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  1. I think Webber is far too shrewd not to have sounded out his target before firing Farke and as other posters have stated a move to the Premier league to a team with a similar philosophy is too good to turn down.. After all he was going to leave to go to Rosenberg. I think he is coming here.
  2. Are our usual spotters at Norwich Airport keeping track of flights?
  3. What are you on about snowflakes? It is snowing pretty heavily at Yorkshire at the moment and a few people might get frostbite!
  4. Kjetil Knutsen is now 7/4 favourite on Sky
  5. I think the decision to sack was made after the Leeds debacle and by Thursday Webber had someone lined up. No announcement to be made until after yesterdays game. Will it be Kjetil Knutsen? Just won the Norwegian league losing only one game and beating Mourinjo's Roma 6-1 last month. Announcement after Knutsens team play at 16.00 hours today???
  6. I think the guy who KH has a fiver on is the chosen one.
  7. Buh's statement 'nobody wants to buy us' is total nonsense. As has been said the owners do not want to sell period. Norwich City is a very attractive proposition. Full crowds, massive fan base, season tickets sold out. Big support in Norfolk and beyond. Most of you will know fans who can't get tickets for the games. Dual carriageway to London, easy train journey to London, International Airport 20 minutes from the ground. Carrow Road adjoining Riverside development for a full day out. Tens of thousands of new homes being built in Norfolk and surrounding areas. No competition for 40 miles. New technologies have meant world wide screening and messaging that has led to fans groups around the world. Someone with really big funds could increase the size of the stadium to 40,000 and beyond and would have a serious football club capable of fighting for European competitions and getting some trophies in the cabinet.
  8. What nonsense we have to deal this way due to our finances. We have brought in some very interesting players and will buy them at the end of their loan like Gibson and Giannoulis.
  9. Surfbird

    💔 EU

    Two things to say on this. The Brexiteers go on about Democracy BUT only 37% of the country voted for it - how democratic is that? Secondly a strong united Europe is necessary to protect it's interests against those of the super powers China, U S A, Russia, and in due course India and Brazil. What chance would Europe have to stand up to these super powers if it was split into 27 individual countries.
  10. Sometime back I believe it was discussed to rebuild the city stand in the Chinese fashion. Build the new stand off site and assemble it during the close season. No need to worry about displacing season ticket holders.
  11. Great report Ricardo - absolutely spot on. We were so pedestrian with our sideways movement when we did eventually get into their box the whole Wolves team had got there half-an-hour earlier.
  12. dylanisabaddog is absolutely right. The behaviour of a tiny number of our fans last night was disgusting and they should be banned. Two or three of them refused to sit down and abused the Arsenal Stewards when asked to sit.
  13. You are right Pliff. It is lack of investment that is holding the club back. David McNally always maintained that to be a permanent member of the Premiership you must have a minimum capacity of 35,000. There clearly has been no effort by the board to seek the investment to do achieve this. The current owners have made no real effort to get investment to grow the club over the last twenty years.
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