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  1. Has anyone any insights about the recent supporters meeting? Any points of discussion worth, erm, discussing?
  2. This was the summation from the BBC in January: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25755711 (sorry - I''m rubbish at working links) In effect, what Cortese did for Saints was right along the lines of what Dave Brailsford did for the British & Sky cycling teams. Liebherr Sn bought right into his philosophy (that''s why they worked so well together), Liebherr Jr didn''t. All Katharina Liebherr has wanted since inheriting the club is a sale - perhaps by selling it piecemeal, in her world, she''s onto a winner. This is all very sad from any football fan''s perspective, surely. This was perhaps the one big throw of a foreign owner''s dice that looked like it would work - in it for the long haul and working towards glory as opposed to just buying it. Only once again it''s turned into "be careful what you wish for"... With both the main men (Cortese and Pochettino) gone and a ridiculously depleted squad it''ll certainly be interesting to see what happens over the next few months. Still, that''s football...
  3. Have any of the players given it that wonderful line since Tuesday promising a "reaction"?
  4. [quote user="a1canary"]There is only one thing this club needs right now. One, very simple thing. And that is, to WIN a game of football. That means the entire club, players staff and fans focussing only on that objective. Yes that is what Hughton said and in this case he''s right. There''s all sorts of sh(t flying around and distractions, none of which help. If you''re an outer it ought to be a win win situation for you because if we win, we move well up the table and level on points with Hull, if we lose Hughton is gone. Unless of course you don''t want another 3 points and to move up the table. Every win from here on in is going to be absolutely critical and 3 prescious points. The chances of 3 points being the difference between survival and relegation this season are VERY VERY HIGH. Anyone who wants us to loose on Saturday is wishing this situation upon us and needs to wake the f**k up. And incidentally, the OP attemping to congratulate and thank people for saying they would rather we loose is utterly ridiculous. "May I thank you and congratulate you for agreeing with me" Hilarious! It''s just an opinion - you don''t get congratulated for having an opinion one way or the other. [/quote] This ^ Sorry - was that too congratulatory ;~) We ALL need a win and a well played match to remind us this is football - a game we love - not something anyone should feel so terribly embittered by.
  5. The cynic in me says he''s waiting to be sacked & compensated before taking up a new position. I doubt the Cobblers would be keen on paying us compensation. What a horrible mess this all is ;~(
  6. I recall a time, before he went "down the road", when some were calling for Paul Jewell to be our saviour. I think he''s available now too...
  7. I''ve always felt the missed opportunity on the opening day of the 2004 season to actually beat them instead of a 1-1 draw is what relegated us that season. From that, day one, the writing was on the wall. That''s it really - missed opportunities ;~(
  8. What John said ^If you go, and you put your hand up to ask a question you''ll generally be awarded the opportunity of asking it at either event."Known shareholders" is a myth. Sadly it''s just sometimes only the same characters who dare speak.But hey, let''s perpetuate the myth if we can, eh?
  9. Why would one buy Shane Long?To stop someone else buying him.Simple as that.Oh - and quality on the bench if you need the back-up.
  10. Ahhh...Of course - Purple Canary, the font of all knowledge [:P]The same font that I''m sure will tell you that what someone says to the press, especially when someone is on the rabble-rousing trail, is always "FACTS!!!!!"Still, it''s silly-season. There''s nowt else to talk about so let''s do the Cullum thing one more time [:|][;)]
  11. He offered precisely nothing for the Club.The "offer" was for £20million over three years as ''investment'' and if it didn''t work (how he wanted it to) he walked away a free man AND the Club would owe him that money (to be repaid immediately) plus any other debt accrued under the PC board.
  12. For the 17,328th time...Peter Cullum never offered £20million for the Club.
  13. Rest in peace, Ben.An absolutely lovely lad for whom nothing was too much trouble and always a friend for those in need.For you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZOW8ZuLG2o
  14. I often read a forum about surround sound & quadrophonics. This place is a field of daisies in comparison.
  15. I find myself viewing the phrase "Our club is run rather like a co-operative..." is a more cynical light every time it''s trotted out. Who one earth came up with that doozy?NCFC is not "rather like" a co-operative in any sense of the word especially as a noun!If anyone can explain how it is I''d love to hear it...
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