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  1. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"].....and smith must score There was someone on here yesterday saying that his ticket was going up. I did notice that the freeze applies to general admission tickets so he must be getting stiffed in the corporates. ( must be a joke in there somewhere....) I would be very surprised, I have some corporate tickets as well as our own seats, and haven''t heard anything, but I am meeting the club next weekto discuss, and as always its down to what you negotiate on these things, and want from your package.[/quote] Yes, that was me and I''m not a happy customer! To me they seem to be taking advantage of the corporates - this is the third season in a row my ticket has increased whilst the rest of the ground has been frozen although this is a huge increase % compared to previous years.
  2. I wasn''t suggesting that''s the figure across the board, I accept they can increase corporate areas more but I would expect an increase everywhere to some extent.
  3. I sit at the back of the south stand, my season ticket is in the corporate area although I don''t get the extras, it''s ''seat only''. My price increase may be a little higher than other parts of the ground for this reason but I would expect price rises all round.
  4. McNally confirmed tonight there will be approx 800 extra seats going infront of the hotel in the corner by start of next season with a survey on expansion of city stand underway
  5. Sorry mate, I was there too and I certainly didn''t get the impression he''s staying - the speeches made by Alan Bowkett, David McNally and Lambert himself did nothing to point to him staying - if he was staying he''d say it, he didn''t (& the others all commented on a ''plan b'' should he leave) so I believe, as much as I don''t want it to happen that if a better job offer comes up he will take it - and if it does, good luck to him.
  6. It was originally due to be on Saturday at 3pm, then got selected for Sky in December and moved to 5.30pm. Then when it was moved again a few weeks later to Sunday it was not going to be on Sky due to West London derby and Carling Cup. So, in short - it was never meant to be on Sky tomorrow
  7. BBC Radio Norfolk have commentary rights for this season but as it stands, this is the last year of their deal. They are in negotiations with the club at the moment to extend it - I doubt the club will go down the route of ''online only'' commentary seeing as half of the county as poor internet speeds. As for the BBC having rights on all Premier League club commentry - that isn''t correct, the rights can be sold as the club wishes (eg: I believe Manchester United''s commentary is shared by a couple of commercial stations in that area)
  8. Yes it is true, I asked about it at the end of season dinner on Sunday night. All but Lansbury & Pacheco are going to Vegas for the weekend on Friday.
  9. I can''t help think that if Ipswich tonked them 6-0 away and Swansea 3-0 at home then we should be capable of replicating something similar to that scoreline and if they parked the bus in those games then they clearly didn''t park it very well!
  10. The game in question is a home game...That''s 2 home Saturday games that have been moved now (Bristol City to a Monday and Notts Forest to a Friday)  that leaves only 3 more including tomorrow left before the end of the season (omitting possible playoff game)
  11. They have a contract to show a certain amount of shows a year and as all of today''s games are re-arranged fixtures due to being postponed previously, they cannot be shown as highlights on the FL show tonight but there should be highlights on the website on Monday
  12. Presumably if all these players are on loan then we''re not paying their wages? Not in full anyway - maybe that money saved is going towards another player.
  13. According to his Twitter it''s his day off so as Arsenal are travelling upto Leeds for the game tonight, I think it''s a safe bet he won''t be featuring this evening.
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