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  1. Wiz , good luck about tomorrow , hope you get the all clear mate and get that wand working again . I was only joking about you supporting the scum , Everyone on here knows you follow the boys in yellow , but imo you are always so negative about norwich in general . If your a positive man in the future , you life in general will be positive  So when you come out of the JPH tomorrow with positive news for us all regarding your health , and really get behind the boys and manager 100 % ( as they do read the pinkun message board ) , then we will all have a positive season and will be going up again .   OTBC
  2. Wiz ! I am sure Ipswich won last time they played ( beat crewe 2-1 ) Just because we beat you 1-0 dont get upset and try to wind up City fans on the board . Wiz your from lowerstoft in Suffolk and Ipswich is you team ! I know why you want Worthy to go to Everton ? it it because they play in blue and lose most weeks like your suffolk outfit and if he went he would turn them round  ? Wiz stop feeling the blues ! least one team can win in blue Chelsea ( though that did cost £200 million ) ( so never give up ) CITY TILL I DIE !!!!  
  3. Pro Evo ! once you try it you will never look back ! i havent played Fifa in years !!!
  4. Hmmm....... Alex_ncfc by the look of her picture !!!
  5. I work in Algeria ( North Africa ) month on month off working on gas compressors and gas engines , 26 years old .        
  6. adios ! im sure they will love you on there with your constant negative remarks    
  7.   ""Quote"" Boasts a Premiership winners'' medal from his time with Blackburn in 1995. A tall, cultured player, Pearce joined from West Ham in January2003. A manager''s dream who is dominant in central defence, he can play at right-back, midfield or even up front. Looks like worthy has an all in 1 man !!! shame he cant play in goal though ( ha ha )  
  8. It is him but not for a season long loan ( short term ) , should sign tonight or tomorrow am.  
  9. Better not come to us !!! ive got him in my dream team .........
  10. [quote]In my humle opinion we stand a better chance if we go with: Green Colin Shackell Doherty Drury Hughes Safri Brennan Huckerby Ashton McVeigh We should definitely give the Doherty/Shackell partner...[/quote] No chance !!! Huckerby is suspended
  11. What about when Mike Walker left Norwich for Everton and we have to play them the next game. Walker............ Walker whats the score ( classic )
  12.                             Green    Colin         Fleming         Shackel        Drury Marney       Jarrett   Safri    Hughes        Brennan                            Deano   Manager : 1st Wiz ( you wish ) Only one man for the job ( Worthy 100 % ) Score : 3-0 Home win
  13. Paul Mcveigh - up front i think but may play him on the right .
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