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  1. ITFC, what was the first senior position go under Evans? Thats right the CEO. Doncaster may have a point but do we want to be a ''nice'' ''family'' club in Championship 1 or a winning team in the Prem? The world of ruthless business will hit NCFC wether we like it or not. Thats life
  2. "Please do not assume that grass is greener on the other side, that there are queues of wealthy non-supporters desperate to ''invest'' in the club. Such people simply do not exist. Or, if they do, they always, always want something valuable in return. The last two sentences sum it up, contradiction. If they dont exist how do you know they want something in return.
  3. Ricky Martin has not got the first idea about football, he is an administrator who has dodged bullets for years and it will seem he will get away with another year or so based on the likely hood he will convince the muppets on our boeard that his second rate players from the academy are good enough to form the basis of our first team next year. The statement he makes sums up his arrogance and lack of experience. Does he genuinely think that NCFC has players of sufficient quality to go on loan to Champ 1, Champ 2 clubs? No chance, Blue Square at best and that is where we will end up. RIP NCFC, it is game over.
  4. donky = cant do that. delia - yeah sounds good donky - what delia said that?, ok il do it, sounds good. no idea about football or business, i only know law so il find a loop hole.
  5. now your talking my language, comedy
  6. not ye judge or let ye be judged,
  7. I read many a message saying please respect the message board yet if you or i write in a manner which is slightly academic it passes as feasible. Please please do as I do and treat this message board as fun and nothing else. Thanks you.
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