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  1. If spooky is the wrong word, why didn''t you just delete it whilst you were typing the title? [:P]
  2. He probably only got a call-up because of his sister''s Facebook group. Delia out.
  3. "If we play like that every week I can''t see us going down."
  4. [quote user="scrimmage"]Is it just my imagination, or has the quality of postings deteriorated in the last six months?? [/quote]It''s because City are doing well so the usual doom mongers are having to scrape the bottom of the barrel. "Whinge whinge whinge atmosphere whinge whinge whinge Whitbread whinge whinge whinge ticket prices whinge whinge whinge", etc.
  5. It''s been said before but it''s worth saying again. People are there to enjoy whatever match experience they like. Whether they choose to sing and stand or sit and watch is frankly none of your business. [Y]
  6. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]If the club received a penny for all the crap attempts at irony on this forum they''d be the richest club on the planet.[/quote]Plus an extra penny for exaggeration. [Y]
  7. If the club received a penny for all the crap attempts at irony on this forum they''d be the richest club on the planet.
  8. Just sent in a question for Ashton regarding his final few games. I hope I get a response. [Y]
  9. [quote user="wrathsajoke"]reality check or what![/quote]With Wiz out the way I wonder if we can purge the forum of the rest of these w*****s. [:P]
  10. [quote user="canary_girl"]Just found a group for anyone who is against the decision that the under 21 concession group has been scrapped. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=142006989171621[/quote]Thank goodness there''s a Facebook group. I bet McNally''s crapping himself.
  11. [quote user="mtv"]I''m not sure I would but I would''nt abuse him... I know wiz from another site and have had plenty of disagreements with him about City things..........but it is a discussion not an act of war. We are talking about people (on both sides) and I just dont see the need for childish and abusive name calling. We are all men and women, all fully grown and all have our own opinions. If we were sat in a bar talking football. this stupid abuse just would not happen. So why do some people feel its ok to do it on here? I think I know why, but I dont accept it at all.[/quote]Crap moderation so the arguments get out of hand. [Y]
  12. My hand drawn and framed picture of some old players plus my framed ''92 squad photo. And my vomit shirt. [Y]
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