their debt from Norwich Union for a pittance and roll it back into the club. Would I want to follow a club like that - not really.[/quote] Nail firmly hit on head...administration = no debt = cheaper to buy - hence why Southampton will be getting a buyer and we won''t....if we were to go into adminstation which I don''t want we would become immediately more attractive to every dodgy arms dealer or money launderer which 10 million knocking around
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