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  1. Is it just my imagination, or has the quality of postings deteriorated in the last six months??
  2. I am proud to have supported Norwich for 42 years now since I was 8 years old following them through thick and thin. There have been amazing times, good times and bad times but the thin is so thin now that I am questioning firstly my sanity and secondly my ability to last the season out!
  3. Just to say that this is my first ever post on here and could possibly be my last! i first watched norwich when i was 8 and i am 50 now so 42 years of constant and enthusiastic support. But my loyalty is being tested now as never before and I am not sure if I can put up with this shambles for much longer. How have we managed to slide into this position? Every season up to now has always held a glimmer of hope that there might be  a playoff place or a cup run or an exciting new player signed but right from the off this season has been doomed. i despair!
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