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  1. Kenny Brown was our best manager.Lambert has got no promotions so far
  2. Wants to succeed and become Celtic manager. So when Peter Grunt messes up at Celtic Lambo''s chance may come and once again we see Grunt causing problems here as we lose a decent manager.
  3. Glumm , sorry Gunn, family not taking up their allocation
  4. Two wealthy , but not that wealthy, directors bankrolling the club and generating good off-field income. But none of that matters when you consistently appoint crap managers and waste all that money. Outsiders must wander why we ahve such loyal supporters.
  5. Golf pro ? Scout ? Manager ? General factotum ? Colchester manager ? Journo ? What will he do next ?
  6. will finish 10th like Forest did in their first year in tier 3 . Lambert will ask for patience and try and whip up frenzy to get tickets sold next year
  7. we have every confidence in the name-means it''ll be changed next week
  8. The Gunn Club offered ... something light and quick-quite appropriate me thinks .What do posters think it should be called now ?? Michaels''s after our noble director or "Don''t win Jones" or McNallys meals ?
  9. We will either just go down or just stay up. When you compare experienced  managerial appointments at Forest and Derby with our amateurish response (Bryan general factotum Gunn ) it is axiomatic you get what you pay for.
  10. As I see it all the charities mentioned should be government -funded out of the taxes we all pay. For instance an ambulance .
  11. [quote user="1st Wizard"]She can do the Hexes from now on and play with my balls if she ask''s nicely![;)][/quote] Look hate to say it but  your "ask''s " should be "asks ". Don''t you know what an apostrophe signifies ?  If you don''t how can I take your comments seriously , number one Wiz ?
  12. In answer to your email (to which I can''t seem to respond directly) , Digger they are 4 and 7 and housed in Burnham Market in winter and Cromer during the summer.
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