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  1. Are we all finally bored of picking up "fans" over the spelling of Hughton!?!
  2. It has certainly made a dull last day of the transfer more bearable.
  3. Maybe that is the point C4e. If we get relegated at the end of the season, which is a large possibility then inevitably Hughton will get the boot. Maybe Hughton is the problem like a lot of posters are suggesting and the club is simply keeping its options open. Sounds far fetched but with some of the weird goings on at this club who knows?!?!
  4. Loan makes more sense, we will get him back in the summer feel happy and refreshed and ready for the new season......
  5. That''s a little unfair, in comparison to some of the dime bar lovers on their forum, TEC seems quite normal. I might become a member of their board, cracking entertainment for a wet miserable day. Just hope this drags out till 11 as there isn''t much on the telly later to keep me entertained so that will keep me going for the night......
  6. Does anyone actually know how much Villa bid or will we ever know how much this new bid is. It will go down as undisclosed so it will only ever be speculation as to the value. There is no way that McNally will let on how much the accepted bid is unless he wants to get top dollar from Villa and get shot of Wes. If they want him that badly, make them pay.....
  7. Every time I go on there they answer my question about whether they are bright or arrogant. Granted some on there have a sensible outlook on the situation but some still can''t get there head around the fact that WE DO NOT HAVE TO SELL. Apologies for the caps, they are reading this forum so hopefully the really thick ones might be able to pick that bit out!?!
  8. So you''re happy are you Indy with the way he has conducted himself through all of this? This was always going to be a difficult one as the club have the right to not sell him, they also have a right to expect one of their players to behave in a respectable manner, which he hasn''t. Had he not come out in the press declaring his love for Lambert and then his little outburst yesterday, I would have a reasonable amount of sympathy for him being stuck in a club where he is unhappy, after the press stuff and the little outburst he has soured it for me and I suspect a lot of others. Yes of course I will want him to do well for the team if he does pull the shirt on, but I won''t lose any sleep if we now pack him off to a championship club on loan. Sometimes you have to make a stand against people and they tactics that Villa/Lambert have used should be reported to the FA. It has done no-one any favours has it.
  9. Tony Cottee Steve Walsh Gorman Maric Marc Libra David Strihavka Henrik Mortensen I could go on a while longer!?!
  10. Have made my mind up, not very bright! They haven''t been able to work out that all Hoolahan is doing with his outburst is to make an enemy of the board, McNally, Hughton etc and make himself unpickable and unpopular. All this Norwich being petty stuff is an obvious assumption to make, maybe, just maybe the club has no desire because they want him to stay and play. Although the more Hoolahan talks more bridges he will burn and if he doesn''t get sold he has some making up to do to not spend the rest of the season playing for the Under 21''s or to be loaned out to some championship team!!
  11. I suspect the only way he would be allowed to leave no matter what is if we get someone in to replace him before we release him. People on here go on about how he deserves it, after this he deserves nothing other than being told to sit down and shut up and show some respect. If, and it''s a big if we get someone else in of similar type, then we should get rid of him to Villa. I personally don''t want to see him pull on a Norwich shirt ever again and I would imagine the kit man will be pleased to get rid of him so he doesn''t have to cut the feet off socks anymore. Always thought that was a strange thing to do to bring you luck!?!?
  12. It''s quite clear that he said something derogatory towards the club, else why would it be reported. It all still comes back to the way that this has been handled and the only ones who have been clear have been the club. 1. Villa make an approach for Wes 2. It gets leaked so the club come out and state that he''s not for sale 3. Lambert and Holt go to the press about what a great player he is etc etc 4. Club reiterate he is not for sale 5. Wes hands in transfer request 6. Transfer request is denied 7. Wes tells the press how he wants to leave, and what an all round great guy Lambert is and how he wants to play for him 8. Club reiterate he is not for sale 9. Wes throws his toys out of the pram and says something to Sky. Granted we won''t know exactly what was said but that is irrelevant really! Someone is advising Wes, is that the agent or is he be advised on how to behave for the benefit of those that want him. Again we will never know for certain but who has the most to gain from this?
  13. Already rubbished at press conference earlier today
  14. Part of being a legend is the way you conduct yourself, is it not?
  15. Exactly CC and links to what I said in my post re villa fans. He is being played by Villa, or more likely Lambert or getting some really bad advice from his agent, either way he has a contract which suits both parties, ie he gets paid no matter what and the club gets a commitment for as long as he has that contract, unfortunately for Wes that''s still another 15 months.
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