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  1. Just got back from my pre-christmas visit to the parents and there is an article in this weeks paper stating that academy star Ross Potter has been watched several times by Norwich. Anyone aware of this and do you know anything about the player? could he be the next unearthed gem?
  2. I''m a Blackburn Rovers fan but I come in peace, after all we''re both in the relegation scrap!. Just been round to my parents house and drove back past Colney and I saw a Black Mercedes turning into Colney with a number plate of Jan53N.  My mate, who works in Blackburn, has confirmed that it''s Matt Jansen''s so maybe Worthy has been busy after all.  Anyone else heard anything???.
  3. I mean the song by Norwich - all I could hear were the Rovers singing their hearts out!!!!!!
  4. Potts has a £20 bet that Blackbrun beat Naarwich on Saturday.
  5. Friedal to Neill, crisp pass to Emerton who dances round Jim Brennan (I wondered why he wasn''t on BBC1 last night!) and crosses to Stead (England number 10 in 2 years time!!! Bye Bye Owen - have fun in the Madrid Sun) who knocks it down to Youri.  What Genius! as he completely foxes the Norwich defenders in order to lay it off to Dickov - GOAL!!! To be repeated 3 or 4 times on Saturday!
  6. .......... when Emerton, Reid and Dickov run wild on you!!!!!!
  7. Party time in Leicester Square after Saturdays Game - All Yellows welcome. One Barry Pinches, theres only one Barry Pinches.....
  8. I got my ticket at lunchtime on Monday (2 and a half days after they went on sale) but does this mean that I shouldn''t have waited like many others whilst so-called prioritised people made their mind up- NO! face it.... Elvis has left the building!.
  9. With friends like that who need enemies? things may have been said in the strictest of confidence and then for a friend to break his trust - this is bang out of order!!!!! Are you getting fit for the 18th then Potts??
  10. So Greg, how''s the golf getting on? still an underachiever? still wearing that silly hat and calling yourself ''The Great White Shark''?. Get off this website and back on the course if you persist with accusations relating to racism. On a lighter note concerning your new stadium........ word has it that you want to become a tennant of Liverpool''s new Stanley Park stadium, nothing like jumping on the Bandwagon!. Just get with the script and face it that you are nearer tranmere then the red 3/4 of merseyside.
  11. Ah life is but a dream!!!!! lets be realistic Norwich are never going to sign anyone over £500k so whats the point in looking to buy any players above Div 2. Even the good freebies command a wage that Norwich can not afford. Norwich have impressed many fans this year (some have jumped on the bandwagon!!) but now is the time to go quietly back to mid-table land when the loanies return to their clubs.
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