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  1. Gary Hooper has now scored 11 goals in 16 games for Sheffield Wednesday . For a club in our situation with no real out and out goalscorer it is beyond belief that we should have let him go. His goals for Norwich would have given us the very best chance of staying in this league - this is a typical example of how we as a club shoot ourselves in the foot ! Those who say he was given a chance at Norwich I would dispute - the games he played he was played up front as a target man which is not his game. Sheffield have adapted their game style around him and have got a bargain. It would be nice if for once the powers that be explained to us fans as to why these decisions are made.
  2.   Martin as we all know is not a CB - However he has been mucked around , playing one match CB the Full Back - Result is he is ineffective at both. Bassong is a nervous wreck - has never been a Premiership CB Brady is a midfielder , not a Full Back so playing out of position  Ruddy has cost us many points this season but Rudd is not a Premiership keeper and should not be played in vital relegation matches. So we are left with a back four and keeper who are inadequate for Premier League and only 1 replacement Klose who is untried - we need more than Klose in transfer window if we are to have any hope of survival. Why can the management not see what the fans can see week in week out ??
  3. We have no one else who is scoring goals and needs must - Naismith won''t get the goals we need . Hooper has long established record of scoring goals for whoever he played for and it is not sesnsible to be selling him at this point - Never given proper chance by Neil.
  4. We have 16 games left and badly need a 20 goal a season striker and it is beyond belief that we look like selling the instant solution to Sheff Wed . He is bang in form and I just dont accept the argument that he can''t play up front on his own . Well we need to change our style to accomodate him like Sheffield have , and Celtic etc .
  5. We have 6 points from last 8 games . That is relegation form , never mind the play offs . Neil Adams is sounding like a well worn record with his usual " it''s not good enough " comments . He is clearly out of his depth . . I am shocked to hear from Darren Eadie that Neil Lennon wanted Norwich job but we didn''t speak with him . Why ? Because our board do everything on the cheap - apart from our Chief Exec who is quite happy to help himself to £1m a year handout .
  6. The events of the past 10 days have shown what an amateur bunch our board are . First McNally announces last Sunday that a new manager will be in place within a week - you would hope that a professional operator earning £750k plus pa would not publicly commit to such a statement if it had any risk of not been carried out . Clearly there was risk as the announcement never happened. If he wasnt 100% certain then why say it - i suggest he wanted to demonstrate being decisive to all and sundry , but ended up scoring an own goal. Then the board come on Radio Norfolk 9.00am Monday and state that the new manager will be announced within 2-3 days - So 3 days have come and gone and still nothing . Why have they done this ? Why not simply say " we are looking to fill the position asap " - If the club is run by people who cant look beyond the end of their nose what confidence do we have of their selection criteria and process ? For me it''s none at all.
  7. The NCFC board have once again been found wanting. It was clear some time ago ( months ) that Villa would probably dispense of their manager and that Lambert would be a clear contender - time for the Board to put in place a plan of action should an approach be made ( consult lawyers re Lamberts contract , agree how to handle any approach ) and in the background formulate a plan B ( ie a short list of managers ) . This is what Swansea did . They ensured their manager signed a new 3 year agreement a few months ago , secured a reported £9m of compensation , a hands off our players clause for 12 months and had a replacement in hand . Smart buisness ! Compare that to the way our board went about it . Our manager was allowed to remain on a 12 month rolling contract meaning a maximum of £1m compensation , they didn''t allow him to talk to Villa thus invoking his contract and allowing him to resign probably without any compensation and a zero hands off clause for our players . We dont seem to have a replacement lined up - the best they can put out is that they have been inundated with applications ( yes from has beens who are out of work ) !. They are talking about the process lasting weeks to find a replacement -In the meantime the targets that Lambert had in mind for us will go elsewhere ( Villa ) and the new man will be at a severe disadvantage .  How long does it take to call Birmingham or Cardiff to ask to approach their managers ??  We now have our top player tweeting away saying he wants to move and other clubs smelling blood - WHU have just bid £4m . Has McNally actually spoken to Holt recently ? - doesn''t seem like it does it . Please NCFC Board - Get a grip of this crisis which is threatening to undo all the good work of the last 3 years.
  8. I was wondering why this story has suddenly been taken off the Pinkun and EDP websites ? Could it be that Mr McNally found the truth of this story a bit uncomfortable ?  It would be nice if he would respond . Actually i think he was right - Holt will be 34 in 3 years and he probably will be too old - he is not the most mobile of strikers and was used as a sub many times this year - in two years time he may well be past the stage where he can be effective at this level . McNally''s opinion would have been shared by Paul Lambert as he decided who gets contracts or not . Grant Holt should be grateful that he has two more years and prove at that time he is worthy of another year.
  9. So  a question to those of you who are saying that he will lay off chances for the other players - who will convert them ? We have Lupoli with an average of 6 goals a season , Cureton - 12 goals last year and Holahan with an average of 5 goals a year - Croft with 1 every year .That makes 24 goals - Relegation form. Its all very well glossing over the fact that Sibierski has a poor goal record but it is because the others can''t score why we needed one who does ! After 5 months of knowing this situation i see it as total negligence by the board and Roeder that he has done nothing about this - instead of spending £500k on Bell when we have Croft , Chadwick, Pattison to cover this position , wouldn''t it have been better to have put this money towards a genuine striker ( ie a goalscorer ).
  10. So this is the answer to our goalscoring prayers is it Mr Roeder ?  A 34 year old has been with no goalscoring record ? 5 months after you know Dublin is leaving , you chuck out Huckerby and Brown , Evans leaves - you have no replacement lined up , no plan B or C - Is this plan Z ???  Shows a total lack of ambition as usual by the club who have cheated 24000 loyal fans into thinking times are changing - Prepare yourself for relegation which is what your lack of judgement and ambition deserves NCFC .
  11. So for once Radio Norfolk have the guts to ask direct questions of Mr Doomcaster live on radio before tomorrows match . Like , why when you knew that Huckerby , Dublin and Brown were being turfed out of Carrow Road  in April did you not have any replacements lined up - and why 4 games into the season and 4 months later are we still without a striker ? Why has this been allowed to happen ?
  12. I am amazed at Roeders ranting on Radio Norfolk at the missed chances yesterday . What does he expect ? The fact is that players like Lee Croft will not score many goals - His record is 5 goals in 117 games - He isn''t going to change . He simply has not the skills , instinct to be a striker . More sobering is that Wes Hoolahan is the same - Our Huckerby replacement has scored 21 goals in 237 games ! Lupoli has scored 8 in 53 club games ! Worrying times i think . Roeder should know that you need to buy strikers who have a track record of scoring goals , not convert players who can''t ! We are in big , big trouble until Roeder signs at least two proven strikers and i am aghast that he has left these signings to last - He has known since May that we were without Dion , Evans , Huckerby and Chris Brown . So stop your Grant like rantings saying you''ll drop players who cannot score goals and go and sign two who have proved their worth before we end up in a similar position to last year !
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