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  1. Ello all, Going to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura next Tuesday and chosen Gunny''s book for my holiday read.  What did you lot think of it?
  2. 1.  Dont know 2. "We Love You" Paul McVeigh!!! Hope this helps!!
  3. Had a season ticket now since start of the prem season and sit in the Upper Barclay. Think mine was 1987.  It was February 14th (my birthday).  We beat Manchester City 2-0 and it was the day that the new city stand was opened.  
  4. Rioch, Hamilton and Megson all definitely worse.  Although he might not be the best manager now but at least Worthy helped us win the Championship by a mile and get into the premiership!!
  5. Morning all, I have a bar on Holborn Viaduct near The Old Bailey called ''The Puzzle'' and I''ll be showing the mighty canaries tonight on my big screens. Any canaries in London stuck with somewhere to go, pop along and the first pint will be on me!! On the Ball!!
  6. I only reluctantly agreed to dance as she was virtually about to flick me two fingers!!
  7. I  have absolutely no doubt that I am going to get a severe putting down after posting this but to be truthful I don''t care anymore. There are only 7-8 weeks left of this season.  Lets be honest, Worthy isn''t going to walk or be sacked before the end of the season no matter how much shouting, demonstrating or waving ''Worthy Out'' banners we do. We are only 6 points of a possible play off position with a possible 27 points available.  Ok, a few teams have a game in hand or so but it still CAN BE DONE!!!!! Why don''t we just leave Worthy and lads alone to do their job without all this whinging and bickering at the back of their minds. Lets give them the support they need!  We are SUPPORTERS!!!!  
  8. I Like, I like alot!!  Looks solid throughout the whole squad!  Not going to hold my breath or count my chickens though!! 
  9. Women''s Diary Saturday 21st January 2006 Arranged to meet my man in a bar in the city at around 7.00pm.  He was out with his mates all day so I thought I would catch up with a bit of retail therapy.  Got to the bar just before seven and ordered myself a very large Pinot Grigio and sat myself down to wait for him.  He got there just after seven went to the bar and got himself a pint and came over to me.  I asked him if enjoyed his day but he just shrugged, said it was alright and continued to stare into space obviously wishing he was somewhere else.  I continued to try and make small talk which he mumbled replies to so I suggested that we go for something to eat that he reluctantly agreed to.  Got to the restaurant and ordered our meals and a glass of wine for me (must watch my intake!) and a pint for my fella.  The meals arrived but he just pushed the food around his plate and said he really didnt have an appetite. Eventually he paid the bill and we walked home, him not saying a word all the way.  When we got home he turned on BBC to watch Match of the Day so I went upstairs to bed and cried on my pillow wondering if our relationship was somewhat coming to a sad end.  He came to bed an hour later, gave me a big cuddle and we made love.  Things were''nt so bad after all!! Blokes Diary Saturday 21st January 2006 City lost at home 3-2 to Watford!  Deano signed by West Ham! Gutted! Got a shag though!    
  10. Thats why I refuse to buy such a heap of crap!!  That paper is the most two faced pile of poop ever printed!
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