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  1. ahh ignoring my comment are you yeh thought so  
  2. how can you hex anyone magic isnt real and your a normal human being you weirdo
  3. What do you expect when we have Cureton, Siberski, Lita and Lupoli as a strikeforce
  4. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"] How do you work out that we got 750k for Shackell Giovanni when we rejected a million earlier in the transfer window? I believe that Sibierski will help Cureton and Lupoli score more goals than they would without someone like him in the team.  And every time I have seen him play he has impressed me with his battling physical style, they bloke has also got a nice little repertoire of tricks. But I agree that the Grounds deal has left me confused.  But then last season I thought the same about Ched, I may have even posted a ''who!!'' type comment on this message board.  It is very difficult for us to comment about someone none of us know very little about. [/quote] Ok so we got more than 750 000, well thats even worse then isnt it?! As for him helping them score goals, how do you work that out... they have both been having chances galore and missing them. He is only going to create chances for them, he isnt going to solve the problem that neither of them can hit a cows arse with a banjo is he..
  5. I think its quite pathetic, that the majority of the posters on this board are satisfied by this signing.. First off, I agree we needed a big striker who could win his fair share of headers and flick ons to provide chances. But, we also needed a striker who could score goals, because at the moment we dont have one of them (Cureton was a one season wonder and your all basing Lupoli on just one game). Sibierski is not going to get you goals, in fact we should cont ourselves extremely lucky if he gets 10.. So tell me this, yes he might set up chances but who is going to finish them? And thus change us from drawing 1 v 1 every game to actually winning one. Second off, lack of ambition or what. A 34 year old on loan, we now have 8 in our squad and can only use 5, who is only here until January where he wil then be replaced by another ageing striker in Iverson who will be 32 by then. And i bet your bottom dollar (irony) that the only reason Roeder is targeting him over Ameobi etc. is because of a lack of funds available from the board. They sold Shackell yesterday, who to me was our first choice back up to Kennedy and Stefanovic and replaced him with a kid on loan from Middlesbrough that doesnt even play CB as his first choice. Quite frankly one of the most pathetic swapover of players I have ever seen at this club. And all because the board dont want to spend any money. I would guess we got around £750 000 for Shacks and its all gone in that witches back pocket. Im actually ashamed of my club.  
  6. I now believe we need two new strikers.. One target man who can also get goals as well as an out and out goalscorer like earnshaw and phillips are
  7. Easily Hillsborough.. Such great chara character as well as being huge Worst is easily Selhurst Park... what a f*cking dump
  8. Im glad you feel so strongly about this issue Oh by the way, how did Beckford play tonight?
  9. Ill repeat it for a third and final time for you fellas, because you obviously dont understand... I am not saying Beckford is the only possibility... I just believe he would be better than Iversen God your getting boring, cant you accept my opinion that I dont think an over the hill, 30+ year old striker playing in a Mickey Mouse league is the answer
  10. Fellas, let me ask... Are you Iversen''s father? ''Idiot''
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