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  1. Many people in the professional game rate Idah very highly. They know more than we do.
  2. No, they weren't. He excelled in a Celtic team which dominated. This Celtic team hasn't been able to compete with a not particularly good Rangers team and their fans don't rate him very highly. I'm not quite sure why everyone seems so in favour of us getting this guy to be honest.
  3. I don't think we were outskilled by the top teams. We competed with pretty much all of them, taking points from Man City, Leicester, Spurs and Arsenal and running Liverpool and Chelsea at home very close. The current team would do as well I think. Your point on physicality is valid though. As you go down the league that increases - Southampton, Palace, Everton, Wolves, West Ham, Villa, Leeds etc make up for that skill gap with pace and power; Burnley and the strugglers have more of that than skill. Our challenge next season is to keep the skill level we have but introduce more power and athleticism into the way we play - to be fair I think the coaching team knew that last time as well, we just didn't have the players. Having added Gibson and Giannoulis we've covered the defence, but the rest of the squad needs additions, as we know. Watching Fulham against Burnley the other night, how could we handle Vydra and Wood and the way they cut out midfield to rain shots on goal? We have to have wide players with the physical ability to close down the pass, and CDM's with the spatial awareness and power to intercept and play through - Ndidi, Kante, Matic players like that who are everywhere, as Skipp was for us last season. Then we just need Emi to play Pukki in!
  4. Because he isn't better than Hanley or Gibson - both of whom would excel in a Celtic team in which he isn't.
  5. Well, that's debatable. I guess it depends how you define success. They certainly know how to get results for half a season at a time, but I'm not sure that is success. He lost 8 of his first 10 games; he blew promotion last season when it was easier not to and they blew it again this season after being given the title at Christmas. They've sold £75m (net) of players since he was appointed so that might be considered a success, but that's less than one years TV money in the EPL. If he doesn't get through the playoffs, his future is probably not assured.
  6. He'll be gone before Christmas when Preston are in the bottom 3.
  7. Anyone but Bournemouth. The other three will all finish below us. I think Barnsley will win it though. Brentford are perennial bottlers - very hard to shake that once it's part of the culture. Swansea are nowhere near good enough and Bournemouth think they just have to turn up to win.
  8. Again, it's been lost in the reporting, but Derby supposedly asked the EFL for approval before amortising player values within that accounting year. They probably won't get a points deduction as a result, and probably not even a very big fine. The EFL is absolutely useless at governance. I'm no Derby fan, but I think it's a bit harsh to call it cheating when that's the kind of thing accountants are employed to do.
  9. I might be wrong here, but I seem to recall that they justified his treatment because he was club captain and they were entitled to expect a higher standard of behaviour. In addition, his actions in knowingly putting himself in harms way deprived his employer of his services for up to 12 months - that's not the case for the other two who were uninjured. Of course, any junior HR person would have advised them not to do it, so they must have done so with full knowledge of the likely outcome. What is interesting is the level of damages at £2.3m. His contract had 21 months to run at £24,000 a week and average bonuses of an additional 15%. So his gross earnings for that 21 months would have been about that £2.3m i.e. Derby could have saved all the legal fees by just letting his contract run down, though it's possible they have insurance which will pay. As Purple says, this has all the hallmarks of a rich, irrational businessman throwing his toys out of his pram and losing reason when something happens which annoys them. I have been that HR/Ops person when the CEO just digs his heels in and it ends up costing the company an absolute fortune. Pragmatism is not a word usually associated with billionaires......
  10. It's dreadful for Maclean, but that type of tackle happens in every game and mostly doesn't hurt anyone. I'd be interested to know how many injury days we suffered this season compared to last - does anyone calculate that kind of thing? When you consider Krul, McGovern, Quintilla, Byram, Zimmermann, Rupp, Hernandez, Pukki, Hugill, Idah, Gibson and then add the latter injuries to Skipp, Pukki and Maclean we didn't fare too well again. That 25 man squad for the PL is already looking a bit light......
  11. Fulham have played well other than up front and in defence (!) - that was pretty much what Scott Parker said last night. They can't score and they can't keep a clean sheet, like us, but they have good players, again like us. Andersen is quality, as is Lookman. I love Loftus-Cheek (I know, we can't afford him, even on loan from Chelsea). Maja won't pass the "no d1ckh3ad" rule. Pereira from West Brom is a great player but I think they paid £20m for him last summer so will want a lot more after a year in the PL. Sheff Utd have some really good defenders who might easily fit the bill as back up/squad fillers - McConnell/Egan/Baldock etc. Our problem is still the same as it ever was - we can't afford anyone we've ever heard of and would like to have.
  12. Berge won't join us - he will move on to bigger things., if he's fit (debatable). Ajer isn't widely rated, so that's more likely I feel, but he won't be first choice so why would he come here? I think we're looking at a level or two below these players - much as I'd like to be proved wrong, we will be shopping in the under £10m market.
  13. I have worn Norwich shirts around the world and have only ever had good feedback and comments. It's a really good conversation opener pretty much everywhere. Except in parts of Suffolk but thankfully I don't go there often.
  14. Whoever goes down will come straight back next season - League One is dreadful now. Derby in particular will walk it, and it could be the making of Rooney as a manager.
  15. Have to say I don't like the team selection much either. Dowell needs proper games and he should be starting. I'd also rather see Idah up front from the start. I assume they'll both come on in the second half, but it's not the same as a start. Also, why risk Aarons if he's the most likely to be off? Makes more sense to see what Mumba can do there.
  16. Everton have supposedly announced they are looking elsewhere. Spurs may get rid of Aurier; Arsenal may get rid of Bellerin. Is Aarons better than either of those? Debatable. Will either of them pay what we are asking? No chance.
  17. I think assuming Aarons will move on is a bit of a stretch. I genuinely can't see any other team in the EPL where he would be a first choice right back which is a big enough step up from Norwich. £30m is a lot for a right back who won't start.
  18. Jim, the issue we were discussing is whether Farke would or could move on to "bigger" clubs. You disputed that Wolves were "bigger" when quite clearly they are at the moment. No one is disputing that we should be trying to compete with them, but currently we are some way behind them in pretty much every measurable parameter, and it would take us several years of EPL survival to catch them up so that we compete on equal terms. That doesn't mean we can't beat them in two competitive fixtures - but it does mean we are unlikely to finish above them over a season. It is much more likely (given their billionaire ownership) that they will accelerate away from us, because they could throw £100m at any problem and we can't. Our "mission statement" if you want to call it that is to be a top 26 team. I'm not aware that has changed. Maybe if Webber came out and updated it to top 17 we would have more of a clue about what the plan might be, and whether it is likely that he or Farke will actually stay on, given that in that context relegation would be deemed a failure. We have been a top 26 team for 3 years now and will be again next year, whether we stay up or not. That's what they promised us. You and Parma can pontificate all you like about being aspirational, and I don't disagree that we should certainly aim higher than two years ago, but the reality is that next season is already a success, given the current measure. The point is that if we are relegated, no one outside of Norwich City's boardroom will consider that a success, and Farke and Webber will have very limited options in terms of who they move on to.
  19. Don't be ridiculous. At the moment Wolves are a bigger club than Norwich - this is indisputable. It's not a matter of opinion and it's nothing to do with ambition. It's not blind acceptance either - simply recognition of reality. Some facts to bear this out: Bigger ground; bigger turnover; more season ticket holders (with over 10,000 on the waiting list as of Jan 2021); much higher average wage; team squad value much higher; owned by Fosun, (worth £4.8bn); recent team success; established EPL team.
  20. Calm down. No one trashed anyone. West Ham are in the same bracket as all those clubs you mention, along with Villa, Palace etc Any of them could find themselves in a relegation battle with us next season. The only teams in the EPL who will never be troubled by relegation again are the top 6 or 7. The point (which you seem to be missing) is that Buendia won't go to any of these teams - firstly, they don't have the money and secondly they are not enough of a step up for him.
  21. I hope you're right, but there is no evidence yet that you are. He has excelled in the Championship after disappointing slightly in the EPL last season. Why would anyone part with £40m for him when that will represent almost their entire transfer budget this year? Arsenal and Spurs have both borrowed money this year. No one outside the top 6 or 7 has that kind of money to spend on a risk, which is what he is at the moment.
  22. What, you think they're some kind of super team suddenly and their first thought isn't going to be avoiding relegation? They're a mid table squad doing well at the moment. Next season they could easily be a mid-table squad doing badly - especially if they are in Europe with all the extra games.
  23. Shame for Pukki - hopefully he can be fit for the Euros if not the warm up games. I'd much rather see what Idah can do from the start personally - his game is much closer to Pukki's.
  24. Farke and Webber have effectively already said that when he goes, as with Aarons and potentially Cantwell, he will go for the right money and to the right club. Villa are not that club for Buendia; nor are West Ham. They are as likely to be fighting relegation as we are. It's true that Atletico Madrid might be; so might Leeds be if Bielsa stays, but neither will pay what we want - yet. Neither will a top 6 club in England. Of the three "jewels" I am most confident about Buendia staying. I actually think all three will stay, at least until January - again, because I don't think anyone will yet pay our valuations.
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