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  1. or after spending thousands of pounds doing something he enjoys, he feels the right to say how he sees the degradation of his team in the future. shame on him. "entitlement" nah, I see disappointment. maybe someone needs their reading glasses on. I presume you ''enjoy'' the yellow tinted ones.
  2. such is life baldy, especially in a capitalist society. kill 2 kids in a drink driving accident 2-3 years steal a million pounds 10-15.
  3. Oh and as a caveat (sp? ) keep Hodgson on for quite a while (yeah I know he''s nearly 70, but how strenuous is a dof) and then if we do need to change manager can we please try to keep to a manager who plays a similar style (much like clubs tend to do on the continent) rather than ooh whose the current hot thing, and then have a squad who doesn''t suit the system. Put long term plans in place that this is the wayear we play football (ideally all the way down to youth teams). Then bring in managers who are capable of playing that way. This format of continuity just seems so much cheaper and simpler (though also slightly limiting) than chop and changing with each new manager.
  4. its not really that cunning though is it?...surely a cunning fox who has just been made head of cunning at oxford university would certainly be more cunning..
  5. Nutty I think,(idk) that it was a pre accounts payment, because leading up to the agm the £90000 payment had been noticed in the accounts as there were quite some rumblings on here about who the money had been paid to. I''m not sure - but do believe- that this was mentioned at the agm due to a question being asked about it.
  6. Nah I''d have stuck with the 451, because that''s worked so well every game this season hasn''t it. Pinylon anyone
  7. LDC wrote "What a sad and pathetic effort. We all know he is under pressure, we all know that if he doesn''t turn things round in the next game or three he will likely have to lose his job, but do we really need this stuff? The best scenario in my opinion - is that he galvanises the team over the next three games and gets us up and running. If he doesn''t he will probably go anyway, so I repeat - do we really need this stuff? Surely better to hope - and help him - to turn it round by showing a bit of positivity instead of this kind of nonsense. Hang on a minute......no......on reflection, yes, lets get rid, lets force him out, lets hope we lose the next three games, lets make it all but impossible for him to stay, let all the away fans boo him throughout the next two games and then everyone at CR against Derby. Yes. That''s a good positive way forwards, isn''t it? It''s the good old "wish us to lose a few games" idea. Always good to wish us to lose, it really helps the push to get up the table..........." Ah if only all LDC''s posts came with a brief synopsis at the beginning this would save so much time.
  8. No I think it''s just Delia is afraid of what the majority may think after the whole brexit/ trump thing and got in early with i don''t care what everyone else thinks, this is what I''m doing regardless. AN is now merely following the party line.
  9. [quote user="canarydan23"]LDC, before tonight I genuinely thought you were a guy whose heart was in the right place. For sure, you lack much intelligence but you''re a genuine long distance fan who is unfairly targeted by some of the baselessly arrogant types who infest these boards. Sadly, you have proven yourself worthy of all past and future abuse by this cretinous contribution.[/quote] Yep. Definitely this!
  10. I reckon hoolahan would be our worst centre back. But seriously -no really- for those who say bassong, Bennett, Martin. ...whoever, is the worst, sometimes it just comes down to combinations. Just a certain player may work better with someone who covers their deficiencies, or that just plays in a way that they understand. It doesn''t even have to be that they have struck up an understanding just that they play better with a certain type or specific individual. For those who play fifa, think like the chemistry system but at the same time completely different. :D
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