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  1. I do tend to agree with you also Poringland - I have been an advacate of the Worthy out brigade since the middle of last season when it was painfully obvious he''d taken us as far as he could. However he has been let down big time, particularly by Hux this season - I do feel after the inevitable departure of Nigel, Hux will soon fall by the wayside as has always been the case with previous managers. In this current predicament he is a talent we can surely ill afford.
  2. Lets face it with Luton at home who ''spanked'' us recently and four winless away games to follow the board will act before Soton. We will be deep in the relagation mire by mid December and he WILL be sacked, that I have no doubt! Me, I''d take Steve Bruce who''ll be on jobless by then along with Mark Bowen if he''s still kicking around.
  3. [quote]here here to you sir! i agree completely with you, i am a massive fan of leon and cannot wait for him to get fit again. him and deano ae great up front and i think we have missed his killer instinct...[/quote] '' killer instinct in the box '' hhmmm! anyway get his head right and could be a real assett alongside Deano. Better hurry up though as Deano is off in January.
  4. Would have to be Disco Dale, I loved that little step over - got them everytime. Closely followed by Darren Eadie, bags of pace and loved the club,
  5. Spot on Dicky, It all started to go wrong when Worthless during the summer of ''04 when began spending - Jonson was arguably the worst signing he has ever made, and he has been shocking at times with his ''knowledge'' in this department.
  6. Worthless you are a disgrace - in god''s name just GO! and we as supporters of our great club must do all we can to oust him from his post.
  7. SELL, SELL, SEll! Huge dissapointment this season - his mind is obviously elsewhere!
  8. Worst thing that could have happened, had we have lost and with the result going as it did on Saturday, I am 100% sure tonight would have been Worthless''s last game. As it happens we are still in the bottom 6, only now we''ve got ''him'' until I''d say at least Xmas, by which time it will be too late to do anything about our season. I''ll be there tonight as I am home and away, not booing but certainly not getting behind this load of old pony! Sort it out Delia!
  9. Absolutely spot on Rasputin, I also feel we are good enough in this division fielding a potentially weaker team so long as the formation is correct which today it was. A front three simply does not work. So the big question is Where does NW accomadate Hux (if indeed he should do)? He is certainly no winger and almost becomes a liability defensively on whichever side he plays. Too often the head is down and he runs into blind alleys. Dare I suggest he seems to have lost half a yard of pace and has been completely sussed out this season. So alongside Deano it is, but then he''s not a great goalscorer. So I''d probably start him there but his place should be by no means guaranteed. Perhaps he could interchange during a game with Mcveigh (not impressed with Marney atall) who could provide width but is much more effective (and more intelligent) through the middle. A tricky one
  10. .. to partner Deano on Sat? I''ll plump for the Doc, only because it will further prove how out of his depth the Irishman is! Another game nearer the sack and counting!
  11. Let''s put one or two things into perspective - 1. Worthy steadied the ship, took us to Cardiff and then blew it. Lead 1-0 and decided to withdraw all his attack minded players and subsequently concede,making it impossible to win the game from there. 2. Got lucky with the Share scheme, but then followed it up with an average season missing the play-off''s 3. Our finest season followed but every season throws up the unexpected- we were certainly that. 4. Made a total pig''s ear of a relatively small budget- although others have survived on less than 7 million in recent seasons- and release the back-bone of the squad that got us up in the first place. 5. Failed to win a single away game all season. 6. Still very prone to tactical blunders- going away to Fulham with three up front when 7 had been conceeded in the 2 previous away games was nothing short of criminal. Losing 6-0 deserved a public apology almost. 7. Failure to address the shortcoming''s in the centre of defence and showing little in terms of improving the creative side of our midfield. 8. Pathetic start to this season- inability to change a game has often been evident in recent seasons.
  12. .. my ar!e. This is much deeper than this, we cannot expect to go up because we have the best front three in the division. We still need a midfield that cannot create and a back four that can defend! we have neither and I''m not sure yesterday''s result would have been any different if we had Shacks for the ''hapless'' DOHerty or Safri and/or JJ in the middle. NW it''s high time you invested in a centre half but more importantly a creative central midfielder, I''m becoming a little tired of all these ''versatile'' workmanlike additions to the squad you have made. Open your eyes Worthy this is rubbish!
  13. .......''keep it low.....! and I''ve been doing this routine for several years and I can still barely wait!    
  14. Hands up who actually saw this thread and gave a t*ss. My only concern is the way the ''Hapless Worthy''would waste iro 3 million quid assuming the board are true to their word and lets him use the funds made available through player sales. Now Breaking news: Ashton''s gone...... thats another story.
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