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    I actually want us to sell a player

    Well, maybe they've already agreed that as part of their new contract discussions. I don't recall that Maddison pushed for a move, although I'm sure he got paid loads more at Leicester; I think he's on record as saying he would have been happy to stay at Norwich. Maybe Aarons, Godfrey etc will be too. I don't think there's any chance of Krul or Pukki leaving unless the club decides to sell them. What would this current squad achieve in the Championship?
  2. sgncfc

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    Bang on, this. Apparently we have at least two £20m fullbacks, a £50m centre back, two more £30m midfielders and a £20m striker in our team. Yet we're bottom and we can't win games.
  3. sgncfc

    Rupp and Duda

    If you look at the overall stats rather than just the number of shots we had in one game to suit your argument, you will see that we are creating fewer chances. And not scoring. We are also giving away fewer chances. And losing/drawing. That's my point. When Duda and Rupp play we are defensively tighter, but our results are still not there yet because we are not converting, unlike the teams we are playing against. Losing 1-0 may be more professional/impressive than losing 3-2, but it's still losing.
  4. sgncfc

    If we go down -

    I don't know how many times they have to say this - Webber/Farke are targeted to establish NCFC as a TOP 26 club. So if we finish in the playoffs next season, that's a tick. They are not going to leave before their current contracts expire. It may be that we don't sell anyone - it may be that everyone agreed when they signed their contract extensions last summer that they would stay unless we got really silly offers. Of course, we don't know - but given your listing of very good players and adding some of Farke's "special talent" in the summer, I expect us to be very strong in the Championship - it would be nice to do a Liverpool a league lower.
  5. sgncfc

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    Agree with this - Vrancic is way too open defensively - even last year he was only used when we needed something.
  6. sgncfc

    Rupp and Duda

    Just imagine though, for a minute, what this team could do next year in the Championship. Just imagine that all the "wanted" players agree to give us another year and even Duda enjoys himself so much that he wants to stay......sorry, I'll wake up now.
  7. sgncfc

    Rupp and Duda

    It's always a treat when so many people see things so differently. I see Rupp and Duda having tightened us up - it's meant the opposition are not destroying us in midfield as they were, and exposing our centre backs. The trouble is that has compromised us going forward, as we are creating fewer chances and missing the ones we do create. I expect that in away games we will start with them both, to stay in the game and try to win it later. That approach so nearly worked at Newcastle, and almost got us a point yesterday - we need it to work at Wolves.
  8. sgncfc

    36 Points to Play For

    I am more than happy to offer you odds if you'd like to have a friendly wager. You've presumably forgotten Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea away. There is almost no chance of us getting enough points to stay up, but I would be delighted to pay you out if it happens!
  9. sgncfc

    Liverpool Match Thread

    It seems that our manager agrees with me, rather than you. I'll take that.
  10. sgncfc

    Liverpool Match Thread

    …..and to a goal which should have been disallowed for the very subtle push on Zimmerman. Seem to remember Kane doing the same thing to Lewis in the Spurs match.
  11. sgncfc

    Top 26

    We're currently 20th, so we are comfortably on plan in terms of what we were promised by Webber/Farke. As long as we stay in the top 6 after relegation we'll still be on plan. No one seems to be complaining about the manner in which they are going about achieving the plan - we are playing good football, promoting youth etc and we have a balance, involved and even admired community club, which is currently comfortably self-funded, with no debt and assets of several 10s of £millions. So, in business terms we are achieving everything we have set out to do. To have done that in less than 3 years from where we were is little short of astonishing, but let's park that thought. Those who are unhappy with where we currently are must therefore take issue with the plan itself - namely that "Top 26" statement - when they scream "Delia out" or "lack of ambition", if relegation is deemed as "failure" when it is actually still on that plan. So is there a realistic alternative plan for a club like Norwich City, in a county which is acknowledged as a bit remote, in a city which is not that big, with a population catchment which is both small (in comparison to others) and spread over several hundred square miles? This is a genuine question - what do those who are unhappy honestly believe we should be aiming for as an alternative "plan"? If Top 26 becomes Top 17 do we care about how we go about it? Would we, as a supporter base, be happy to be a Burnley or even a Newcastle?
  12. sgncfc


    I think I'm right in saying that apart from the mid-sixties, whenever we have realistically challenged for promotion we have succeeded. Unfortunately, almost the entire reverse is true for relegation, the only success being in the early seventies....
  13. sgncfc

    Top 26

    In the position we are now in, we sell some players. If we get £50m (maybe more) for Aarons, Buendia and Cantwell, spending £30m of that in the summer to push for promotion again makes more sense than spending £30m we don't have now to try to stay up. And it still leaves £20m for infrastructure improvements.
  14. sgncfc

    Top 26

    But do we want to watch the football that Burnley play? Stoke established themselves playing a similar way and when Hughes tried to change it the club fell apart because he couldn't get the players - he could afford them, but they wouldn't join Stoke so the players he ended up with were the wrong ones and became luxury mistakes. It might be that fear which means Burnley are taking much longer to make that change - but they do seem to be making it slowly. Berge probably didn't sign for Sheff Utd because he thought they'd go down - why would a sought after player agree to yo-yo wages? I suspect we do have players willing to join us because of our style, but we can't afford them. For our "plan" to evolve without investment we have to spend a few years building and selling. The plan therefore seems to make the sales of Aarons, Buendia, Godfrey, Cantwell and Lewis inevitable. Creating a £20m player takes longer than buying one.
  15. sgncfc

    Sheffield United

    I'm not sure we were better than them. We finished above them, but they had a clearer and more consistent way of playing which made them much more suited to the transition. Our way was probably more exciting and attractive, but you can only give them enormous credit for what they have achieved so far. I like Wilder; wears his heart on his sleeve. Their owner is wealthier than ours but not in the billionaire league, so fair play to them for the way they are going about things.
  16. sgncfc

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Ipswich Everton Leeds
  17. sgncfc

    Amadou off?

    The highlights are widely available - suggest you have another look.
  18. Definitely Villa - can't wait to see them implode. West Ham just to see the "winner" David Moyes get sacked yet again. And smug Bournemouth with their Russian billionaire and their new, huge stadium. But also Brighton - because they'll always be a Division Three team and deserve to fail because they gave Hughton a job after he destroyed Lambert's legacy. And Burnley because they're Burnley and play rubbish football, but also because Robbie Brady would get relegated AGAIN! And Watford because not even Watford fans like the way the club is run as a corporation. And Palace because they think they're something special when they're not and when Saha leaves again, they're history. In fact, there aren't many teams I wouldn't like to see relegated...... I'd also like to see Leeds, West Brom and Fulham get promoted - less competition for us next season.
  19. sgncfc

    Amadou off?

    His performance against Villa was so bad I don't think he could ever have recovered. He gave up in that game, and I don't think that is forgiveable whatever is happening on the pitch. It says something if his passing from a CDM perspective is so much worse than Tettey's (which has improved considerably under Farke). He did have a run of games at centre back - was brilliant against Man City, but never convinced after that. It's true that all of our loans (Roberts, Fahrmann, Amadou) haven't worked out - good that they were loans and we didn't pay £20m or so for them.
  20. sgncfc

    Klopp being a tw*t

    We effectively have two separate organisations running domestic football, and the Premier League are comfortably the top dog. It is a corporation in its own right and nothing to do with the FA Cup, other than that their clubs agree to take part. The PL asked every club to respect the winter break by not organising overseas tours etc - then the FA schedule replays during the winter break. It's a farcical situation - as is asking players to play so many games over late December/early January. We either reduce the number of teams in our leagues, restrict European games or International breaks or extend the season - or we have teams like Liverpool and Chelsea retaining 50 players in the squads. Oxford will have to play 9 games in January because of replays and other commitments - it doesn't just apply at the top. There are just too many competitions, so I don't see it as an issue when some managers prioritise; that's what they're paid for. In our case, it works for the moment, but not for Liverpool.
  21. sgncfc

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    Yes. Or in that league where Grant Holt scored goals for fun after running over centre backs, which would be disallowed by VAR.
  22. sgncfc

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    I see people bringing out this "young side" argument again to add to their enjoyment of watching us lose games. And using it as an excuse for those players to continue to make errors, because apparently young players do that. This is the biggest "fake news" of the Farke/Webber era so far. We are not a particularly "young" side - our average squad age is about 11th in the Premier League and we field 3 or 4 players 22 or under in many league games - almost every other team does the same. Leicester invariably field at least 6. The gossip columns are full of 19 to 22 year old European or South American players being valued at £50m plus - ours are nowhere near that level, but because ours are mainly English everyone over-hypes them. Birmingham have a 16 year old valued at £30m - they are calling him their best player since Redmond, who everyone also went nuts about because he is English, even though he is not good enough to worry the better teams. What we have is an Academy which for the last few years has produced much better players than we have produced before - it's good by our own standards but still doesn't remotely compare with the quality which the top teams have at youth level. The best young players actually don't make the errors which ours make.
  23. sgncfc


    Great save from Rodriguez at 0-0.
  24. sgncfc

    What is the "five year plan"?

    I was speaking to a Stoke fan the other night as it happens. He was talking about the way we have approached the PL with a touch of envy - "at least you play exciting football and have a proper club", he said, "we didn't even try." He said that their owners didn't spend in the January of their PL relegation season when they should have done and now the FFP rules mean that even with the UK's 19th richest man in charge, he can't spend very much of it when turnover plummets like theirs has - hence why so many rich owners of Championship clubs find themselves unable to get out of the Championship. Having a rich owner......wonder what Sunderland fans think about that. Or even Ipswich - I believe their owner is quite wealthy. Top 26 is fine by me; PL or playoffs every year. What's not to like?