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  1. Wiz , good luck about tomorrow , hope you get the all clear mate and get that wand working again . I was only joking about you supporting the scum , Everyone on here knows you follow the boys in yellow , but imo you are always so negative about norwich in general . If your a positive man in the future , you life in general will be positive  So when you come out of the JPH tomorrow with positive news for us all regarding your health , and really get behind the boys and manager 100 % ( as they do read the pinkun message board ) , then we will all have a positive season and will be going up again .   OTBC
  2. Wiz ! I am sure Ipswich won last time they played ( beat crewe 2-1 ) Just because we beat you 1-0 dont get upset and try to wind up City fans on the board . Wiz your from lowerstoft in Suffolk and Ipswich is you team ! I know why you want Worthy to go to Everton ? it it because they play in blue and lose most weeks like your suffolk outfit and if he went he would turn them round  ? Wiz stop feeling the blues ! least one team can win in blue Chelsea ( though that did cost £200 million ) ( so never give up ) CITY TILL I DIE !!!!  
  3. Pro Evo ! once you try it you will never look back ! i havent played Fifa in years !!!
  4. Hmmm....... Alex_ncfc by the look of her picture !!!
  5. I work in Algeria ( North Africa ) month on month off working on gas compressors and gas engines , 26 years old .        
  6. adios ! im sure they will love you on there with your constant negative remarks    
  7.   ""Quote"" Boasts a Premiership winners'' medal from his time with Blackburn in 1995. A tall, cultured player, Pearce joined from West Ham in January2003. A manager''s dream who is dominant in central defence, he can play at right-back, midfield or even up front. Looks like worthy has an all in 1 man !!! shame he cant play in goal though ( ha ha )  
  8. It is him but not for a season long loan ( short term ) , should sign tonight or tomorrow am.  
  9. Better not come to us !!! ive got him in my dream team .........
  10. [quote]In my humle opinion we stand a better chance if we go with: Green Colin Shackell Doherty Drury Hughes Safri Brennan Huckerby Ashton McVeigh We should definitely give the Doherty/Shackell partner...[/quote] No chance !!! Huckerby is suspended
  11. What about when Mike Walker left Norwich for Everton and we have to play them the next game. Walker............ Walker whats the score ( classic )
  12.                             Green    Colin         Fleming         Shackel        Drury Marney       Jarrett   Safri    Hughes        Brennan                            Deano   Manager : 1st Wiz ( you wish ) Only one man for the job ( Worthy 100 % ) Score : 3-0 Home win
  13. Paul Mcveigh - up front i think but may play him on the right .
  14. Wiz , Did your star in grumpy old men ? if not your really ill and need some help before you get ill again .... 1pm on Saturday , you will be happy as pie sipping your sherry when we will be 1-0 up. come on wiz get behind the boyz in yellow ( even if its from your arm chair / wheel chair    1....2.....3.... Kick it off.....
  15. [quote]Boring!. So what, that you''ve been a supporter for 23 years King , I''ve been an active supporter for almost 49 years , active meaning going to games, home and some away, up and until nearly 5 mon...[/quote] 1st Wiz , in all your million of years that you say you supported Norwich city FC have you ever cheered them in a positive way or just constantly slag them off like you do every time you post a message on here . Tell me 1st wiz what makes worthy such a bad manager ? he has done more that most of our managers ever has . Maybe you should change the record wiz as it keeps playing the same old tune again and again ..... or should i should say grammar phone . you cant teach a old dog new tricks as they say ... maybe they should bring back the rock hard old leather ball that they used to play with in the 1920 .  
  16. Ok everyone has there own say what they think , But why cant we all at least get behind NCFC in this hard time . Its still early days and Worthy has been one of our better managers in our history , give the guy a break , Give him 3 more games and i am sure most off us will forget about our bad start to the season . You wont need your polls anyway if we dont win any of our next 3 games as i am sure Worthy will walk anyway . When we beat The scummers all will be forgiven and you all will love him ( AGAIN )   On the ball city...        
  17. Deano is staying at FCR until January at least and we want to sell him , if we are in the lower half of the table we may sell him for a fee around 7 million to a top 10 premier side , Worthy has purchased Morrison for a big push for promotion and will play along side Ashton and leon playing AM roll just behind them doing all the chasing down , Worthy is still trying to sign a midfielder , but im sure it will be on loan before the window shuts and i have reason to believe he will come from a top london club !
  18. Why do you all even bother replying to this stupid post ? 1st wizard is always negative and boring with all of his posts . My guess he is a scummer in disguise !!!
  19. Imo i am glad that you are not charge (Yankee) , Putting NW job on the line to make decisions that may only happen in the future ( say next 10 months ) , NW is the manager of this football club and its up to him who he will bring in and who goes . If the board dont like the way he runs his football club i am sure that they would of got rid of him already . NW must be one of our most successful managers in the last 30 odd years and some of the signing he was pulled out some managers could only ever dream about it . The team we have now should be capable of getting us out of the championship , If we go up then its back to the drawing board .
  20. Wrong again 1st wizard !!! Norwich have received offers for him but not enough for Norwich to accept due to his long contract at the club !!! Its will be a nice bonus if he does stay and i for one will love him to stay. Everyone is moaning about Worthy not buying at the moment and how short of players we are , But in the next topic everyone is moaning about him not giving our younger players a chance on the field ( one or the other please ) , you will find that he has great confidence in the young ones breaking into the first team in the last 2 seasons. Norwich are and will be the team everyone will want to beat this season , with our current squad that we have got already.
  21. [quote]What''s the bloody point Worthy?, Now we''re getting 32 year old Cardiff player Peter Thorne on another free, now I''m starting to get seriously nervous!. Another move in the right direction, yeah rig...[/quote] Will you eat your hat if we bounce back up then 1st wizard ???? i am sure we all will have a good laugh at it when it happens......
  22. Matthieu Louis-Jean, Jason Jarrett and Peter Thorne   All very good players who WILL do a great job for a great football club , I hope your time at Carrow road is very successful and i am sure 99.9999 % of the Norwich City fans will be right behind you from the first time you put on the might yellow shirt ..   Lets be avin you !!!!
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