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  1. [quote user="ncfc4life"][quote user="morty"]Oh right, lets not talk about the Norwich game at all.Wa nkers.[/quote]I gurantee that if Leeds had a blatant penalty not given like we did today they would sit there goin on about if for ages[/quote] well what do you expect from the football"leeds"show??
  2. [quote user="Neil"]You guys are too easy to wind up[/quote] the wind would be my lunch!
  3. [quote user="Neil"]spencer 1970 says it how it is. Glad to see we have enraged all you happy clappy club cabbage dweller thirty somethings,sitting at home on the pinkun wearing your shiny new shirts.[/quote] what do you mean thirty somethings!!!the cheek ,I will let you know that some of us are in our forties!!!and I am not at home,I am hard at work writing piontless drivvle on here so there!!!na na na na na!!!
  4. [quote user="Neil"]16-60 Now be quiet and go back to watching Star Trek [/quote] blimey I am going to live till I am 120!!! I had better start saving!!
  5. [quote user="Neil"]ok i''ll let women off. But if you are a middle aged man wearing the replica strip - have a word with yourself[/quote] a-ha but define middle age!!40?50? I like to wear mine to annoy the local arsenal/spurs mob
  6. [quote user="Neil"]anyone aged over 16 and casually wearing the new strip either to games or otherwise needs shooting. Grow up.[/quote] not if I shoot you first
  7. I like my new shirt,my choice to wear it,and if you dont like it flook off!!
  8. I am 40 and wear the new shirt with pride,why not?each to thier own,god there are some snobs on here!!
  9. That what I like to see a bit of postivity!! well done that man
  10. I honestly cant believe some of the comments on this site!you would think that a lot of people on here want us to fail,just so they can have a good old moan about it!! they remind me of some of the people that come in my local when England are playing,they cheer the team on ,but secretly want them to lose,so they can moan about it"I told you I told you they were going to lose" we will win tomorrow ,it wont be pretty,but we will win
  11. were all doomed,DOOMED I tell ye!!! were all going to hell in a hand cart arrrgghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]I think Keano is doing a fantastic job at the scum [Y][/quote] me too,I am surprised he lasted so long!!I thought he would have spat his dummy out ages ago
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1258947/Punched-Brian-Clough-happy-throw-punches-players-Roy-Keane-admits-Its-good-bit-mad.html says it all really what a twonk!!
  14. I can''t wait to the football league show later
  15. Used to have a neighbour who was a stevenage borough fan "we beat you the other week" "no you didnt" "yes we did" "no you didnt" etc etc etc
  16. People keep confusing northwich with norwich!!! arrggggh!!! I had this last night playing darts my mate says to me" I see your lot are on the telly saturday" I looks a bit confused Yeah you are playing lincoln "no " I said "we are playing carlisle Northwich are playing lincoln now FORK OFF!!!!" Anyone else get this or is it just me?
  17. sorry if it is a repost!   http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/ipswich-to-keep-large-net-handy-200904241726/  
  18. I can see why west ham and newcastle fans called him "glen roeder no where"
  19. similar to yours wizard except change "olivia newton john "to "gillian anderson"
  20. [quote]Friedal to Neill, crisp pass to Emerton who dances round Jim Brennan (I wondered why he wasn''t on BBC1 last night!) and crosses to Stead (England number 10 in 2 years time!!! Bye Bye Owen - have fun i...[/quote] and dickov misses from 3 yards
  21. [quote].......... when Emerton, Reid and Dickov run wild on you!!!!!![/quote] as lard would say WHOOOOOOOOOOOO???????????????????
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