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  1. Tuncay never had the bottle for it but Huth was made our captain at the start of the season!!!!
  2. My club has today sold Tuncay and Huth to Stoke :( Stoke bloody City!!! Gareth Southgate wants shooting.
  3. The news of the world seem to think its to do with people who his mum is friends with. Very sad if the following is true, he may lose one of his legs. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/466189/Hammers-star-Calum-knifed-Docs-battle-to-save-Davenportrsquos-leg.html
  4. Good luck everyone, i remember getting my gcse results, my a-levels and my degree result and now im a teacher (makes me feel old!)
  5. Yeah thats when we went on our uefa cup ''run'' to the final. Apparently it was Southgate though who rallied the players as McClaren had lost the dressing room and thats why he got the job as manager. How times change
  6. i wouldnt wish southgate on anyone
  7. Played last night for us (Boro) and looked impressive, looks like the stint at Norwich has done him good. Good luck for the rest of the season, we didnt have the best start either and have a clueless manager too!
  8. Same thing happened at Boro a few years back when McClaren was in charge against Villa and we lost 4-0.
  9. As a Boro fan its not good news, he has had 4 cruciate injuries now and there has to be questions about his knees.
  10. [quote user="FM"]Cheers, I supose you must have a bit of money to play with with downing gone and tuncay on the way out. Suprised Southgate turned down a 2 million bid for alves, he looked utter shite last year, cant se him doin much beter in the Championship. Anyway i supose the problem for Middlesboro even if they have got a bit of money to spend is attrcating players to the area [/quote] Unfortunately we have been told he wont be given any of the Downing money :( we are supposed to be signing some player from the Irish league, unfortunately Southgate doesnt fill me with any confidence and i suspect we will struggle this season!!! Tuncay and Mido are likely to be gone before the start of the season and i doubt we will bring many new faces in
  11. From a Boro fan, sounds like you are making some good signings. I wish we would!
  12. I was just curious, i wonder how much it actually helps. Boro use it and it didnt appear to help, probably since most teams seem to use it.
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