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  1. anyone''s plans changed? if I don''t manage to find a ticket, I have a parking space 5 mins away that someone can use FOC.
  2. lincoln advertising a game against a Norwich City XI on Wednesday. Can''t find any details anywhere else. Any ideas who might be playing for the Norwich team considering the West Ham game on Tuesday night?
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"]It''s one less decision for them to get wrong. Therefore there is a point.[/quote] That''s true. Still believe the officials get too many basic decisions wrong. I think the next big issue to tackle is pushing/shirt tugging in the box from corners/free kicks. I don''t think video replays will ever solve that, because it is too subjective.
  4. Until referees and assistants can get simple decisions right... goal line technology is a waste of time. rant over.
  5. First trip to CR this season tomorrow. Normally park at County Hall... Is it still best/easiest from the A47? Does anyone know what time it opens for match parking on weekdays?
  6. [quote user="smooth"]The crowd is silent and we have no urgency. [/quote] Correct. First time this season in my opinion that we just don''t want it badly enough. Not the city we have come to love and expect.
  7. Wes is so frustrating. Seems very disengaged at the moment. As soon as we lose the ball he isn''t interested. Even when their player has to run past wes, he just doesn''t want to know.
  8. [quote user="諾維奇城"]HOLT ON SURMAN OFF PLEASE[/quote] Tend to agree, I''m not hugely impressed with the holt/Mori combo but when Morison gets dragged out wide, there''s no one putting any pressure on in the box.
  9. Whitebread was too easily skipped past for the goal. Similar to the spurs goal.
  10. In the post match interview, apparently lambert said something along the lines of '' I didn''t see the goal, I wasn''t there, don''t ask where I was'' I''m not suggesting there''s anything suspicious... But where was he?!
  11. Why do referees generally rush to make a decision once the whistle had been blown? I know the initial decision has to be on instinct, and fair enough he has judged it to be a fowl. But once he has blown the whistle, why doesn''t he consult the linesman before a) giving a penalty and b) sending him off? In that scenario even if the linesman didnt see or isn''t convinced, the ref can still go with his instinct. But by pointing to the spot and producing the red card, it is very hard for him to reverse the decision. Don''t the FA teach them these things?
  12. i think you''re right unfortunately.... i''m fed up of watching qpr v bolton now.
  13. Does anyone know what time we are on football first on sky sports one as the featured match? I get sky through topuptv so I can''t press the red button and select a match, so I have to wait until ''our turn'' sometime between now and 4 am! Any idea how to find out ?
  14. Just found this... you can add all the 2011/12 Norwich fixtures in to your calendar (Outlook, Google, Windows Live etc etc) just by downloading this single file. http://subscriptions.thismonkey.com/fixtures/football/calendars/eng/2011/1/eng_1_381_2011.ics
  15. I haven''t looked since, but I remember thinking at the time that Ruddy didn''t get much help from the wall. I think it was Lansbury and Martin on the left of the wall both jumped very high, yet where the ball went over the wall, I think it was Fox and Surman, neither of them seemed to get off the ground (and not really trying). Whether or not they could have jumped higher to block the kick is a different question, but it''s frustrating to see players seemingly not really try.
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